Circles of Hope - Granny's Daughter for Charity

Granny's Gallery

A collection of items that we have created for different charities

I'm always adding to the Gallery. Please check back often!!

Projects from 2000

Hats for Kids, big and little

Here's a picture of a Happy Hat taken by Marty, age 3.

This picture shows the curly tails which make a nice change from tassels or pom-poms.

My favorite model in a Happy Hat.


Here are two lapghans sent to the Reservation in April

Here's a close-up of the lapghans showing my quick & easy joining method.

Projects from 1998 and 1999

Caps for Kids

Sue's first attempt at hat design - it actually came out right the first time!!! (I know that won't ever happen again <G>)

More hats made with my first pattern

Here's Sue's little helper & his daddy modeling mommy's hat

My models again

Here's the second hat pattern I came up with - cute and easy

Had to try this one on my helper!!

I decided that I'd try a pair of mittens to match a hat, hands get cold too!

Grandy's Little Ones

A sweater set designed by Rhoda

A baby afghan assembled by Sue

Here's another afghan Sue put together. On this afghan, I put the motifs together "on point" so the motifs form little diamonds.

We also will use left over motifs from other projects for our charities. Here, some hexagon motifs become little flower preemie afghans.

A close-up of one of the flowers.

Snuggles for Hugs for Homeless Animals

Snuggles completed by Rhoda

Snuggles completed by Sue

And even more Snuggles

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