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December 95

Sunday, December 10th - Saturday, December 16th

Date: Sun, 10 Dec 1995 08:33:37 -0500
Subject: Polartec--dry clean?

Was in Nordstrom's and saw a polartec women's shirt.  Tried it on and it was
dreamy.  Now I know why you all think it is so great, and now I'm dying to
make something with it.  But--noticed that the maker of the shirt (can't
remember the name) used only a single thickness for the collar, so when it
was attached to the body of the garment and the collar rolled back (as a
collar does), it didn't cover the seam!  In case anyone out there thinks of
just using a single layer collar for less bulk, it would be prudent to make
the collar deeper than normal to cover the seam.  I guess with long hair
hiding your back, it wouldn't matter, but it would bother me.  BTW, it was
all single thickness and the edges were stitched 1/4 inch from edge and then
pinked., even the cuffs!  Looked really cute.

The wear label said dry clean only.  Is that true??  Could you wash and dry
it first before sewing and avoid the dry cleaners?    Help!
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 1995 19:32:53 -0500
Subject: What is the challenge?

I am new to this board (and the net) in the last week.  I have seen a little
about a challenge and am intrigued.  I would like to more as I am interested
if it is clothing, wearable art, etc.  If it is dolls, home dec I am not
interested.  This board looks great, I am looking forward to a forum to
exchange ideas.  I have had a Bernina for 20 years and currently have an
1130.  Bernina is the only machine for me!!  I cannot imagine life without a
knee lift.
I also noticed question about using rotary cutter.  I sew only clothing,
wearable art and have used a rotary cutter exclusively for cutting out the
last three years.  I made the change reluctantly after  I  was no longer able
to get my Ginghers sharpened locally.  After my first garment I knew I would
never go back to shears.  I have used weights for over ten years (old Stretch
and Sew weights from the days of Stretch and Sew stores)  I also use
silverware in a pinch.  If I filled film canisters with something I am sure I
would drop them and spill creating a big mess!!.
Also hearing from people who have attended the sewing expo in Washington
makes me very interested in attending.  I have read ads for this for years
but it makes a big difference to 'talk' to someone with experience.
Looking forward to participating in this board-
      It is wonderful and full of sunshine in the Land of Enchantment 
Date:         Sun, 10 Dec 95 22:38:17 EST
Subject:      Re: 1630 keys

I have been sewing out the designs on my New Keys for my 1630.  I am
having a problem at times with the machine programing the design.  When
I start to sewing it will not sew it right.  If I turn off the machine
and then turn it back on again it will work.  What is going on?  I have
read and reread all my instructions and can't seem to find anything that
explains this.  Has anyone else had this problem? What am I doing wrong?

Francyne,  Check The Accessories &Attachment Section of Issue #7 in the
1630 Library.  It explains how to use the Circular Embroidery Attachment
to make yoyos.  Have fun.

Date: Mon, 11 Dec 95 03:59:00 UTC 0000
Subject: Re: Rotary Cutters

I've always felt that the seams were weakened if you cut notches into the
seam allowance. I'm a stickler for cutting them as they're marked on the

I love the idea of the adhesive dots for markings! I'm stealing that idea
for sure.

Date: Mon, 11 Dec 95 03:58:00 UTC 0000
Subject: Re: Sewing Machine

I agree with Linda. When I have wanted something special and
been willing to "settle" for less than the best, my husband has always come
through with much more. I've always been thrilled to accept something that I
wouldn't want to have made the decision to buy on my own.

George... go for the best. She'll reward you in kind! :)

Date: Mon, 11 Dec 95 03:59:00 UTC 0000
Subject: 1530, and Mary Lou Nall books

 I, too, have a 1530 that I bought about 6 months ago. My biggest tip is to
be sure to kiss it good night every night. It won't let you down.

From the time I was about 11 (I'm 50 now), I sewed like a fiend. Then I
didn't sew much for the last 8 years or so. Now that I have my 1530 (loved
it so much I also bought a 2000DE serger and a Deco 500 after that), I
turned a former storage area into a sewing studio and some days spend 12-15
hours down there. My husband can't believe how much happier I am and says
that the money invested was worth every cent. I even quit my full time job
to freelance so I could work at home and make more time for sewing. :)

I've recently started quilting for the first time and I'm in seventh heaven.
Am also doing a lot more craft items because of the versatility of these
machines. This year I'm making almost all of the gifts we're giving for
Christmas and my husband is so pleased at the money I've saved by doing
this. In fact, I'm sure I saved enough to put a pretty big dent in the cost
of the machines.

I'm already getting requests from people to sew for them and have already
made some extra money by doing so. My latest request was to make a quilted
velvet horse blanket! I can't even envision this, but told the lady I'd do
it if she could show me one of someone elses. I figure if she could spend
close to six figures for a horse she can afford a velvet quilt for it. :)

I've been buying books and subscribing to magazines like crazy. Santa Fe is
a small town and there aren't really any classes here. I'd have to drive 60
miles to Albuquerque, which I do sometimes, but I just don't have time to go
very often.

Hope you enjoy your new baby (what have you named it?), and this is a great
resource for getting new ideas and help with problems. I don't contribute
much, but I sure do take a lot away with me.

Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 01:41:05 -0500
Subject: Re: Sewing bee

>COOL!!! I vote for vests!

you get to do the project of your choice, I am hoping that everyone will
just contribute techniques, and ideas for us to make a project.....glad to
have ya tho.....

>Patches, "We'll be in your dream if you'll be in ours!"

lol......Sylvia.....dream away.....

Subject: Making Yoyos with the Circular Attactment

I saw the yoyos make by the circular attacment recently at Bernina Club.
My dealer says the instructions are in the 1630 sewing library series.  Anyway,
you do not cut the circles out first.  You use the #6 foot and thread cordornet
foot thru the little hole.  She used the little wire threader that comes 
with the
serger to thread the cordenet thread thru the little hole.  Using your circular
attachment you zigzag over the cordornet thread making a circle.  After you
are finished making the circle, you trim around the circle.  You pull the 
cordornet thread and there is your yoyo.

Kay D
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 09:37:43 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Narrow hemmers

I am looking for tips on using the narrow hemming foot. It seems to be 
very tricky. How do you do corners? I would like to use it to hem napkins 
but I can't seem to get consistently right with scrap cloth.
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 07:16 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Sunbrand phone #

Hi..   I need more help to order the 100 needles...When I called
them, she asked me about what 'SYSTEM'.  I have no idea what that
was.    Please tell me to what's the equal size/number/system to
my sewing machines (Bernina 807) and Viking 235.  I usually buy the
Schmetz size 12/80 or 14/90.

Subject: Quality buttonholes - decisions

Many thanks to those who suggested answers to my problem of getting a 
quality buttonhole on a 1090S - as my first mail EVER, I'm knocked out by 
the fact I'm communicating with complete strangers all over the 

Well, on the 1090S you can improve things by playing with the balance 
buttons (+2 or +3 on the second bead seemed to work best), using gimp (I 
agree with Patches that it does make quite a difference &shall use it 
often), or changing the stitch length.  However I found that if you change 
the 2nd bead stitch from the defaults in any way, you can't use the memory 
buttonhole as the second bead will either come out a little longer or 
shorter than the first.  It seems to count the number of stitches on the 
first bead, and repeats that number on the second bead so changing the 
stitch messes things up.

So today, I took my 3-week old 1090S back and upgraded to the 1260 - it's 
memory buttonhole is different &can cope with changes from the default 
stitch setting; it's got a keyhole buttonhole, and it's Christmas so the 
upgrade solves a Christmas present for the old man !

So now what do I use that alphabet for - maybe I could sew a short story 
and embroider it on a waistcoat (vest in "american") .... "How to justify 
spending money on your hobby" seems appropriate. 

Seasons greetings around the world,  Diane P.
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 10:16:20 -0600
Subject: Guide Books

Could somone tell me which book  would be  better to teach me about my 1530
and its capabilities including feet:

 Step by Step Guide to Your Bernina by Jan Saunders (not sure about her
name) or the Advanced Guide Book by Bernina?

I already have 2 of Mary Lou Naul's book on Bernina feet.

The book by Saunders is around $20.00.  I'm not sure the price of the
Advanced Guide Book.

Thanks, Sarita
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 11:36:25 -0500
Subject: polarfleece quilting

Chris :I was watching one of those sewing shows on pbs this weekend - I think
it was the one with Sue Hausmann. Anyway, she had this "Tv blanket" that
she showed which was basically squares of polarfleece serged together. It 
looked very simple and in this weather we've been having in W. Mass I can
imagine putting something like that to good use! But it's one thing
you could make with your leftover fleece pieces.

Which brings me to a polarfleece question - what is the best way (what
stitches on my Bernina 1260) to sew polarfleece? I'm trying to make a jacket
for my 15 month old daughter. I dont have a serger so are any of the stretch
stitches on my machine useful for this?

Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 12:03:55 -0500
Subject: Re: American Girl Doll Update

>BTW, was in Crown books today and picked up 2 of the Girl of Today activitiy
>books that were advertised in the catalog.  I had not seen them in any other
>bookstores yet.

If you live near a Waldenbooks, they carry AG books quite often.

Peggy Q
Date:	Mon, 11 Dec 1995 10:37:14 -0600
Subject: Re: Circular Embroidery Attachment

I just recently bought the atachment and haven't had the time to play with
it yet, but I would love a copy of the angel pattern.  Snail mail address
is, Suzi Kennedy, 108 W. First Street, Hearne, TX 77859  if you need it.
(Can patterns be e-mailed?)

Thanks,  Suzi
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 09:38:00 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: Machine Upgrade


I finally decided to upgrade my treasured 2000DE serger for 2000DCE.  Just
couldn't resist Bernina's Christmas sale.  There were things to be
considered such as how much will I get for my old machine and will it be
easy to convert to cover stitch and back.  I went to bed anticipating my
wonderful trip to the shop, testing the new serger, and finally taking it

I must have developed supernatural powers, mental as well as
physical, during the night because I did not drive to the shop, I flew.  I
shall not recount to you how I tested the serger, how I loved it, and how I
haggled with the salesman.  Of course now I understand that all my
decisions were influenced by the slight fever I developed two days before
the above mentioned event.  At the time, however, my cheeks burned with
desire to own a new Bernina, my fingers ached to touch the smooth metal,
and my right knee would periodically jerk ( I suspect from using the knee

Haggle all I could, the salesman wasn't budging.  He smiled and smiled 
and would not budge.  Then my mind clouded by fever gave birth to a gem 
of an idea (I must add that I consider it on a par with theory of 
relativity): trade in 1090 as well.

An hour later and $2300 lighter I was walking out of the store with new 
2000DCE and 1530. 

I am terribly sorry for making you all read through this story which was 
triggered by Barbara Blezard who also just traded 1090 for 1530.  I do, 
however, have a question.  Did I get a good deal on my machines.

I paid $1599 for 2000DCE and $2599 for 1530.
I received $824 for 2000DE and $1279 for 1090.  I would like to add that 
I bought 2000DE serger used for $1000.

Thank you.

About serger threader.  I am no exception to the rule and lost my little 
wire threader almost immediately.  To thread the loopers I cut a length of 
thread, fold it in half, and put my decorative thread in the loop.  
Basically I make the same "wire thingy" out of thread.

Best regards.

Date: Tue, 05 Dec 1995 00:09:09 -0500
Subject: Re: Quilting Polarfleece ???

I have sewn strips of polar 
fleece together and found 
that seams were too bulky so 
I butted strips together and 
tried various wide decorative stitches to join them.Happy sewing. 
Nancy Y
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 12:53:36 -0500
Subject: Black Case Bobbin

Hi Debra,
Don't buy the black case bobbin.  If you want another case, you can buy a
second regular case (cheaper) and dot it with nail polish.  It is just maked
so you know which one you mess up the tension on.  It is used for fancy
thread in the bobbin and you have to loosen the tension with such thread.  I
have never done this, but others into much embellishment do.

Thanks for the 800# for the AG doll quilt catalog.  Lady was vary nice and
very impressed with the # of calls she received.
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 13:40:25 -0500
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest 12/8/95

Hi, and merry christmas

       My DH is getting me the cicular embroidery  attachment for x- mas and
 I will love to get the pattern that you have. Just let me know that to do.
And also I will like to know of a good book that will help me discoverd all
the good things my 1090s can do.My many thanks in advance.
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 09:21:13 -0800
Subject: can't get away from it

>David said:
>I wound up not having a Christmas shirt last year because I was helping 
>a friend

David--  What is a Christmas shirt?

(Just being a curious scrooge...)

Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 12:54:43 -0500
Subject: Re: Deco 500 and scanner

How about some hints on using the scanner.  Also what are you doing with your
I would love some more ideas.  I have tried using the correl draw for
pictures and scanning them sometimes works great and other times not so
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 13:35:12 -0700 (MST)
Subject: AG doll 

Hello, wanted you interested AG doll ladies and men that my backorders
arrived last week and it looks like we'll have 2 happy little ones for Xmas.
They were able to keep their word and said it "should" be here for Xmas.
The dolls are beautiful and I truly love them.  The accessories are lovely,
as well.  What a nice company!

Sue:  so sorry to hear of your loss.  Get the proper rest you need and keep
smiling!!  Linda
Subject: Re: 1090 Lurches along - Help!
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 14:07:23 -0700 (MST)

I have a 1130 and have the same problem, it started about a week ago, I 
took it in, and they found the contact on the foot control needed to be 
replaced, for $25, a new foot control is about $100.
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 13:38:35 -0800
Subject: sewing for others

Most people who ask me to make something for them, know that I sew and
design professionally... my first response is "Well, I have to warn you, I'm VERY expensive" !
I say this in a light hearted way...and they're not really sure if I'm
joking or not....but it smoothes the way to discussing price....

It's very easy to say "I don't do alterations"...and suggest they go to
their local cleaners....

I think the most important thing is to say "No."  It's hard at first, but
after a few times it is *much* easier...because you discover they don't
bite you :-)

For good friends that I don't want to charge...I suggest they take me out
to dinner....*that* really works wonderfully! I do them a favor, they feed
me, and we can visit during dinner!

It took me quite a while to realize that when I did something free for
someone else, it meant I couldn't do something for me. If you have trouble
turning people down, stop and think what you could do for your family or
yourself with that will be easier to say no.

Date: 11 Dec 95 16:34:25 EST
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest 12/7/95

Barbara Blezard asked about the Footbook 2 from Clothilde. 
Funny, I had just ordered both from her newest catalog and when the order came 
in I got the 2nd book and was told that the 1st book was sold out! I have to 
say that I was disappointed in the book, anyway. It is only slightly more 
detailed that the Footnotes that you can get at your Bernina dealers and the 
production quality is really minimal and really didn't seem worth the money 
(although, as a book designer, I may be more critical than most). I have found 
that the Vogue/Butterick books that tie into the PBS series Sewing Today with 
Somebody Fleming and Kenneth King (and which my PBS station is not carrying 
this season :-P) gives much greater detail in using Bernina feet *and* you 
learn designer techniques for clothing as well as crafts.
Subject: Re: Schmetz Needles
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 95 15:28:35 PST


What is the cost of the Schmetz needles from G STreet?

I notice Atlantic thread sells 100 Schmetz for $25.20
but they only offer ball point, and these are for knits
only, not cottons.

Jean P
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 95 15:56:54 -0800
Subject: Bernina Model 1230

I have an opportunity to purchase a used Bernina Model 1230.  What should I 
watch out for with this model?  Do you have any good things/bad things I should
be aware of with this model rather than buying the newer models?  I am a
and a little sewing.  I would appreciate any help you could give.
Janene H
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 19:27:50 -0500
Subject: For Sale

HI -- my DDH said okay to upgrading for my Christmas present -- so since my
1080 is about 18 months old, I cannot use it as a trade in.   If someone is
interested, I have one on the market!!  It looks just like new -- is in
excellent condition -- 

Please e-mail me privately and we'll discuss.......thanks!!

Patsy A
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 1995 09:40:00 -0500
Subject: RE: 

To Wes,
 I had been eyeing a serger for a few months.  My dear husband who knows   
nothing about sewing, simply gave me a decorated piece of paper in my   
birthday card that said, "One Sewing toy of your choice."  I started   
looking at the low end sergers and came home with a sewing table AND a   
2000CD.  Well, I had to have something to put my 1630 and the serger on   
 Letting me pick and use my judgement based on my sewing skills was the   
best gift my husband could have given me.
Subject: RE: Overalls for Boys
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 20:05:26 -0800

Does anyone know of a pattern for boys overalls (size 10) that is=20
similiar to Osh Kosh designs?

Nancy, call Peggy Layton in Utah.  She's designed a whole range of jeans =
patterns for men, women, and children, and she sells a wonderful "Kidz =
Bibs" pattern (sizes 6 mo. through 12 years).  It's the OshKosh design =
to perfection.

Peggy also sells EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING, you'll need to sew =
your jeans/overalls.  Studs, thread, denim, patterns, books on fitting =
and pattern drafting.  Her prices are reasonable and her service is =

You may get one of her VERY large family on the phone, though--but it's =
a hoot to call and speak with her.

Peggy Layton
Designer Jeans, Inc.
P. O. Box 44
Manit, Utah 84642
(801) 835-0311

Date: Tue, 12 Dec 95 01:20:00 UTC 0000
Subject: Nancy Notions

 A DC motor means Direct Current, as opposed to AC, Alternating Current.
That's about as much as I know. I do think that one is used in the US and
the other in other parts of the world. Could just mean that Bernina
manufactures their motors for use in the US and not just adapts AC's.

Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 20:36:25 -0500
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest 12/7/95

I just wanted to pass along some information about Mary Lou Nall's books. She
is redoing the Foot Book II to make it more current. BTW she is a great lady
and really knows her stuff. Bernina World of Sewing in Raleigh, N.C. carries
all her books. The new Book II should be out around January.
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 95 01:20:00 UTC 0000

 I don't have a lake cottage, but I'll trade you a week in my guest apartment
in Santa Fe if you'll make me new covers for some cushions on several pieces
of rattan furniture I bought at a garage sale about 10 years ago. :)

Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 20:46:22 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Bernina Challange

At 11:10 AM 12/3/95 -0500, you wrote:

>After the first of the year, I wonder if anyone would be interested in
>making an online vest or jacket, or even a wallhanging doing the things we
>are learning about our bernies......I would love to include everyone in this
I think this sounds like a wonderful idea. Especially the after the first of
the year idea (G)! 

Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 20:46:24 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Various comments &questions

At 08:15 AM 12/6/95 -0500, you wrote:

>sewing the clothes now.  One thing for sure that I have learned from everyone 
>is that I won't wait til December to order and take a chance of not getting

Kay: I ordered Samantha November 30 @ 9:30 PM and received her December 5.
And all the accessories I ordered were there, too. I didn't have a problem
at all! 
I have the patterns from McCalls and am now worried about making anything. I
am not an alterer when it comes to clothing construction (G). Drat!

Subject: used machines
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 21:38:44 -0500 (EST)

Hi all,

Today on my lunch hour I went to the local dealer to look over the
stock in anticipation of using my 25% off assessories coupon. (they said
it's a national ad so I assume the rest of you have seen the ads)
Anyway, while I was drooling over what I can't have machine wise, the
salesperson pointed out two trade-ins that menioned what a good buy they
both are.  One is a fairly new 1090 - may be less than a year old.
owner traded up to a 1530.  The other is an older 1130.  both were
selling for 1199.  The 1130 also comes with 3 years free service and 1
year warranty on the guts.  I didn't think to ask about what would come
with the 1090.  ARe either of these a good deal?  I have a 3 year old
1000 - the only Bernina I could afford at the time, but would like a
knee lift.  I don't NEED a new machine, and probably would not use any
of the fancy stuff except during play.  I don't know what kind of
tradein they'd give me on my 1000, Rick, the owner wasn't in and he's
the one who prices tradeins.  (When I bought my 1000 they gave me a
whopping $50 on my old singer.  When I brought it in Rick was amazed
that I still had the instruction manual.  Said that he could sell that
alone for $5.00.  I tried to talk him into upping my trade-in by $5.00
because of it, but he wouldn't hear of it!)  Anyway, I'd appreciate any
feedback any of you might have on the matter.  Thanks in Advance.

Corky L
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 23:06:37 -0500
Subject: Bernina 1630

I am new to this list and I have a question that may have been addressed
previously.  I recently became the owner of a 1630.  I was afraid of it at
first because I'm barely literate with computerized things.  Now, I'm more
comfortable with it and even enjoy the machine.  My dealer mentioned an
additional manual with monthly updates at a cost of $75.00.  I wasn't paying
too much attention at the time so I'm not sure of the accuracy of the above
statement.  Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone has this and if so, do you
think it is worthwhile?  Any comments would be appreciated.
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 21:20:34 -0700
Subject: Bernina Digest 12/9/95

Hi all Bernie lovers,

I'm sorry to hear about the baby Sue, my thoughts and prayers 
to you.

Just had to post this story since you are talking about 
sewing for neighbors and such....

I've been working in the sewing room for a couple of 
months on various projects, all the time knowing I was 
going to have come up with a baby gift soon for a neighbor.
I got the invitation to the shower a couple weeks ago, we're 
getting down to the wire. Then I got to go to Serger Club
for the first time in months last friday and one of the projects
was a hooded baby towel:> Perfect gift so I head out to find
the baby printed terry cloth I saw at Hobby Lobby a couple 
months ago, and they had the cutest pre-printed terry velour
with a teddy bear and a bunnys on them:> (no affiliation) I 
just couldn't resist it, so I bought it:> I made the hooded 
baby towel at seger club and came home wrapped it up 
and went to the shower :>  The guest of honor opens the
gift and loves it ( I  forgot to say it had a washcloth too and 
bunny tail ) But she said to me " I must say I'm really 
dissappointed you didn't make me anything"  I wasn't sure 
what to say at first, and I'm glad she and others didn't 
notice it was hand made. But what can you say, I said 
of course I made it :>  And I really did :> What would you 
do or say?

Sorry to be so long winded.
Happy Holidays to all and 
Happy Sewing,

Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 01:11:44 -0500
Subject: Re: I got a 1230!!!

Michelle,I wish I hadn't traded my 1230 for the 1530.  The 1230 was all I
needed and more.  Don't be in a hurry to upgrade.  Judy
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 01:11:44 -0500
Subject: Re: I got a 1230!!!

Michelle,I wish I hadn't traded my 1230 for the 1530.  The 1230 was all I
needed and more.  Don't be in a hurry to upgrade.  Judy
Subject: Re: I got a 1230!!!

>Hello everyone!  I am the proud (and excited) owner of a Bernina 1230.  I
>decided to go with the 1230 for awhile, and then maybe upgrade to the 1630 (I
>think I'm going to keep the 1230 even if I do decide to upgrade).  Any tips,
>ideas, pointers, etc., please feel free to send my way!!!


I have owned my Bernina 1230 about five years now and still love it.  I am not
sure if I will ever upgrade to 1630 because some of the expensive feet I
purchased for the 1230 will not fit the 1630 (walking foot and eyelet 
embroidery attachment) so if you decide to  buy additional feet for your 
machine make sure they will fit both machines.  At the time I purchased my 
1230 the 1630 was not out.  I went from a 930 to a 1230.  I had to buy all 
new feet because the 930 feet would not feet the 1230.  If I ever upgraded I 
would probably go for the 1530 since all my feet for the 1230 would fit it.  

Anyway, you are going to love being the owner of a Bernina.  After owing a
Bernina I don't want to own anything else despite what bells and whistles are
on some of these other machines on the market.  The Bernina is the only
machine with the knee lift.  You get kinda used to that.   As a matter of fact
I wish Bernina had put the knee lift on their serger.  When I get on my 2000DE
I keep trying to use my knee to lift the pressure foot.  Old habits are hard to

Happy Sewing,

Kay D
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 08:39:50 -0400
Subject: Re: Sewing for Others-Offended

>Of course, all of my friends sew, I don't believe I have a single friend in
>the east that doesn't sew.  So I will leave that as my excuse, all my
>friends sew, and that is why I never get asked, (yes, I feel better now)

I'm jealous!  I don't have a single friend that OWNS a sewing machine much
less knows what to do with it if they had one!  It would be a lot more fun
if I had a sewing buddy.

Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 08:41:12 EST
Subject: Re: Knee Lift

Sue M>

I must admit that I did not know about the knee lift until I read 
the discussion about it in this group.  It is still something that 
I have not gotten use to so I don't really use it a lot yet. 

In regard to the show, ( a show that I did not see so am only 
don't forget that even though they
might be using a machine that can do fancy things,  they
usually are presenting before a group that does not use 
just one type of machine.

Subject: Malden Mills Fire!
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 95 08:47:19 -0500

Malden Mills burned down last night.  It was a huge fire that started
at 8:30 in the boiler room.  Explosions continued for hours.  At least
30 people were hurt.  Hundreds of fire fighters were on the scene.  As
of this morning, the site is still smoldering.

Let's all hope and pray for the people who were hurt.  

Malden Mills was the largest employer in the Lawrence/Methuen area.
Local governments and civic organizations are working on plans to help
the many people (about 1400) who are now jobless make it through the
holiday season and eventually find new employment.  There is nothing
in the newspaper or on the radio about any plans to rebuild.

Debbie D
Date: 12 Dec 95  9:06:47 EST
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest 12/9/95

Kay D asked about Bernina's DC motors.
I think how it was explained to me when I was shopping around all the dealers 
at the Home Show was that Bernina had a direct DRIVE motor (DC would be "direct 
current," as in AC/DC, which would change depending on what country you lived 
it, I think). This makes the sewing drive more powerful than how other machines 
work (I assume by using a series of connecting gears?). It sounded reasonable 
to me, anyway.
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 09:34:08 -0500
Subject: Malden Mills tragedy

I woke up this morning to the very sad news that the Malden Mills factory
(and outlet store) went up in flames last night. (Malden Mills is the maker
of Polartec.) There was apparently an explosion in a boiler and the whole
factory just went.

Many people (around 22?) were injured; nine critically. The factory employed
about 2400 people; now they're jobless two weeks before Christmas. And, face
it, textile workers don't make so much in the best of times.

It's too soon to know what exactly will happen, but there are a lot of people
in distress this morningx

Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 10:11:57 -0500
Subject: Re: Sewing Machines

Hi Sue 

I noticed that too.  Perhaps they must do the show from the standpoint that
everyone does not own a Bernina and for the sake of clarity they use the hand
lift like many people would have?

That's my best guess anyway.....

Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 10:12:12 -0500
Subject: Re: rotary Cutters

Hi Esther,

One more idea that I haven't seen mentioned yet is that Dritz makes something
called "Dorothy Martins Pattern Pals"  Basically a set of small yellow sticky
dots marked with single /double /tripple notches , dots circlest arrows and
x's.  You just put em where needed.   One could probabley buy some small dots
at an office supply store &make their own with a marker.....

No affilliation etc.....

Date: 12 Dec 95 11:36:54 EST
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest 12/10/95

Lots of you have been writing about how you mark the notches if you use a 
rotary cutter to cut out patterns. I read recently in Threads magazine or (I 
think) in Nancy Zieman's new Fitting Finesse book that the notches in 
commercial patterns are really just to mark the front and back sides of the 
patterns and are *not* meant to match exactly when you sew the seams. I have 
noticed that when I adjust a set-in sleeve to hang correctly that the notches 
no longer align, so maybe the notches are just to give you a starting point, in 
which case getting them exactly marked isn't such a big deal. I snip in the 
seam allowance to mark my notches but I read about how that weakens the seam 
(one expert even goes so far as to stagger the snip in each side of a seam 
allowance when clipping for curves). I personally have never had a seam pop 
open because of a weakened seam, but maybe I'm not overly aggressive with my 
movements. This would probably make a bigger difference in kids clothes, as 
they are so active.

I just read an article about setting-in sleeves using *no pins* and I am eager 
to give it a try. I think it was in the new Threads book about sewing jackets, 
but it may have been in the new issue of the magazine.
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 11:55:05 -0500
Subject: Circular Embroidery Angel

There is a pattern in last years issue (Dec.?) of Threads and I enlarged and
decreased the size and taught it to my quilt quild.  Even though it is not
quilted, everyone loved it.  I plan to make some for consignment next year.
Sharon in TN

To Sylvia, Thanks for the tips on free motion satin stitch embroidery.  I'm
planning to give it a try after Christmas.

To Petchy,  Maybe it not just gutsie, but wisdom does come with age for some
of us anyway. ;-)  Yes Practice does improve performance with most things.
 Gald you are assertive and aren't you glad too?  I try and teach women this
skill everytime I have the chance, like when a woman makes some
self-deprecating remark, whoa that smarts cause so many other women are
listening and learning from that.

Patches, I think I want to do the  challenge, but how expert do you need to

Jan, Are you really complaining about your weather?  In Orlando???
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 11:19:19 CST
Subject: re: What is the Challenge??

On 2-Dec, Patches posted the following:
OOPS -wrong date - the second posting was 5-DEC !!
>I like Steve's idea that you can gather your techniques, ideas for different
>uses we can do with our machine, and if you will all e-mail me with your
>ideas, I will compile them and we can get this started at the new
year......I think that a new technique every two weeks is good, we can
>discuss it, problems we are having, and resolve and do the project within
>that time slot.

>You can all be looking for a vest, or jacket pattern if you plan to do a
>wearable, or you can just play along and then do a project you feel
>comfortable with once you see what is happening......

Patches asked that we e-mail ideas to her at  I myself
am planning a stitches and techniques book that I can display in my home, Much
like the one in Jackie Dodson's book *Quick Quilted Home Decor with your 

Hopes this answers the question!!

Subject: Rotary Weights
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 95 12:10:21 EST

I use a handfull of knives I bought at Goodwill.  They are heavy, flat, 
inexpensive and great for holding down long edges like shirt sleeves.

Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 12:14:40 -0500
Subject: Computer Designs

Dottie,  Could you perhaps be overloading the computer with stitching
one design after another?  Sometimes my computer get locked up when I have
had many things going on across the day.  I'm not sure this happens with a
Bernie but its a thought.

To Petchy, Couldn't one cut outward when they come to the notches instead of
inward slashes?  I like the idea of the sticky dots, too, but are these just
the stationary or office supply store kind that people mark on file folders
for different color identification?  Does that leave residue on the fabric?
Just wondering.
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 13:09:26 -0500
Subject: Re: What is the challange? Challenge?

the challenge, (did I spell that word wrong in the first place and that is
why its spelled wrong in the subject header.....oh dear, I just hate
mispelled words, oh well tho, I am to lazy to change it now......)now
that looks better....little things like that just bug me.....

the challenge is an idea that I thought would be fun in all the interim of
people quoting prices or telling us of the problems they are having, and
something that would intrigue us and challenge us......You can make whatever
you want, a vest, a jacket, a wallhanging, or just save the samples in a
book to use for ideas you may have later.

We will start this after the first of the year, as I don't have time during
the holidays right now....and getting caught is a priority at this point for
me....I can't pull off this challenge if I am not caught up on the other
things I have to do.....

So in the meantime, everyone should be getting their ideas, and their
thoughts together, and I am hoping to receive suggestions and ideas as to
what we will be challenging ourselves to do.....

Hope to see ya hear, and remember, there's no need for you to be a quilter
to do this.

Date: 12 Dec 95 13:05:46 EST
Subject: Re: Polartec - dry clean?

Hi Anita

I just wash and dry all my polar fleece before sewing.  It comes out
beautifully, and I can't imagine a need to dry clean it.  One of my reds did
bleed a little in the wash, but I'm careful with all reds so don't see that as a
problem.  The pinking idea is one I haven't run across and sounds really
interesting; I will have to try it!

Date: 12 Dec 95 12:55:35 EST
Subject: Re: Pooh copyright

Just to set minds at rest, my understanding is that the McCall's Winnie the Pooh
pattern has been out of print for about 20 years.

Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 13:30:56 -0500
Subject: Re: Polartec--dry clean?

I've never dry cleaned Polartec. One of the best things about it as far as
I'm concerned is how well it washes. I'm beginning to think that the dry
cleaning industry is conspiring with the textile industry: last week I bought
a piece of polyester for its "wear like iron" properties and it said machine
wash delicate. The only other poly there said "dry clean only". WHY?

I wouldn't bother.

Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 13:59:23 EST
Subject: Re: Sew Baby

Read your message on Bern. Club. If you wouldn't mind I'd like the 
address for Sew Baby! for the Kwik Sew patterns also. 
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 17:51:00 -0500
Subject: RE: Bernina Digest 12/11/95

To Cynthia,
     I am looking for a pattern like the Oshkosh overalls, but in the   
little jumper they make for girls, do you know if Peggy makes a similar   
pattern to that?

Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 18:39:08 -0500
Subject: Malden Mills fire

I hope none of you were planning on going to Malden Mills in Lawrence, MA
soon. They had a major fire last night with some fatalities. No wonder with
the way fabric is packed in that place!

Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 18:55:54 -0500
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest 12/11/95

In a message dated 95-12-12 15:56:22 EST, you write:

I think the vest club in Jan would sound wonderful. In Mass. we had a very
big fire.,Malden Mills, in Metheun.  They are the company that made a very
good grade of polar fleece.At the moment there were some people in critical
condition. With the grace of God they will rebuild. Just thought you might
like to hear some sewing news.Sorry it is not good.
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 19:44:32 -0500
Subject: DH

Hi Peggy,  DH can mean dear h. or some other kind of husband depending on the

To Patches,  Perhaps you are not so abused because you are more assertive and
most people recognize they can't run over you.
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 15:19:40 -0800
Subject: self limiting

Corky said:
>I don't NEED a new machine, and probably would not use any
>of the fancy stuff except during play.

When I bought my first Bernina, I thought the same thing, that a 
lower-end model would be ok because I didn't need all that "other 
stuff".  I'm a quilter, no clothes, so why do I need buttonholes etc.

About 15 months ago I traded up to a 1090, and I've gotta say, having 
all that extra "stuff" allowed me to explore and doodle in ways I'd 
never tried before.  Sometimes I kinda wish I'd gone for the 1260, 
even.  What I'm able to do now is more advanced.  It isn't just play, 
rather those extra features give me the ability to "push the envelope" 
a little further and create works that I could not have done on my 
previous model.

So all I can say is, Don't limit yourself!  Just because you don't use 
something today doesn't mean that you won't find a very good use for 
that feature tomorrow, and if it means you can do things you 
couldn't/wouldn't otherwise have - well, that's WORTH something.

Date: Wed, 13 Dec 95 01:20:00 UTC 0000
Subject: Sunbrand

Hi......I called Sunbrand today and ordered 125 Schmetz 70/10 needles for
$16.00.  If you are ordering for a Bernina they will ask you for the system
number which is 130/705H (H stands for home versus commercial machines.)
 They were out of the 80/12 and Sarah  told me about some German needles
made by a company called Rhein.  I never heard of them but she said she uses
them on her 1130 all the time.  They are 10 for $1.35.  I ordered two packs
and will give some to friends and we'll see how they work out.

I must say that Sarah was absolutely wonderful to work with and extremely
informative.  She took a great deal of time with a non-commercial customer.
 Sunbrand's number is 1-800-241-6800 and Sarah's extension is 256.  BTW I
didn't order the universal needles since they are a small ball point and I
don't do knits.  I just ordered the fine point.

Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 22:08:59 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Bernina Model 1230

when the 1630 first came out, I purchased my 1230 used.  The local dealer 
had 15 1230's available from people who were trading up.  He's a great 
dealer, and a wizard with machines.  I've had no problems, but maybe it's 
because he reconditioned the 1230 to be like new.  It's just a dream 
machine.  DO IT!!

Beverly S
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 22:25:38 -0600
Subject: Yo-yos and Narrow Hemming Foot

Can the yo-yos be made on the 1230?  What's the process?

Re: the narrow hemming foot, try rounding the corners with a saucer.  That
helped me when I first got my narrow hemming foot.

Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 22:59:13 -0500
Subject: Re: For Sale

Be smart and save it for a spare.  It never hurts to own 2 Berninas.

Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 23:15:38 -0500
Subject: Re: Used Machines

Seems like a real good deal on the 1130 what with the 3 years free service.
 I have that and the 1630.  My 1130 is a good workhorse, does basically
everything the 1230 does except lettering and is computerized.  I take it
with me to class, have had no problems with it and highly recommend the 1130.

Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 21:58:08 -0500
Subject: Re: Polartec--dry clean?

In a message dated 95-12-12 11:40:31 EST, you write:

>The wear label said dry clean only.  Is that true??  Could you wash and dry
>it first before sewing and avoid the dry cleaners?    Help!

I make horse blankets out of polar fleece....the cheap generic
kind..............wear like iron and  no way would I dryclean them!

Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 20:28:19 -0500
Subject: yoyos etc.

Hi Kay,
Don't you have to turn under the raw edges of the YoYos?

I just read recently somewhere to be successful easily with the narrow
hemmer, turn your machine to right angles to your body.  Gently assist the
fabric horizontally through the hemmer.  Left hand behind the foot and Right
hand on the yet to be hemmed fabric.  This tension seems to do the trick.
 Neat huh?

To Diane P., I use the alphabet to make quilt labels.  I also monogram items
for friends and family.  On vests that I sell I write the size on the lining
somewhere.  I could also write care directions inside.  I am currently making
a panel cloth book for my 1 yr. old grandson and the first inside 'page' has
personalized info. such as his name, address, etc.
Have fun,

To Nina and Barbara,  I bought my 1530 one and 1/2 yrs ago and have loved it
ever since.  No regrets, no complaints. Enjoy.

To Pia,  A Christmas shirt is a shirt you wear on Christmas - I think.

To Robin,  I don't shop Clotilde because of their unethical, unprofessional
conduct in dealing with their consignment people and then not paying them.

To Cynthia,  Not sure what flamed was but why let anyone stop you from
anything you really want to do?  This is not a dress rehearsal.

Judy,  Ilove my 1530.  What is it you don't like?  You could trade down I
Subject:  Sew Beautiful Again 

I read with excitement the postings that gave the 1-800 number for
Sew Beautiful.  I have called all over locally to try to obtain a 
copy.  I have had my name down at a local store here for about three 
months awaiting this magazine.

I was rather disappointed to find that the 1-800 posted here does
not work from Canada.  I thought I had finally found the source!
If anyone has the long distance number I would love to get it off
you so that I can call them.

I have read numerous glowing reports about this magazine (both here
and elsewhere) but I have never been able to put my hands on a copy.
I am very interested in heirloom sewing and my project after I get
over Christmas will be my daughter's First Communion dress (required
for late April).

Any additional info on this magazine would be greatly appreciated!

from outside Ottawa, Canada where we now have about 6 foot snowbanks  
and more to come.... and with the windchill today it was about -20
degrees CELSIUS :-(  

Sue (whose pet peeve is reading about people complaining about running
their car air conditioner just ONE more time.....)
Subject: A Christmas Gift

Hi Everyone, 

Having been home on sick leave the last few days, I had to keep busy &hae been 
too tired to sew so I drafted up a few foundation blocks for Christmas.  You can 
find them on the web on the World Wide Quilting Page.

The easiest way to get there is:

Then click on the link for the New Stuff page &there will be a link on the top 
of the page to the foundation blocks.

Happy Holidays to All!!

Sue T
Date: 12 Dec 95 12:55:34 EST
Subject: Re: Sew Baby!>

Hi Peggy

I had placed my order yesterday but called them back today with your name &
address, and they said they'd get a gift certificate in the mail to you.

Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 02:10:26 -0500
Subject: Patches Offended!  ===:O

>Subject: Re: Sewing for Others-offended

>I think I am offended, nobody, ever asks me to make something for them,

Hey Patches! Sorry to see you offended! :'(   Just to cheer you up, I'm gonna
ask you to make free clothes for my kids!!  :D Let's see, Murrrphy Kitty
takes a size 8 mos. in a Siamese (but he is growing fast, so make it
roomy!!). And little Weeble Hawk takes a svelte size 12 mos. in African Grey
(choose a sturdy material because that little parrot beak chews holes rather
easily). Thanks! I am SOOOOOO glad I could help you out!!  ;)

Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 02:10:34 -0500
Subject: Knee lift

> Does anyone with a Bernina NOT use the knee lift??

I can't imagine ever going back to NOT having a knee lift!! 

Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 02:10:45 -0500
Subject: Doin' your own stuff

>"Another thing I find that keeps me from doing my own stuff are some of the
classes I have taken.  ... I sometimes
feel I am doing someone else's idea... then all the ideas
I have for my "own" stuff gets put off."<

I have yet to take a class (and I have taken plenty) where I didn't redesign
as I went along. For instance, I made a quilted  bomber jacket that turned
out quite different from everyone else's because I made 2" squares instead of
4" squares. It may not sound like much, but as a petite size I felt that the
4" squares overwhelmed me - and it turned out great.  I love that jacket and
just wish we had more "jacket weather" around here! Some others in the class
said THEIR next jacket would be done in 2" squares!

Another time everyone did a fabric manipulation jacket in basic, conservative
colors. I chose a wild purple/pink/ blue/green Alexander Henry jungle print
as a base and matched other fabrics to it for the rest of the jacket (mostly
from Jenny Byer's palette). Even complete strangers compliment me on it and
ask where I bought it!  :D

The instructors at this place are not only tolerant, but enthusiastic about
people using the techniques in their own way. I don't pressure myself to get
the project done by the time the class is done; that way I can experiment
with the new techniques. I make sure that I observe what others are doing at
different steps, but I can always pop back into the store and ask questions
about a step later if I forget (they are good about this). On the plus side
of being last, you can see where common problems crop up and avoid them.

Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 02:51:32 -0500
Subject: Somebody Fleming

> the PBS series Sewing Today with Somebody Fleming and Kenneth King (and
which my PBS station is not carrying this season :-P)

Hee hee! Poor old Peggy Flemming! I called her "Nancy" Flemming in a recent
post! You would think after she won those Olymics Skating medals, we'd
remember!  ;)

Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 02:51:49 -0500
Subject: Re: Quilting Polarfleece ???

Better snap up that Polarfleece! I just read in an AOL group that the one
mill that produces it just suffered an explosion and fire.  No one died,
amazingly enough, but there were injuries and 2/3 of the place burned down.
The owner says he plans to get back into business soon.

Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 02:51:16 -0500
Subject: Re: Narrow hemmers

>I am looking for tips on using the narrow hemming foot. It seems to be very


I recently bought one and LOVE it! i don't know how well I would have done my
first time if I hadn't seen Kenneth King demonstrate its use on SEWING TODAY.
In fact, watching him inspired me to buy the foot (the 20% off sale didn't
hurt either!! :D  )

I suggest that you stop by your friendly Bernina dealer and ask for a demo.
Watching someone do it helps a lot!

Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 02:51:26 -0500
Subject: But I DID make it!

> But she said to me " I must say I'm really 
dissappointed you didn't make me anything"  I wasn't sure 
what to say at first, and I'm glad she and others didn't 
notice it was hand made. But what can you say, I said 
of course I made it :>  And I really did :> What would you 
do or say?

That was tacky of her to say; it implies A) you didn't care enough to make
her something, B) what you make must always look less than professional.
Looks like you can't win either way!  ;)

Take it as a compliment anyway. I must admit that I get a kick out of
hearing, "You MADE this? YOU made this??!!" from non-sewers - it seems they
can't see the little flaws that I do!

Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 11:17:07 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Sewing Machines

Dear Sue M:  I'm one who isn't using her knee lift.  Here's why.  I have 
a practically new machine and was trying to get used to the knee lift.  
No problem there, but I subsequently developed back trouble and wonder if 
it was the use of unfamiliar muscles that triggered it.  I spent two 
weeks of excruciating pain and was on medication.  I am now in a physical 
therapy program and will try to strengthen my back muscles before 
attempting the knee lift again.  My dealer said I was probably too far to 
the left of the knee lift lever and to move closer so I was touching the 
knee lift, then I wouldn't have to move my knee so far so use it.  I am 
determined, but a little cautious.  When we see quilters on TV who don't 
use their knee lifts on their Bernina machines, I just assume that they 
are using a temporary studio for taping purposes and don't carry their 
lift bar with them.  Georgia Bonesteel always used to use hers.    Myra 
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 08:26:47 -0500
Subject: Used machines and DC motor


if you have the choice between a 1090 and 1130, I'd go for the 1130.  If
anything, for the memorized buttonhole and altered stitch memory.
Otherwise, the sewing mechanism is the same.

As for the 1 year warranty on the guts of the 1130, I'd check with Bernina
of Am.  Ninas carry a 20 years warranty on mechanical parts.  The initial
warranty card is for the original owner but if the machine is 'recycled'
through an authorized Bernina dealer, it may still hold to 20 years.  (i'm
not sure).  B of A
 's phone # is 800-405-2SEW.

In either case, the 1090 and 1130 would give you the oscillating CB hook,
which is at the core of Bernina's perfect stitching reputation. Also the DC
motor, knee lift, extension table...  all steps up from the 1000.  As for
the knee lift, well... I too jerk my right knee even when I sew on other
brands :)

Regarding the DC motor:  given that the current does not alternate, there is
no loss of efficiency, so all the wattage applied goes toward real power
output by the motor.  The immediate benefit is that the motor reaches its
cruising speed (whatever your foot tells it) faster.  It also allows for
shorter response times.  Interesting thing is that Bernina's motor is not
that big.  But it is the strongest of all domestic machines.  Fastest also.
Most brands max out at around 800 stitches per minute (spm).  Nina's fly at
1050 spm.  I'm currently working with a Viking #1+, doing work for our only
dealer in town, and I tell you that machine seems like a turtle compared to
my 1230. 

Notice that bulge in the back of your nina, covered by the plastic lid?
that's where they put the AC->DC converter and voltage regulator, as well as
the motor.  The large cavity created by that lid allows for heat dissipation.

Finally, about the foot pedal that comes with the DC electronic machines
(1031 and above).  There is very little in that pedal.  A metal oxide
covered piece of plastic (shaped like an arc) is mounted to the spring.  The
machine actually send low voltage to the pedal and the more you press it,
the more voltage passes through the loop. That voltage lets the motor
governor how much speed to go for.  That little piece of plastic is the one
that breaks when one drops the pedal to the floor :).  The nice thing about
the Bernina pedal is that it's stiff, so you have better (finer) control
over your speed.  Again, working with the Viking #1+... the foot pedal is
twice as wide as the Bernina one, but its spring is whimpy.  So the control
over speed is a bit sloppy (a little flicker of the foot often yields a
large difference in machine speed, with difficulty in finding 'the right spot')

Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 08:37:35 EST
Subject: Polartec--dry clean?


Polartec fabric can definitely be washed.  
HOWEVER, that doesn't mean a store bought shirt 
that says "Dry Clean" will survive washing. 

Malden Mills, where a lot of Polartec is made burned
down yesterday so you will want to shop for fabric

Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 09:05:59 -0500
Subject: Re: Quality Buttonholes-decisions

Diane P. - How about making a label to sew into your projects or putting DH's
initials on his shirt cuff?  Justified or not, I'm sure you'll never regret
the upgrade!  Linda
ate: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 10:36:44 EST
Subject: Alphabet idea

Diane Palmer asked about using the alphabet feature on her 1260.  
Here is an idea I have never been able to execute because my 1130 
does not have that capability.  Write the pattern name and number in 
a discreet place on the inside of a garment for future reference.  An 
abbreviation would work too, such as M 3009 for McCalls 3009.  

Another idea is to put a positive message for yourself inside the 
garment, length depending of course on space and patience.  I am 
inspired to do this because a raincoat I wear has a label that says, 
"Wear in good health!"  It gives me a lift to see that before I put 
the raincoat on--especially on those days requiring a raincoat.

Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 10:14:30 -0600
Subject: Re: AC and DC motors

  >  A DC motor means Direct Current, as opposed to AC, Alternating Current.
  > That's about as much as I know. I do think that one is used in the US and
  > the other in other parts of the world. Could just mean that Bernina
  > manufactures their motors for use in the US and not just adapts AC's.

The first part is correct, but AC is used all over the world because it is
impractical to transmit DC current over very much distance at all - there is
too much power loss.  There are many different standards for AC power though,
so this is the source of problems when going to different countries.

The DC motor is a nice thing because these kinds of motors are easier to 
with certain desirable characteristics.  The major benefits are easy speed 
control, and greater power at low speeds. This means that you can do a needle
down or one stitch at a time even on very thick fabrics such a jeans seams, etc.

I have a 1031 with the DC motor, and there is no difference in power no matter
what speed you go.  It is very nice to be able to sew something thick slowly
and carefully!

Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 11:27:37 EST
Subject: needle systems

Esther, The  system number has to be written somewhere on your 
machine or in the instruction book!!!  What you are currently buying??
?.  What does it say on your Schmetz box now?? 12/80 etc is only the 
size of the needle. I would guess that your current Schmetz box   
says: 130/705H or   (15x1H)   which is the same needle.  That is your 
needle system.  If you can't figure it out.  Call your Viking and 
Bernina dealer and ask if the above numbers fit your machine.......
hope this helps...Roxy
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 12:24:18 -0500
Subject: Deco ideas and 1630 questions

I have the brother version of the Deco and have used the scanner for a
variety of things.  I have put skiers and names on ski carriers for X-mas
gifts.  Also I have scanned bird houses from a greeting card to put around
the bottom of a vest.  It takes time but the results are terrific.  Also
scanned some snowflakes from graphics programs and then embroidered onto
X-mas aprons with Big Flake, A Little Flaky etc. written on them.  Cute.  My
1630  refuses to sew out the Christmas key patterns evenly and my dealer says
to fiddle with the arrows on the right hand bottom of screen.  I really don't
have time to fiddle forever.  Anyone have a sure fire cure?  Thanks to all.
Happy Holidays from sunny Colorado.  Waiting for the west coast storm to get
to us on Sunday.
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 12:34:34 EST
Subject: more on needles

Just ordered needles from Sunbrand (1800 2416800.  They more readily 
recognize the 15X1h (which is the same as 130/705H) They are 
discontinuing these household needles as soon as their present stock 
is gone and they are only available in Ball points at this time. they 
have 70, 90, 100,  125  needles for about 16.00.  I was able to order 
Rhein needles in size 80, packaged 10 for 1.25 in the same needle 
system as above. hope this helps all of you with needle question.    
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 12:17:16 -0500
Subject: Bernie 1530

Hi Kay,
I have a 1530 and love it.

Liz, You have all of us to share and get new ideas and that fun.

Sue, Put your foot pedal under your left foot and use the right knee for the
lift.  You'll love it.

To Debbie Deutsch,  Oh, gosh, I can't believe they aren't going to rebuild
Malden Mills.  I was just going to Seattle and planning to look into the
outlet store there.  I have never sewed polartec but was curious with all you
talking about it online.  Is there any help we can do long distance for those

To Pam,  Georgia Bonesteel uses the knee lift on her PBS shows.
 Unfortunately, the satellite has dropped all of my shows except Sewing with
Nancy which is great, but I sure do miss 3 hours of nonstop sewing.  I am
stuck with Home and Garden every now and them simplistic shows.  I work
during the week so can't see if there are any others available. I even wrote
the satellite co. out of Alexandria VA and got back some response as if my IQ
was in the single digits.  I gave up.  I was even willing to contribute to
the station.  Oh, well.

I had another idea about the sticky dots, this a.m. when I was cleaning out
the VCR tape drawer.  I have tons of labels for both computer discs and VCT
tapes.  I pland to just snip off small corners of these stickies for my
future markers and not just throw them out.  Recycle!

To Patches,
I think the challenge idea is good and I look forward to attempting it.  I
wonder if ideas from my Bernina Club would suffice as my contribution.  For
example, last year they gave a demo and handout to embroider Christmas lights
on garments, etc.  Do all the dealers do the same ideas at all the clubs, or
are this as varied as the dealers?  What a storehouse of info., if they are
all different.  I have saved all of my handouts.  Any help?

To Pia,  I agree about pushing the envelope.  I am in the process of writing
a manuscript for a quilting technique to simplify an old standard.  My main
inspiration to develop this was my 1530 Inspiration.  Probably would never
have thought of it if I didn't own this machine.  Love it.
Are you still with us or did the high winds carry you off like the marina
they showed on national news this a.m.?
Date: 13 Dec 95 12:51:17 EST
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest 12/12/95

I have never used polar fleece but I have seen it and I got some ideas about it 
while reading some postings here, especially about pinking the edges. What 
would happen if you cut it out using one of the extra disks for the Fiskars 
rotary cutter (either scalloped edge or pinked edge) and overlapped the seams 
and sewed them as you would suede? That would reduce bulk and give a decorative 
finish at the same time. O-o-o-h! I think my Challenge project will be to adapt 
a jacket pattern to make a polar fleece jacket in this manner and make toggles 
or something different for the closings. Hmmmm, I will have to think about this 
some more. (I have a 50 mile commute to and from work each day so I have a lot 
of bus time to think about things like this.)

I heard on the news this morning that the owner of Malden Mills *is* planning 
to rebuild after that catastrophic fire last night, but I guess it doesn't do 
all the textile workers much good until it is rebuilt, does it? Bad timing, 
winter and all, but maybe the Christmas spirit will move more people to help 
them out.

Subject: Malden Mills - PolarTec
Date: 13 Dec 1995 16:47:35 GMT

Happy Holidays to You All:

  Hate to start with bad news, but with all the recent discussions of
PolarTec I thought you all should know that the mill in Methuen, MA which
produces PolarTec suffered very heavy losses in a severe fire on Monday
night. Four factory buildings were destroyed with 36 people injured, 8
critically burned.  The mill's owner said the firm has lost a third of its
manufacturing capacity, but that within a month could resume production of
400,000 yards of material.  Don't know what impact this fire will ultimately
have on the availability of retail PolarTec, but if you find it hard to get
for a time, this will probably be the reason.  An estimate of 1,500 people
are now out of work in this already depressed area of Massachusetts.  It's a
very sad thing for these people, especially at Christmas.
  The Bernina Challenge should be great fun but I will not be able to take
part as I leave for Florida right after Christmas for 3 months and although
I'll have a MAC PowerBook in the motorhome, there will be no modem for using
the Internet so for now (I can still "lurk" for two more weeks) I will have
to say Good Bye - See you all in the Spring.  It has been a lot of fun and
good information these past months and I will definitely miss it.  I will be
reading the archives when I come back home. 
Have a Good New Year everyone!
 Dennie S
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 1995 06:30:23 -0500
Subject: (no subject)

My apologies, but I don't think I have been getting all of my messages. 
Was anyone able to answer my question about an overalls pattern for a 
size 10 boy? If you did, would you please repeat the answer, thank you. 
And I will respond promptly to let you know I received it.

Very sad to hear the news of the fire.

Nancy Y
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 11:32 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: Polartec---dry clean?

I made my jacket 3 years ago and I have been washing it with
the washing machine in the normal cyclye.  It came out beautiful
after the the spin cycle and I just hang it dry and it's nice and
warm again.  I like the material so much that I have been making
3 more jackets this year for myself and gifts.  I also make a
warming blanket with about 2 yards (60"x72") and decroate with
serging edges which is inexpensive and better than the arcylic
material.        Esther :)
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 19:11:32 -0500
Subject: Re: Narrow hemmers

There was a great article in Threads on narrow hemming.  It was late issue
maybe Oct. I don't have it at hand.
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 20:10:03 +0500
Subject: Removing pencil marks-help!

   My friend has made her sister a quilt for Christmas. She used a Pental
High Polymer Super 2H pencil. She has washed the quilt twice trying to
remove the marks. Although they have gotten lighter, they are have not
disappeared. The second wash was in Orvis Soap.  She said she has tried
using an eraser but it will take hours to do  this. Hours no one has this
time of year especially. Help anyone?!! 
Thanks, Tenna
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 18:33:31 -0500
Subject: Sew for oth, chall, malden &etc.....

>I'm jealous!  I don't have a single friend that OWNS a sewing machine much
>less knows what to do with it if they had one!  It would be a lot more fun
>if I had a sewing buddy.


I'm sorry, wish we were closer, I'd be your bud, but then I am still your
bud in a far off land.......


soooo glad you like the idea.......

Lois, and Debby,

I to was saddened by this very sad for not only those who
lost their lives, but the people who are now out of work, a loss like that
to a community affects everyone in it, and I am praying that Malden Mills,
will decide to rebuild.


ok, I admit it, I am an assertive person, to upfront sometimes.  

and, no need to be an expert here, after all, expertise, come with practice,
I have never known one person who wasn't an expert right off the bat.....

Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 16:45:25 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Sewing on PolarTec


Regarding your question about sewing on Polar Fleece type of fabric....I've
recently done some projects in this fabric (new experience!) and I've
discovered that I prefer using my walking foot with a somewhat longer stitch
than usual, and keeping the fabric "almost" taut while keeping it moving
under the foot (it seems to want to occasionally bog down and make
teeny-tiny stitches).  I have a serger, but maybe because it's old and
cranky and limited, I wasn't able to adjust it to sew the seams as nicely as
I would have liked.

I've now done two bathrobes and two jackets out of PolarTec 200 (moderate
weight) and haven't had any problems with the stretch of the fabric or of
stitches breaking in the garment after it's finished.  

A neighbor (who has a Bernina 1260) just uses her regular foot, a longer
stitch, and keeps the fabric moderately taut as she moves it through.  She's
been real happy with those results.

Hope this helps!

Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 20:03:49 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: What is the challange?

On Tue, 12 Dec 1995, Bernina wrote:

> Date: Sun, 10 Dec 1995 19:32:53 -0500
.  If I filled film canisters with something I am sure I
> would drop them and spill creating a big mess!!.

	If you use something that would creat a big mess if spilled why 
not imbed the small metal "heavy things" in playdoh? This would keep the 
mass together and even add a bit of more weight to the canister.
	Happy sewing.      Teresa
Date: 13 Dec 95 20:01:58 EST
Subject: Bernina Digest 12/12/95

They eyelet foot *will* fit the 1630.  I had a 1230 before my 1630 and had
bought it then, and I can use it now with no problems.  The walking foot that I
had just bought would not fit, but the dealer was kind enough to exchange for
me.  The circle maker also did not fit, so I had to buy a new one.  The other
attachment that will not fit is the "cut and sew", which I had purchased as I
did not own a serger.  It worked on my 1230, but is nothing like a serger, which
is much faster and neater.  Hope this helps.  Pat
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 22:30:29 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: But I did it , Etc.

Just wanted to comment that I don't use the Bernina knee lift but have 
used in several times in past years.  I guess it is because I have the 
'Nina in a corner such that the only way to leave the machine area is to 
go past the knee lift.  I usually sew with the flat surface off, just 
using the free arm.  I don't miss using the knee lift, I just rotate the 
wheel when I want the needle to go up or down and it works just fine.   
Maybe I should get out the knee lift and learn what everyone else is 
talking about.

Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 04:19:51 GMT
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest 12/12/95

I'm just coming out of the lurk mode for a moment to tell ya'll about my 
experience with my serger this past weekend.  Nothing bad, just wished that I 
would've figured it out sooner :).  My 2000DE was skipping stitches so bad 
that it wasn't sewing anything AT ALL!  I really was dreading the thought of 
taking it in to my dealer for repairs and my last attempt fixed it all.  I 
rethreaded 'her', I oiled and cleaned the lint out, BUT what was the real 
problem was to JUST change the needles!  DUH!  "She" is now back to her 
sewing-self again and won't need to see my dealer until Spring for her annual 
COA!  Moral to my story....after 6 to 8 good hours of sewing, the needles can 
actually need to be replaced :).   
BTW on the 1230 discussion....I own a 1230 and will soon have a 801 for my 
backup.  I love that machine(the 1230), it really is a workhorse!  When I 
decide that I want to upgrade...I will still keep her, and just let her have 
another 'sister'.

Date: Fri, 15 Dec 95 21:28:34 -0500
Subject: Bernina Digest 12/14/95

 Thanks for clearing that up. I'm embarrased to say that I typed all my
husband's papers when he was getting his EE degree, but they were so boring
that I remember very little of it. :>

Date: Thu, 14 Dec 95 05:00:00 UTC 0000
Subject: Computer Designs

 Yes, that's what I meant. I cut the notches outward. I was always told/read
that inward weakens the seam and I believed it. Sometimes I don't bother
with them on short seams or if I know I'm going to be pinning before I sew.

I was so sorry to hear about the Malden factory burning down. What a
horrible shame. I've been thinking about it all day as I've been making
polar fleece garments until they're coming out my ears. Everyone is getting
them for Christmas in our family this year. :)
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 18:33:38 -0500
Subject: Bernina Challenge News 

Hi all,

Bernina Challenge news here!

The challenge is definitely on.  So many of you have responded that you
would like to do this.  I'm so happy that you want to improve, like me, I
have this desire as well.

First off, I need some of you who have 1530's, 1630's, 1090's, 800 series,
900 series, 1000 series to send me the stitch patterns in your books......In
your books, they will show pictures and the numbers of what the stitch is on
your machine, I need copies of your pages from these books.

For 1530 and 1630 owners, I need also the page where it shows what the
various symbols mean, as I am not familiar with all of them.  

If you can send me copies of these things from your instruction books,
please e-mail me, and I will e-mail you my address.


if any of you out there have fantasy stitches that you have dreamed up, I
would love to include this in the challenge........

I am planning on working up the first parts of this challenge after the 20th
of December, while dh is away, and so I need this info as soon as possible,
I need to be able to have the conversion #'s from one model to the other as
soon as possible.


Date: Thu, 14 Dec 95 07:05:00 UTC 0000
Subject: Deco Ideas &1630 Questions

I have the Deco and scanner, but have not really played much with the
scanner. I'm somewhat disappointed that the lines must be so thick on the
originals. Instead of outlining, the Deco then does the "outline" with satin
stitch. One good hint that I've seen is to do the outline first when you
embroider and some of it will get covered up with the other embroidery.

I thought I had seen that you could take images off of the cards, bring them
into the scanner's memory and change or add to them, saving them to a blank
card. There's nothing about that in the manual and I wasn't able to figure
out how to do it in a short session the other night. Am I mistaken in this
understanding? Has anyone done this?
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 23:42:37 -0800
Subject: Re: Can't get away with it


It is a shirt made out of Christmas fabric to wear for Holiday events.

Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 03:13:43 EST
Subject: Internet message 

Hello Again!
Just read your note...haven't been on here for a few days now.  I 
just finished embroidering my grandmothers grandkids names on an off-
white woven throw...I embroidered them on the hearts woven into the 
blanket.  Lots of work, but it was worth it...came out nice.  Have 
you received all of your AG stuff yet?  Isn't the wait torture???!!!  
My brother just decided he is going to order some doll things for the 
girls for Christmas...none of the Girl of Today things (mainly 
because I already ordered most of it-Ha! Ha!)...mostly things for 
Molly and Kirsten.  Did you receive LSN's newsletter yet?  She has 
ALL of the doll patterns that she carries on sale for 20% off this 
month...I just have to decide which ones to get now !!!  Well, I 
hope all of your things from the Pleasant Co. have come or are on 
their way!  Happy Holidays!!!  TTYL-Donna 
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 03:15:50 EST
Subject: Internet message 

Hello Mary!
This sounds like it could be interesting...I may just HAVE to give 
them a call!!!  Thanks for the info!  Happy Holidays :)  Donna
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 03:42:44 EST
Subject: Sew Beautiful Again

The number to Sew Beautiful is: 1-800-547-4176.
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 07:45:44 -0500
Subject: Re: Sewing for Others-Offended

You do have sewing buddies - all of us on this list!  Happy Holidays one and
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 13:01:35 GMT
Subject: Re: Sew Beautiful Again

I know we get caught up in the fast way of doing things but here is the snail 
mail address for ordering Sew Beautiful.
518 Madison Street
Huntsville, Al  35801-9630
$39 in Canada  $29.94 in US
Enjoy  Holly
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 13:06:53 GMT
Subject: Re: Computer Designs

Sharon,  I use signal dots to mark things like the end stop on zippers and have 
never had a problem with residue.  Enjoy, Holly
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 08:04:17 -0500
Subject: Re: marking notches

>> I snip in the seam allowance to mark my notches but I read about how that
weakens the seam <<

Sorry, I just don't believe that. I have been making my clothes this way for
years and they are like cast iron, so much so that I finally give things up
out of boredom, not because they are worn out. And I WOULD call myself over
agressive with my movements because I am always in a hurry, always bumping
into things, always falling over things. Regarding the snips  where you set
in sleeves, since I have had a serger, I always serge the armhole sleeve,
letting it cut to about 3/8" after I have sewn the seam, so the snips go with
the cut anyway. If you don't have a serger, another good way to treat it is
totrim it and  use the overedge foot (#2 for the 1530 and I don't know which
other models). It's one of the few whose number I know because I use it so
Mary M
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 13:14:44 GMT
Subject: Re: Bernina 1630

K- The notebook was probably the 1630 Library.  It is a wonderful teaching tool 
if like most books, you do the projects.  The notebook comes with #1 inside and 
2-12 published on a regular basis. I would imagine with all 12 it is even more 
than $75.   Enjoy, Holly
Date: 14 Dec 95  7:54:00 EDT
Subject: Re: Sunbrand

I called Sunbrand yesterday to get a catalog. The woman I spoke with said they 
will only send catalogs to commercial customers. Has anyone else had this 
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 07:46:12 -0500
Subject: Re: Malden Mills Fire

Debbie - 
We saw the news coverage on the National NBC broadcast.  They had spoken with
the owner of the mill and reported that he vowed to rebuild as soon as
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 08:18:34 -0500
Subject: Re: Narrow Hemmer

Cheryl - I am working on altar linen for my church - so I sat down and tried
different methods of using the narrow hemmer (sure wasn't going to do all
those hems by hand!)  Ended up with tips from several sources - sewed all the
way round the squares with my #37 foot leaving long thread ends at each
corner, snipped off the sharp points at the corners, used Fray Check along
all the edges to stiffen just a bit, and finger pressed the first edge to get
started.  Break your stitching at each corner.  You can use those long
threads at each corner to get started again.  Also used the margins off the
newspaper to cut strips to slide under the corners after the first one so
they feed more smoothly.  This method has worked well for me but then I have
30 of them to do so I am getting lots of practice.  Hope this helps.  
Can someone tell me how to feed the fabric around rounded corners?
Sandy S
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 08:18:39 -0500
Subject: Re: Sewing Challenge

I want to play to - after Christmas - I'm brain dead right now.
Sandy S
Date:	Thu, 14 Dec 1995 06:33:52 -0600
Subject: Re: Polartec--dry clean?

>Malden Mills, where a lot of Polartec is made burned
>down yesterday so you will want to shop for fabric
>Lorna ..

There is no need to panic, there will be enough Polartec.  On my usenet
bulletin board yesterday, Malden Mills Corporate had a statement detailing
what was damaged and what wasn't.  Their finished fabrics were not
involved, nor was the polartec/polar fleece manufacturing.  In fact, it
sounded like another one of those cases where the news media made it sound
worse than it actually was...except of course for those that were injured.

Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 13:50:44 GMT
Subject: Re: Removing pencil marks - help!

tenna, believe it or  not, the co. that makes the pencil-which is supposed to 
wash out,--also makes a product to use when it doesn't wash out==see your 
original supplier. Good luck, enjoy, Holly
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 08:49:48 EST
Subject: Computer Designs


The stick on dots are sold by Nancy Notions and are probably in 
most fabric stores.  I've not used them so can not attest to how
sticky they are but there again, we are talking about placing
them in the seam allowance.

Lorna snowing again!!!!!!
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 09:14:09 EST
Subject: Garment labels


>> Write the pattern name and number in a discreet place on the 
>> inside of a garment for future reference.
>> ...put a positive message for yourself inside the garment...

Neat ideas!  I think I will adopt them for my own use.

Thank-you Mary.
Subject: RE: Overalls
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 09:31:49 -0800

     I am looking for a pattern like the Oshkosh overalls, but in the  
little jumper they make for girls, do you know if Peggy makes a similar 
pattern to that?

Hi, Carrie!
I shuffled through my patterns (I bought them ALL, everything Peggy =
offered as of two years ago) but didn't see a jumper pattern.
HOWEVER, I think it would be a simple matter to make one from the =
overall pattern.  Instead of the crotch curve, I'd just straighten the =
front seam and draft an a-line skirt.  The overalls pattern is really, =
really cute.
Oh, just checked the books Peggy sells!  In "Designer Jeans II--Beyond =
the Basics", Peggy shows directions to alter her jeans pattern to make a =
jeans skirt--and I think this method would work equally well with the =
overalls pattern.
She's also got instructions for making maternity jeans, pleated jeans, =
jeans without side seams, you NAME it--so I'd call her up and ask her!

Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 09:12:43 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Re: Sew Beautiful Again

Please, give me the 800 number--I must have missed it.
Date: 14 Dec 95 10:38:02 EST
Subject: Sewing for Others

****A personal note.  Sue- Happy Holidays.  I'm sorry about your loss but, I'm 
sure God is happy to have another baby in Heaven to keep him company.  Great 
job on the list.  I feel kind of guilty when I see all the mail from you every 
day. Take it easy don't work so hard.  Talk to you soon. T-

No one has ever asked me to sew for them other than jokingly asking for free 
alterations.  I learned how to sew on a singer.  I am still a beginner.  This 
year I upgraded to a 1530 and 2000 DCE serger.  (you might want to know why I 
would make such a big investment so soon)  I spent years with unfinished 
projects and being very frustrated.  So I've taken the plunge and bought all of 
the these fun toys right away.  As an added push I just got engaged a month ago 
and I know my days of buying whatever I want when I want are about to come to a 
But, back on topic.... I went to Bernina University a month ago and made a 
wallhanging.  I rushed through the instructions and it came out a little 
uneven.  I can't give that thing away.  I've tried about four times and no one 
wants it.  If you had seen the look on my mothers face when she saw it. I don't 
think anyone will ask me to sew for them.  Gotta go and sorry if I rambled.  
Happy Holidays.  PS-I live in Malden, Ma where Malden Mills started out.  They 
don't need to rebuild the factories necessarily because Lawrence (where the 
mill is located) has a lot of empty and abondoned factories that they could 
move into.  Also I heard on the news the owner says the Polar Fleece (yes 
sewers hold onto your seats, I did say Polar Fleece) factory did not sustain th
at much damage.  He anticipated putting workers back to work in Jan. or Feb.  I 
don't know if this is fact yet, this is just what he said on tv last night.  
Stay tuned.

Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 10:42:51 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Real Polartec

We have only JoAnn's, Hancock's (bearing no resemblance to the Paducah 
Hancock's) and WalMart in Tallahassee.  I have never seen real Polartec, 
but did see some fleece at JoAnn's the other day.  Does anyone know how 
this compares to Polartec?  Can't remember the price, but it was not too 
costly.  It was fleeced on both sides so might be a reasonable substitute.
The store had about four solid colors--no prints.
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 11:01:26 -0500
Subject: new 1630 Brochure

Yesterday I stopped at my Bernina dealer to see if anything was new to add to
my wish list for Christmas. They had a new brochure, a single page called
"Bernina 1630 Special Accessories". It has a little insert with images from 5
keys (Christmas, Celebration, Country/Quilting, Sports/Cartoons, and
Hearts/Flowers) The back of this insert says "further them keys are in the
pipeline. Ask your Bernina dealer for details."

The brochure itself lists several "new presser feet (which) were specially
developed for the Bernina 1630 Inspiration Plus. I own some of these, and
they have that mirrored lump on them, and wider feet. At least the ones I own
do. I haven't seen all of them. I am wondering if any of you have seen the
"new" versions of the feet?

The ones I am curious about are the :

#56 Teflon Open Embroidery Foot-for embroidery and quilting.
#62 Narrow hemmer straight stitch 2mm
#64  Wide hemmer 4mm
#70 Lap seam foot 4mm
#86 Ruffler.

Mainly I am wondering if they are just listing the regular feet, or if there
is a different hemmer for the 1630. 

Also, they list in preparation for the 1630:
23 Applique foot
24 Freehand embroidery foot
55 Roller foot
71 Lap seam foot 8mm

I am wondering how the first two feet would differ in a 1630 than a regular
foot. Also, have any of you ever traded in old feet for new? I am hesitant to
build up my foot collection if I am just buying old feet. 

Date: Thu, 14 Dec 95 11:22:32 EST
Subject: dry cleaning polarfleece

     I just finished a beautiful polarfleece stadium jacket for
     my mother.  I wanted it to keep her warm, be washable and
     yet look great.  So I went to G-Street to find the perfect
     buttons for it.  I found designer buttons that looked
     perfect and cost too much ($16 each), but she's worth it.
     (She gave me a 1630 as a present last year).

     Then I noticed that the buttons were "dry clean only".  So
     much for that.  Maybe the cleaning label on the polarfleece
     jacket at Nordstroms was due to the findings, and not the
Subject: RE: Bernina Model 1230
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 95 11:08:00 EST

I have a 1230 and all I can say is that my daughter and I love it.  It is 
fine for quilting and for garment sewing as well.  I've had a White, a 
Singer, and a Viking, and this machine is far superior to any of the others. 
 Of course, they were not computerized machines.  However, I always had 
trouble sewing a seam that was smaller than 1/2"-5/8".  At the time I had 
the other machines, I was not into quilting, so it didn't matter as much.  I 
would not have attempted to make a quilt on the other machines, but it is 
very nice on my 1230.

If you don't have a walking foot for a Bernina, that is probably the most 
important foot you will need for quilting.  I use it even for piecing.  I 
also have a 37 foot, but the 2 pieces of material stay together much better 
while using the walking foot.

If you decide to buy it, I'm sure you will enjoy it.  I bought mine 
secondhand as well.  I had just purchased a brand new 1080 a few weeks 
before the 1230 became available, and decided to upgrade mainly because of 
the knee lift.

Good luck and Happy Holidays!

Carol R
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 11:34:51 -0500
Subject: polartec fire (off topic)

I am reading the polartec flame with great interest. I think it very ironic
that they had the fire right when I started noticing all the posts about it.
We are talking about this fabric EVERYWHERE.

This also interests me for another reason. I am a construction engineer by
schooling, and a fire protection engineer by training. My husband is also a
fire protection engineer, but since I've been home for a decade, he of course
is a Professional Engineer, with a bunch of letters after his name. He is the
guy who goes to plants and makes sure (or at least attempts ) that when there
is a fire, it stays as small as possible, and the loss is minimized. He now
works directly for a large agricultural firm, but he and I used to work for
the insurance companies. Sometimes when you go to a plant (factory or other
commercial property) with a suggestion to decrease the risk of a major loss,
the insured wants to know why they should spend money to avoid a loss that
will be covered by insurance? The polartec mill is a good example of why you
should protect against a loss. They can buy Business Interuption Loss
Insurance, but I haven't a clue as to whether those people will be
compensated for lost wages...

Hopefully they will be back in production soon. I just bought a beautiful
remnant, and I am going to try my hand at a vest for my daughter.

one of the reasons that computer memory is so expensive is that the factory
that makes the glue that holds the chips together blew up. There was only one
factory in Japan at the time. I don't know if there are now more than one...

Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 11:49:50 -0500
Subject: Patchwork foot?

Since I have lots of needle position increments, and can set the needle 1/4"
away from the seams, is a patch work foot really worth buying? I do make 1/4"
seams often.

Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 12:04:17 -0500
Subject: Re: Polartec---dry clean?

Lois, I have a friend who worked in a rather expensive clothing store.  I
questioned why the all polyester garments all said "dry clean only".  Her
answer was so the manufacturer didn't have to stand behind it if it got
ruined in the wash.  I think that is assuming reasonable care wasn't used.
 Does that make any sense?  If I see dry clean on anything, it stayes in the
store.  Judy R
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 12:16:27 -0500
Subject: Re: But I did it , Etc.

>Hey Patches! Sorry to see you offended! :'(   Just to cheer you up, I'm gonna
>ask you to make free clothes for my kids!!  :D Let's see, Murrrphy Kitty
>takes a size 8 mos. in a Siamese (but he is growing fast, so make it
>roomy!!). And little Weeble Hawk takes a svelte size 12 mos. in African Grey
>(choose a sturdy material because that little parrot beak chews holes rather
>easily). Thanks! I am SOOOOOO glad I could help you out!!  ;)

hehehe, Sylvia,

don't you wish?.........sorry, making children's clothing is something I
would only do for the one above.......hehehe

Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 14:12:53 -0500
Subject: Re: Saying No

David T. - re your "screw-ups,"  I've always called mine "the mechanical
failure of the loose nut above the machine."  Only those paying attention
realize I'm talking about myself.  BTW, and completely off the subject, I
live in the rainy part of Oregon and we've been 'room hunters for many years
(even before it was cool).  This fall we found a wonderful crop of
chantrelles for the first time in a wooded pasture no longer used for cattle.
 Because we'd never seen them on this side of the hill before, I can only
surmise that the cattle ate them.  Have you any experience with this?  If so,
it's another reason to restrict somewhat cattle running in national forests.
Date: 14 Dec 95 15:03:58 EST
Subject: Re: Boys Overalls Size 10

Hi Nancy

I copied down the following information from the reply to your overalls
	Peggy Layton
	Designer Jeans Inc.
	P.O. Box 44
	Manit, Utah 84642
Whoever posted said she has an Oshkosh look-alike pattern, and also sells all
supplies necessary for making jeans, overalls, etc.  Sizes are 6 months through
adult, and don't be surprised if one of her large family answers the phone.

Date: 14 Dec 95 15:03:59 EST
Subject: Re: Knee Lifts &Foot Control

Hi J 

Don't know what model of Bernina you have, but just wanted to point out that the
knee lift raises and lowers the presser foot, not the needle.  I have gotten out
of the habit of rotating the wheel to raise or lower the needle, because on my
1230 I can just tap my heel on the foot control to do this -- much faster, and
it positions the needle perfectly at either the highest or lowest position.
This is one feature I would hate to live without now that I am so spoiled by it.
I'm not sure which model this feature of the foot control starts with -- perhaps
the 1090?  I have run into a Bernina owner who didn't know she had this feature
until I showed her how it worked.

Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 10:52:32 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: Polartec---dry clean?

Hmmm...I used to work in a finer fabrics store, and many polyesters came 
in saying "dry clean only" on the bolt.  The manufacturers are only 
covering themselves in case the consumer does something dumb;-).  I 
wouldn't worry about washing polar fleece, though.  Just wash in cold 
water, and use a milder heat when drying.  It should come out fine. 
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 10:33:23 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: Sunbrand Phone #

Sounds like you need system 130/705H...That's what many household sewing 
machines take.  Hope this helps.
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 16:51:00 -0500
Subject: Re: Sew Beautiful Again

The Subscriber Assistance address and number for Sew Beautiful is
Sew Beautiful, Subscription Dept
518 Madison St
Huntsville, AL 35801-4286

The Canadian cost for one year (6 issues) is $39 US dollars

I've never posted before, so hope this works.
Karen G
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 19:01:34 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Removing pencil marks - help!

I recently learned to use hairspray (yup) on fabric to release pencil 
lines.  Don't know why it works, but it sure does.  Whitee Rain bailed me 
out of a big jam.  Spray it on, wash out.  

Beverly S
Subject: Re: Malden Mill Fire 
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 95 19:29:13 -0500

Ah... It's hard to know how much national coverage the story is
getting, especially if you've been working late at the office every
night (like now) and not getting to see much tv.

Here is the latest news.  This afternoon the president of Malden Mills
had a meeting with Malden Mills employees.  They will be paid for another
month and are guaranteed their health benefits for 90 days.  Malden
Mills will re-open for very limited operations in early 1996.  They
do plan to rebuild but until that is complete (no date) they will be
contracting out much of the work.  

Malden Mills has had a reputation as being an excellent employer,
paying higher wages than many other businesses in the area and earning
strong employee loyalty.

So the good news is that Malden Mills and various levels of government
have been able to do a lot to help the employees for the immediate
future, while they look for other work.  I would assume that current
Malden Mills employees would have first crack at getting their jobs
back as the plant is rebuilt.  And for those of us who like to sew and
wear PolarTec, it will continue to be available, though it may be in
short supply for a bit.

Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 20:27:14 -0500
Subject: Re: Sew Beautiful Again

I think the number you are looking for is : 205-533-9586.
Date: 14 Dec 95 23:07:56 EST
Subject: Re: Sew Beautiful address &phone

I just copied this information off the Sew Beautiful at the newstand tonight:
	Sew Beautiful Subscription Dept.
	518 Madison Street
	Huntsville, AL 35801-4286
Canadian subscriptions are $39 (I don't know how many issues) for one year.
Their phone # is (205)533-9586.  US subscriptions are $29.95, but some states
also have sales tax added to that.

Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 23:42:35 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Polartec fire (off topic)

At 08:11 PM 12/14/95 -0500, you wrote:

>should protect against a loss. They can buy Business Interuption Loss
>Insurance, but I haven't a clue as to whether those people will be
>compensated for lost wages...

The news here the day after the fire had Malden Mills state that all workers
had been paid their wages plus their Christmas bonuses.

Our business sustained a major fire 2 years ago. Luckily, it was a building
that didn't interrupt our business, and happened very early AM when nobody
was in that particular building. We were also very fortunate that many of
our employees are volunteer firemen (we encourage), and hopped right on it
and kept it from spreading to other more valuable buildings. We did have
business interruption Insurance and still do, but we really re-evaluated the
what-ifs. We set up a 'fund' to equal 1 months pay for all employees if a
major disaster like Malden Mills occurred to us. Costly, but made us feel a
little better...the workers at Malden Mills would also, BTW, be entitled to
Unemployment Compensation, I believe. Not great gobs of money, but better
than nothing, I guess. 

To keep on topic (G), I did go out this week and snatch up some PFleece just
incase there was a shortage (VBG!) Gotta make some more robes and pullovers!

Date: Sat, 16 Dec 95 12:27:45 -0500
Subject: Bernina Digest 12/15/95

Yes there is a "1630 library".  There are five sections:  Features &
Functions, Attachments &Accessories, Stitches &Motifs, Stitch Designer,
Directional Stitching.  New inserts were published once a month through this
year.  My dealer said they were not continuing it next year, but were going
to do the same thing for sergers.  There is a lot of information but it is
expensive.  My dealer sold them at 10.00 an insert.  I bought mine at club
where we get 20% discount, but it is still expensive.

Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 00:33:33 -0500
Subject: Re: Circular Embroidery Attachment

This is from Jan in Orlando.  Complaining about the weather?  We had an
enormous amount of rain this summer and fall.  We live on a small dirt road
and everytime we have a Christmas party, it always seems to rain.  In front
of our house is the lowest part of the street and a few years ago they put
clay down.  There is no way for the dirt road to absorb the water so it sits
there and gets deeper and deeper especially when it comes down in buckets.  I
do love Florida.  My husband is a native Floridian.  I grew up in Syracuse
and do not miss the cold weather.  Promise you I'm not complaining about the
weather just praying it wouldn't rain for our open house.  and if wonders
never cease, it didn't.

Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 00:40:45 -0500
Subject: Re: Yo-yo's and Narroe hemmer foot

If you have a circular attachment for the 1230 you can use that for yoyo's
but also try using your serger.  Cut out your circle and serge over a cord
using a cording foot.  Make them super fast.
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 01:01:07 -0500
Subject: Re: Narrow hemmer

I believe hemmer foot #69 is for more rounded hemming.

Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 01:11:19 -0500
Subject: Re: Patchwork foot?

Well, it might not be necessary but you will love it.  I use mine all the
time.  One of my favorite foots.

Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 01:09:28 -0500
Subject: Re: New 1630 brochure

I bought the ruffler for the 1630.  It works so much better than the one I
have for the 1130.  I don't know why.  It's a judgement call on getting feet
for the 1630.  They are designed to be used for the wider stitches.  If
you're going to utilize them, you will probably want the correct feet.  My
dealer just announced that they now have the straight stitch needle plate in
so that you can sew on the 1630 and get a more accurate  straight stitch.
 Knowing how many needles I'd be likely to break I'll just stick to sewing on
my 1130 straight stitching if I find the stitch does not look good.

Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 17:49:27 -0500
Subject: Re: But I did it , Etc.


PBS may have canceled the sewing shows but try WLRN.  (Ironically enough it
is chanel 2 on my cable box)  From 10:30 to 12:30 on Sat mornings.  I know
they do Sew Many Quilts and Martha's Sewing Room, and a couple others.  

I don't know where in S. Fl you are .... I'm in Hollywood and I think WLRN is
Channel 17??? Locally.  Hope this helps.\

Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 08:43:46 -0500
Subject: "somebody" Fleming on Sewing for Today

The woman on Sewing for Today is Nancy Fleming and she is a former Miss
America. Her talent event was a fashion show of clothes that she had made.

Just trying to clear things up at bit - Francyne
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 09:07:29 EST
Subject: Re: New 1630 brochure

I have all except two of the feet you listed.  I used them on an 1130 and
now a 1530.  The are not new 1630 feet.

Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 09:19:08 EST
Subject: Re: Polartec/Malden Mills


>>  Their finished fabrics were not involved, nor was the 
>>  polartec/polar fleece manufacturing. 

Thanks for the wonderful news!!!

Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 09:06:18 -0600
Subject: Re: Sew Beautiful Again

This message is for Susan Grandfield in Canada and for anyone else who
would like to have this phone number.  I happen to have my new copy of
Sew Beautiful with me at work today.  The number for Subscriber Assistance
is 205/533-9586.  Hope this helps you.


Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 10:13:37 -0500
Subject: Re: Patchwork foot?

Sylvia, Yes, I would recommend the #37 foot for quilting.  Not only does it
make an accurate 1/4" seam when you use the right edge as a guide, but there
are two 1/4" lines across the toes of the foot which greatly aid in guaging
when to turn a corner, or stop the line of stitching at the seam line when
making set in corners.  It is an open-toe foot, which makes it easy to see
where you are stitching when doing machine applique.  All in all, I use it
85% of the time when sewing, even for garment making.

Nancy L
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 10:13:41 -0500
Subject: Re: Polartec--dry clean??

Lois and Judy,  I've wondered about the "dry clean only" tags on so many
garments.  I've bought Geiger boiled wool jackets in the US and all of them
were dry clean only.  When my husband's company sent him to Germany, and he
asked if there were anything I wanted (besides a BMW), I asked for a Geiger
jacket.  Its label says "Handwasche" with a symbol for cold water.  I now
wash them all, gently, in cold water with Mane and Tail horse shampoo, the
same thing I use on my quilts.  Main and Tail and Orvus are similar
compounds, M&T's just cheaper from a feed and seed store.

Also, I used polartec as a lining in a "bog jacket"  a couple of years ago.
 It's such a favorite garment that it gets washed often and always comes out
great.  Just gets more snuggley feeling.
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 11:33:51 -0500
Subject: Re: Up-grading


Where I purchased my Bernina, they let you trade-in the feet from your
previous model.  For example, I recently up-graded from a 1530 to a 1630.
 When I purchased my 1530 I also purchased a walking foot for it; I believe
it cost around $68.  When I up-graded to the 1630, I brought my 1530 walking
foot in with the machine and they gave me $38.00 for it (it's better than

Also, look for promotion sales.  Where I purchased mine, they were having a
promotion and I received a "free" walking foot for my 1630.  So, I got the
1630 walking foot for free plus $38.00 for my 1530 foot.  

I loved my 1530 and wasn't sure about up-grading but now that I did, I am
very glad I did it.  So my advice is look for a good deal and GO FOR IT!

Linda M
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 95 11:36:44 EST
Subject: NQ:  Quilter Husband's Lament

I belong to another quilting group on the internet.  This was on it today.  I 
thought you all would get a kick out of it!

I"ve always known that life was full of obstacles and woes. 
I"ve learned to live with sickness, death, taxes, heaven knows. 
I"ve taken all these things ln stride, the problems and strife, 
But one I didn't count on was a Quilter for a wife.
Come home from work, the stove is cold, the dirty clothes still there, 
The suit I wanted cleaned today, still laying on the chair.
"Where's Mama, son?" I asked my boy, "This house is such a mess. 
Why, all the sheets are missing, we've been burglarized I guess." 
"No, Mama stripped down all the beds and took the sheets away. 
She cut them into little strips and pieced two quilts today."
Why every pair of pants I own is cut in little squares. 
'I'm demonstrating applique', my lovely wife declares.
I show up in the office in my boxer shorts and tie. 
My secretary giggles and the clerks give me the eye.
It's freezing cold, I'm shaking and my knees are turning blue. 
My boss considered firing me, but his wife's a quilter too.
I told him what happened and he said he could believe, 
I noticed that the coat he wore had only half a sleeve.
A husband needs a loving wife to help him when he's ill,
To soothe and comfort, mop his brow and help him take his pills. 
Should influenza strike you, your life's not worth a dime, 
Particularly if it hits at Quilt Convention time.
You'll lay there in an empty house in pain and deep dispair
While the workshops and the lectures keep your wife's attention there. 
You learn to ask no questions when she smiles and drives away
Rushing to the Fabric Shop for a big sale there today.
She's gone for hours, then drags back home all bleary eyed and down, 
Now who'd believe a lie like that?  She must be running round.
But I"ll get by, I always do, somedays are fine, some not. 
When your wife's a Quilter you tolerate a lot.
I know that when my life is through and I pass away 
They'll have to set my funeral so it's not a Quilting Day.
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 13:17:58 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Overalls

	In my pattern stash I have a New Look pattern 6374 which has a 
jumper similar to the Oshkosh overall.  There are also long and short 
overalls in this pattern.  The sizes range from 2 to 7.
	Perhaps this might be a good substitute.
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 12:40:43 GMT
Subject: Re: Sew Beautiful Again

At 08:37 PM 12/13/95 -0500, you wrote:
> I have had my name down at a local store here for about three 
>months awaiting this magazine.
>I was rather disappointed to find that the 1-800 posted here does
>not work from Canada.
>Any additional info on this magazine would be greatly appreciated!
>from outside Ottawa, Canada where we now have about 6 foot snowbanks  

To the person from outside Ottawa (Susan???):
        Sorry, I'm a 2 week 'Net newbie, so I'm not sure I found your name
in the address info you sent.  I live south of Ottawa, and I'm about to do
the *unthinkable*.  Send you shopping to the States!  I get my Sew Beautiful
at Jo-Ann's in Ogdensburg.  They just started getting them in two issues
ago.  I decided not to get a subscription because, as a Canuck, it was
cheaper to go over and get them myself since I'm so close.
        If you'd like to subscibe, however, it says you will get 6
issues/yr. at $39 US.  Their address is:
        Sew Beautiful, Subscription Dept.,
          518 Madison St., Huntsville, AL
        Phone: (205) 533-9586.

    :-) Lynda
Subject: Malden Mills Fire
Date: 15 Dec 1995 18:46:04 GMT

Just wanted to set some things straight...... While the Malden Mills fire was
devastating in many senses of the word, TO DATE:  there have been NO
fatalities!!  This morning's (12/15/95) Boston Globe states 12 people remain
hospitalized - 8 of which are still critical.  Also, it states manufacturing
of Polartec should resume by January 2 and in 90 days become 100%
operational.  This does sound like a tall order but there are plans in motion
to rebuild with NO thought of closing or moving out of the state.  The owner
claims too many of his employees are too well trained to start over
elsewhere.  His interviews on local TV sound sincere and astute and Mr.
Feuerstein, (the owner-before that his father and grandfather I believe), a
man in his 70's is held in VERY high regard with his employees.  He has
promised them their full salaries for 30 days and their full medical coverage
will be paid for 90 days.  There is a lot of money being funded into the area
from state and private sources to help these people now without jobs and of
course, the Red Cross and other funds have been set up to receive donations. 
I don't mean to say that this isn't still a tragedy to a large amount of
people, I'm just pleased to know that the problem is recognized and attempts
made to alleviate some of the suffering.   


  Just feel kinda like a "soul-mate" as I spent my first 19 years in St.
Albans (hung around UVM a lot!) but even 'tho I have lived in Boston (my
birthplace) now for 30+ years I still think of Vermont as "home" !!.  Just
had my SiL and 15 yr. old niece visiting from Strafford.

Hi Sylvia:

  If I weren't headed for So. Florida in two weeks myself I'd be saying SHUT
UP already about " Thank God - we just had a cool front come thru !!!!!!! " 
Don't you know that makes us northerners NUTS!!!!
Don't know exactly where you are "hiding out" but I will be in Siesta Bay
Motorhome Park - Ft. Myers for the months of Jan-Feb then maybe Sarasota area
for March.  Want to get together?  Are there any good quilt shops in the Ft.
Myers area?  My "Bible" doesn't list much except for a great one in Winter
Haven.  Hubby is good but won't want to drive a hundred miles for me to buy
MORE? fabric!!  All that time we could be playing golf!!

Good Holidays y'all !

Dennie S
Subject: Re: Patchwork foot? 
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 95 12:39:42 PST

I think the patchwork foot is great.  It is easy to sew 1/4" seams because
the edge of the foot is exactly 1/4" from the needle.  And the edge has
marks every 1/4"--when you're coming to a corner you know exactly where to
stop and turn the material.  I bought it about 6 months ago and use it *a
lot*.  Anytime I'm doing 1/4" seams (quilts, and some clothes), it comes
in handy.

The only drawback is forgetting that it can't do zigzag because the needle
opening is small.  So I have broken a needle or two that way!
Date: 15 Dec 95 15:54:26 EST
Subject: Malden Mills

On the news last night it was announced that the owner of Malden Mills would be 
paying the full salary of every textile worker for the next 30 days, and hopes 
to have a good portion of the mill up and running again by then.
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 16:13:45 -0500
Subject: Re: cut and sew attachment

I thought the cut and sew attachment was for use when doing french seams --
you didn't have to trim the seam as a separate step it did it while you were
sewing.  Your so lucky to have that attachment,  I would love to have it but
believe the dealer quoted a price of $80 - 90.  Way beyond my willingness to
spend, maybe some day when I feel extravagant and the dealer is having a 20%
off sale.  Or some one wants to sell theirs.
Subject: Re: But I did it
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 95 16:26:20 EST

> Take it as a compliment anyway. I must admit that I get a kick out of
> hearing, "You MADE this? YOU made this??!!" from non-sewers - it seems they
> can't see the little flaws that I do!
> Sylvia 

I *love* hearing those words!  I go out of my way to get the details 
right, I made my husband a baseball-style jacket with ribbing at the 
waist(modified Burda pattern).  I couldn't find the right weight of black 
ribbing so I knit it myself out of a really nice superwash wool.  He loves 
to wear it and when people complement him on his jacket he is quick to 
point out that I made it for him, they ohh and ahh and he tells me about 
it when he gets home.
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 19:18:19 -0500
Subject: Re: 1530

It isn't a matter of disliking my 1530.  Everything I did on the 1230, I do
with the 1530.  I just don't find myself using the features I thought I
would.  For example, I knew the ability to see the letters, etc. before
stitching would be wonderful.  Truth is, I just don't use the alphabet.  I
feel I spent an couple of hundred bucks that could have been used on
something else (like fabric - as if I needed more) VBG  I am a quilter, do no
dressmaking anymore. Judy
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 23:55:30 -0500
Subject: Sewing for others

Like many of you, I have been asked to sew for someone when they found out I
had made an item I was wearing or had given to someone as a gift.  My
response has always been, "I will teach you how to do it if you would like."
 If they persist in asking me to make the item, I tell them that only God can
afford my rates and quote a price that I am sure they will not accept.  It is
a rate that I have figured by taking the cost of the materials and doubling
it and adding minimum wage for the hours it would take to make the item.
 That has stopped everyone I didn't want to sew for.  I do occasionaly make
exceptions in special situations.  But then, I have usually volunteered to do
it without being asked.  A friend just had her house burn last Saturday
morning.  She is in our square dance club and all of her outfits were ruined.
 At our dance tonight, I volunteered to make her some new skirts and blouses
after the first of the year.  She is special and If I can help her get over
her loss in that way, it is worth it.  

Happy Holidays to All, Barbara
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 17:14:39 -0500
Subject: Re: Patchwork foot?

>Since I have lots of needle position increments, and can set the needle 1/4"
>away from the seams, is a patch work foot really worth buying? I do make 1/4"
>seams often.


if your getting a 1/4" seam with no frustration, don't waste your money, but
should you ever want a 1/8" seam allowance (like what they use for
miniatures)then  you will need the foot.

Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 17:14:44 -0500
Subject: Re: Marking Notches

>>> I snip in the seam allowance to mark my notches but I read about how that
>weakens the seam <<
>Sorry, I just don't believe that. I have been making my clothes this way for


I'm with you, I have been cutting inside for years as well, and never had
clothes weaken because of that notch.......even with the serger running over it.

Patches  who still cuts notches inside.
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 17:14:47 -0500
Subject: Re: Sewing machines


Gee, I'm sorry to hear of the troubles with your back, and while I don't
know the situation for you current sewing conditions, I still am having a
hard time with the knee lift causing your takes so little

could it have been your chair, were you sewing with an angle on your back,
bending while you sew......I am surprised hope you are able to fix the
problem and use your knee lift.

Date: Sat, 16 Dec 1995 02:56:07 -0500
Subject: 1/4 inch foot

>Since I have lots of needle position increments, and can set the needle 1/4"
away from the seams, is a patch work foot really worth buying? I do make 1/4"
seams often.

I think so. At first I wondered  the same thing, but I have found several
differences. First, the 1/4inch foot has a forward and backward slot, instead
of a zig zag slot, so it gives you the stability that a single stich foot
does. I use it with my straight stitch plate to provide precise stitches when

Secondly, the 1/4 inch foot has notches both 1/4 ahead and behind the needle.
So you can use this as guage when you need to stop exactly 1/4 inch away from
the edge, for example when you are mitering bindings. 

Also, once in a while, I can save time by alternating sewing things using the
right edge of the foot, and sometimes the left.

What I would really like, is a 1/4 foot like the New Home foot, is has a
blade on the right, so you can lean the fabric up to it, just like on the #10
foot, except the #10 foot won't let you get 1/4 inch away, even on a 1630. I
have been told you can use the NewHome foot on the Bernina if you use the
adaptor. I saw the NewHome foot today for $10. 

Regarding the Malden Mills, I think we are obligated by a patriotic duty to
support the policies of the owner by buying all the PolarTec we can get our
hands on. At least that is the excuse I am going to use....

Date: Sat, 16 Dec 1995 07:38:30 EST
Subject: Re: Sew Beautiful Again

Sew Beautiful #-1-800-547-4176
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 1995 05:48:44 -0800
Subject: Computer Pooh

Please do not ask for any more copies of the scanned Pooh pattern.  Due 
to copyright laws I do not know if it is okay to send out or not.  I 
have wiped the pattern off the computer and will not be putting it back 
on.  I would suggest any who have copies do the same.  The best I can 
determine it was copiedrighted in 1965.  The law is unclear if it is 
still covered or not so I do not want to take a chance.  thank you  
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 1995 10:16:57 -0500
Subject: Christmas heat &sewing

I am sorry if my wishes for a cooler winter offened someone, but I don't
understand why a person in a cold weather state thinks that people who suffer
under relentless heat and humidity during the majority of the year shouldn't
complain when it doesn't end. I am from the North - I know that it is
SUPPOSED to be cold there in winter, and how gorgeous it is the rest of the
year. Here we have just a few months respite from the heat &humidity that
starst in November (about the time hurricane season tapers off), but as of
December 16, it is STILL hot &humid. Imagine trying to prepare for the 4th
of July with snow and bitter cold still raging outside! 
   I am supposed to be cooking for a big Christmas party tomorrow and making
my Christmas vest. I am not inclined to do either. As I hear the A/C running,
my little brain calculates the continuation of high electric bills, and I
long for the cool, fresh, outside air I should be enjoying now.
    Although I have lived in the South for years, I still love the look of
layered clothing - vests, sweaters, jackets and the feel of winter material.
And I just don't look good in shorts. There is a lot to be said for living
here, but the best part (for me) is the stretch of "spring" weather that
allows us to wear our winter styles. And I miss having it this year.

Subject: Re: Polartec/Malden Mills  
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 95 10:40:43 -0500

Here is the latest as of this morning.  Limited manufacturing of
PolarTec will begin again by next Friday.  

Also, I have finally heard of a community fund that is accepting
donations to help the mill workers.  It is the Merrimac Chamber of
Commerce.  (The Merrimac River is the basis of the water power that
ran the area's mills when they were first built more than 100 years
ago.)  I don't know if they are accepting donations from individuals,
but the Boston public radio station (WBUR) said that they have
collected $50,000 so far and will be giving whatever they collect to
Malden Mills so the company can figure out the best way to help the
workers.  I think they are aiming to do this at the end of next week,
in time for the holidays.

I don't know how to contact the Merrimac Chamber of Commerce, but
guess that it is probably in Lawrence or Lowell (or maybe Methuen?
less likely).  A call to 508-555-1212 ought to work for finding their
phone number.

Debbie D
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 1995 11:47:35 -0500
Subject: Placemats

I have been given a set of 6 placemats from a friend, I think because she
didn't really like them and I know she thinks I can do something with them.
They are excellent quality, oval shaped....but bright yellow! Now yellow is a
very nice color but my main colors are country blue and mauve. 
I would appreciate some ideas on how to embellish these placemats so I can
use them!
Or maybe change the color.......?
Thanks for any ideas or solutions you may send my way.
Date: 16 Dec 95 12:12:24 EST
Subject: Re: Real PolarTec

Hi Myra

I'm not sure if you're asking about the difference between polar fleece and
PolarTec, or between woven fleece and polar fleece.  I believe PolarTec is one
brand of polar fleece.  Polar fleece differs from woven fleece in that polar
fleece is a knit and has a lot of stretch, especially along the crossgrain.  I
have seen polar fleece at JoAnn Fabrics here; if what you saw stretches, it's
polar fleece.  Polar fleece comes in different weights or thicknesses -- chamois
is thin (PolarTec 100M?), very similar in weight to woven fleece, but of course
stretches.  It drapes beautifully for robes.  Thick polar fleece is warmer, I
believe, and what is used for jackets, etc.

Now I have a question.  I always buy polar fleece that has a nice soft nap on
both sides.  However, I have seen grouped with this kind of polar fleece
something that looks similar but has nap on only one side.  Is this polar fleece
too?  Does it have any special uses?  It just doesn't seem as nice to me as the
stuff with nap on both sides.

Date: 16 Dec 95 12:12:26 EST
Subject: Re: Patchwork foot?

I know many people swear by their patchwork foot, but I bought one and never use
it.  For one thing, it doesn't give me the "scant" 1/4" I want for quilting
seams.  For another, it doesn't entirely cover the feed dogs (for obvious
reasons).  The one thing it *does* have is indentenations 1/4" ahead and behind
the needle so, for instance, it's easy to stop exactly 1/4" before the edge when
attaching quilt binding.  (Me, I just measure with a small ruler every time, but
what I should do is make a nail polish marking on my foot.)

For regular sewing with 1/4" seams, I prefer a #0 or #1 foot with the needle
position set one place to the right, as then the fabric covers the feed dogs.  I
do the same for strip piecing, except I add a stick-on ruler (against which I
can butt the strip edges) which I position by placing it as close to the foot as
possible.  With this method I can whip out even 1/4" seams on long strips of
fabric very quickly, and I seem to get the "scant" 1/4" seam I'm looking for.
The big trick, of course, is remembering to set the needle position!  Hate to
say how many times I've had to unsew because I sat down and started in a

BTW, I will consider offers on my patchwork foot (#37).  Just email me!

Date: Sat, 16 Dec 1995 12:38:31 EST
Subject: Re: New 1630 brochure

      Robbi, The feet you listed are not new 1630 feet.  I have all except
two that I used on an 1130 and now on my 1530.

Date: Sat, 16 Dec 1995 11:15:00 -0700
Subject: Re: Sewing for Others

  She is in our square dance club and all of her outfits were ruined.
> At our dance tonight, I volunteered to make her some new skirts and blouses
>after the first of the year.  She is special and If I can help her get over

Thanks for sharing Barbara.  I make a lot of square dance clothes too and
just wondered if you use a special pattern (ever noticed that there are not
a lot of them) or if you adapt your own.
"I only play on days that end in a Y"
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 1995 14:10:17 -0500
Subject: Re: sewing shows

PBS stations all have different programming. My favorite was WYIN in northern
Indiana which not only has sewing and quilting shows 6 days a week but also
carries Michigan and Indiana basketball (I know most of you are not impressed
by the last one, but I ADORE basketball). This PBS channel was carried by my
cable company up until December 11th when it dropped that channel in favor of
the cartoon channel and some others which I don't want to watch. Yes, I
protested, but to no avail. We still have two PBS channels included but they
only have a tiny number of sewing programs. And, by the way, each cable
company numbers channels any way they want, so they are different for each
one, as are the programs they carry. So I envy all of you out there whose
cable companies are carrying all that good stuff, and also those who have the
Home and Garden Channel and the Learning Channel, both of which I understand
have good needlework programs.

Mary M
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 1995 16:15:10 -0500
Subject: Re: Marking Notches

I am with you, it has never weakened my seams and I have been nipping inward
for 25+ years.  When you grade the seams you cut off the nip anyway.
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 1995 16:15:13 -0500
Subject: Re: Real Polartec

I have gotten some really great Polartec in prints and solids. the price is
usually 17 to 19 per yd.  dollars that is.  I have seen some for much higher.
 The price from Rainshed is much higher around 29 to 39 dollars per yd.  I
have not seen that fabric.  The polartec I use washes great no pilling.  I
have bought some on the low end, very difficult to sew and too light weight.
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 1995 16:37:47 -0500
Subject: Re: Rotary Cutters

I cut across the notches and then go back with my rotary cutter and press
down at the notches, which makes a little nick into the fabric.  I'll add the
standard warning about not cutting more deeply than the seam allowance, but
I've never come even close to that deep a cut.

Also, I am VERY ENTHUSIASTIC about my pinking wheel for my Olfa cutter.  I
bought it for decorative cutting on polarfleece, but I have  found that it is
great to use for regular pinking (as seam finishing).  Fast, and I don't have
to hack through the fabric if it has some synthetic in it.
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 1995 17:03:09 -0500
Subject: Re: Marking Notches

I agree with the "hogwash" response to cutting notches in and weakening the
seam.  I trim my seams anyway, and almost always cut off all the notches.
 ALSO, if you cut the notch by pressing down with the rotary cutter you don't
have to move the fabric and pattern that are on the cutting mat.
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 1995 18:31:47 -0500
Subject: Madeira thread

I had heard good things about this thread and company. I got the phone number
from one of the posts here and called. After some transferring, finally got a
woman on the phone who seemed annoyed that I had called. I had wanted a
brochure and some samples to check out the thread. She distractedly took my
name and address and said they'd send brochure and samples. That was over two
months ago and as of yet I have just received the brochure. My question to
you folks who've used many of the threads before is: Is this thread much
different in quality/ ease of use than say Mettler or Gutterman thread? I can
find the latter locally but would have to go through company to order
Madiera. Comments? thoughts?
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 1995 14:08:54 -0800
Subject: Florida Quilt Shop

Hi Dennie:

Lived in Hobe Sound for 4 years but didn't quilt much during that peiod.
But after moving up to Aiken, SC found a really fantastic quilt shop in
Orange Park, FL  called the Calico Station, Faye and her gals always have a
store full of wonderful displays and beautiful fabrics.  Another fantastic
stop as you head south depending on your route is the Sewing Gallery in
Augusta, GA.  more big quilts on the wall than any other shop I've ever been
to and over 4000 bolts of fabrics and everything else to make a customer
drool  tell Susan and her staff "Hey" from Sally.  If you need addresses or
phone numbers drop me a note but I think they are both on the WWW Quilting
Page under shops. 

Have a nice warm winter.....Sally
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 1995 17:34:20 -0800
Subject: Micellanous Thoughts and Comments

Hello all,

Another lurker coming into the fold.  Actually, not a lurker per se, but have
been subscribing for about 6 weeks, and haven't had time to read all of the
postingss (thank god for Mail Courier and Automatic Assistant - all of the
mail gets downloaded and filed in folders I specify).

My name isCheryle and I live in Silicon Valley (where the wind and rain have
died down, fortunately).  I have been sewing for at least 25 of my 35 years.
 In the last few years, I have done mostly garment sewing for myself.  I have
found a guru of a teacher and now actually make things that FIT and LOOK
GOOD!  This sewing teacher is Gale Grigg Hazen - she owns the Sewing Place in
Saratoga.  The phone number is 408-252-8444.  Get a class schedule and if you
can get to the SF Bay Area, take here 4 day Fit Intensive.  It is worth every

I)  I want to join the challenge too!  (Please let me know if you need 1630
stitching charts).

2)  I own a 1630, and have for about 2.5 years.  Yes, people who don't sew
give me grief about how much I spent, but then I look at their exspensive
cars, and ask then why they didn't buy a Yugo.  Gets the point across!

3)  My 1630 is in the shop right now.  I took it in 6 weeks ago for a tune
up, and it came back worse than I sent it in.  I took it back again, after
making such a stink that I think melted some phone lines.  They gave me a
loaner (1260) to shut me up, but my machine is still at the shop and there is
no news on its return or if it is going to make a trip to Illinois.  BTW --
some of the original 1630's were recalled for a "beveled gear" problem. If
your machine skips stitches or won't hold it's tension correctly, talk to
your local Bernina dealer.

4)  After using the 1260 for the last couple of weeks, I would do my purchase
differently.  I would go for the 1260, and take the remaining money and buy
an embroidery machine.  Don't know what kind.  (BTW - Brother makes Bernina's
Deco macine.)

5)  Since the Malden Mills burned down, the price of real Polar Tec may get
dear.  I have some scraps leftover that I am going to make patchwork booties
from.  I found a very cute pattern called Bonza Booties, published by
Timberlane Press, 626 Timber Lane, Coeur d'Alene, ID  83814, 208 - 765-3353.

6)  I have gone to the Sewing and Stitchery Expo in Puyallup WA for the last
two years and have just booked my airline reservations for  this year.  This
show is the best for garment sewers (I have never been to the  Houston or
Paducah Quilt show, so I can't compare.)

7)  Yes, I would like the pattern for Pooh, if it is a stuffed animal.  How
do I get this?

8)  As for sewing for others, I am very picky about whom I sew for.  I sew
for DH because he LOVES whatever I make him (even the shirt made out of a
fish print, but the fish are upside down -- I was too tired to have been
laying out and cutting out a pattern that night!)  I sew for the little girls
of a friend of mine.  I charge her materials and some labor.  I do only
special occasion stuff (Easter, Xmas, etc).  I do it for her because she
gives me enough lead time, and just can't say enough nice things about what I
make (yes, I eat up the compliments).

9)  There is another newsgroup that is fabulous if you are into wearable art.
 The submission address for the weekly digest version is:

10)  Sue, you are wonderful for doing all of the admin on this list -- after
reading 6 weeks worth of submissions (somewhere above the 600 mark), I am
truly impressed at how much work this takes.  Like others, I too am sorry to
hear of your loss.  Please give yourself time and permission to grieve -- it
was still your child.  Hope you are doing better physically.


Date: Sat, 16 Dec 1995 21:29:00 -0500
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest 12/5/95

Kay--I didn't get any looper threaders with my serger, so I went to the drug
store and bought dental flossers. They come in a package of about 20, are
blue plastic loops. They work neat and are so cheap, I handed them out in a
serger class. Work great.

Ever feel like saying Duh, I'm stupid? Never thought to try  running the
pedal with the left foot! Never thought to keep a foot chart next to the
puter! Duh!

Dorothy---yes, you can make your own wire edged ribbon. Set the surger for
narrow rolled edge, carefully feed jewelry making wire along the right side
of the fabric strip, and that's "all" there is to it. I find it best to drop
the knife, if possible, to prevent knicking the wire or the knife.

On the subject of pattern weights---around here, we go to the nearest
hardware store and buy large round metal washers. Sometimes you have to look
at a few different stores to get them large enough.

I'm off to Orlando tomorrow; will miss my daily Bernie chats! The DH is
taking along the notebook puter--maybe I can sneak in? 

Date: Sat, 16 Dec 1995 22:58:41 -0600
Subject: Pfaff Lurker, Please Don't Shoot

My primary machine is a Pfaff 7550, but last spring I FINALLY found a used
Bernina.  They are like gold; I don't think anyone around here ever gives
them up.  Anyway, someone in this group wondered how many models back the
Bernina had the  feature of tapping the back pedal to raise or lower the
needle.  My 1030 does that; it's a mechanical model.

At Sewing Guild last month a dealer demoed what I thought was a Viking --
with a knee lift.  She claimed the patent has run out for Bernina.  (But I
know the Viking will never be the QUALITY machine that a Bernina is.)

Thanks for the tip on using the left foot for the pedal.  I had trouble with
thread jumping out of tension guide, until I realized that I was lightly
resting my right knee on the knee lift.  But it took your List to give me
the sew-left tip.  Now I have to re-educate my left foot on the Pfaff too,
or I will really be confused.  8-)      
Eileen O
Stitch on Air, and anything else you can get your hands on!

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