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August 95

Sunday, August 20 - Saturday, August 26

Date: Sun, 20 Aug 1995 05:31:02 -0500
Subject: Re: Third Party Bernina Books

> Do you know where I might obtain Mary Lou Nall's books? 

Just coming out of lurk mode for a moment....Petchy, look in Clotilde.  They 

have...last I saw...most if not ALL of MLN's books.

Patti...going back in :)
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 1995 13:40:27 -0400
Subject: Re:threads

Does anyone know the address to subscribe to Threads magazine.

Thank you. 
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 95 22:30:00 UTC
Subject: What's your called??

Mine is Beethoven?  after my favorite music of course
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 95 22:48:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Threads

The address is The Taunton Press
               63 South Main Street
               Newton, CT  06470-9976
Does this help you out?
Their sub rate is 6 issues for $24.
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 1995 21:27:38 -0400
Subject: Re: Threads

Just happen to have the latest issue of Threads right next to the computer.
The address is:  Threads; 63 South Main Street, PO Box 5507, Newtown, CT
06470-9875.  Cost is $28 for 1 year (6 issues).  The Sept. issue has a nice
review of Debra Wagner's book "Striplate Piecing."  Hope you enjoy it.

Date: Sun, 20 Aug 1995 20:35:30 MST
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest 8/16/95

Hi Harriet...hope you are feeling better....just picked up the magazine with
the article about you...twas great to show your picture to DH and say
see...I 'know' someone famous!  Anyway, take  care of yourself.
Subject: Mary Lou Nall's books???
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 95 23:18:45 PDT

Hi Everyone;

Does anyone know if any of the Mary Lou Nall's books address the 
Bernina 1530?
Jean P
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 1995 08:47:10 EDT
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest 8/16/95

Hi Sanda, ...which magazine did you just pick up?

Lorna Sue Sew
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 1995 08:44:18 EDT
Subject: Re: Threads

Jodi, I believe the city name is Newtown not Newton.
The zip code is correct though, so it would probably
get there anyway.

Lorna Sue Sew
Date:         Mon, 21 Aug 95 09:27:08 EDT
Subject:      Re: Bernina Digest 8/20/95

In today's Bernina Digest, mention is made of a magazine article featuring
Harriet Hargrave.  Which magazine (title and date/issue)?  I feel as if I've
come late to the party and have only recently "met" Harriet but I'd like to
learn more.  Please direct me to this article...

ate: Mon, 21 Aug 1995 09:10:15 -0500
Subject: Mary Lou Nall Books for Bernina

It's just me again :).  There are SIX books by MLN for ordering in Clothilde 

(I'm not affiliated...just have her catalog).  For any one who is 

interested....They are
 1) Cut ups and Cut with cutwork, mitered hems, eyelets.
 2) Heirloom sewing with entredeaux, lace applications, puffing 

and piping
 3) Heirloom sewing for the 1630
 4) Foot Book to use your machine feet
 5) Foot Book II...Continuation of first book...says NO duplication
 6) Just Needling..Creative uses for double, triple and wing needles.  Says 

for Bernina's ONLY.

Prices seem to be reasonable too!  $6.56 each.  Each are approximately 30 

pages except for the needle book which is only 20 pages.  I'm considering 

strongly on getting a few of these.  I've heard they are fairly good reference 

books, but I have not looked at them closely.  If there is anyone who wants 

the order no's and the #800 phone number, without waiting for a catalog, you 

may email me and I will give them to you.  I'm not affiliated with this 

company.  Just own a catalog (VBG).  I have heard good things from others who 

order from this co. though.

Date: Mon, 21 Aug 95 09:33:27 EDT
Subject: Stitch 'n Craft Supply

I belong to a great supply catalog "club."  The discounts are great, the
service is very good, and the owners (Charlie &Joyce - don't remember last
name) go out of their way to help.  I have no affiliation with this
company, just think it is wonderful.  The cost is $25.00 per year which
includes a 3-ring binder catalog which is updated with new products and
price changes montly.

        STITCH N CRAFT                          Phone:  602-846-0300
        5634 W. Meadowbrook                     FAX:  800-279-1995 (1% off
total if FAXed)
        Phoenix, AZ  85031

They have metrosene threads, all kinds, wooly nylon, etc., etc. all
discounted.  Also, just about anything you can think of - Omnigrid rulers,
elastic, Stretch n Sew patterns, Kwik Sew, &Great Copy.  Many craft items.
It goes on and on.

Ruth B
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 95 10:44:32 -0600
Subject: Mary Lou Nall's books

     Hi Petchy,
     Besides Clotilde, Nancy's Notions also carries most of Mary Lou Nall's 
     books.  I believe I have all of them but one.  The foot books are 
     great!  Hope you enjoy them.
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 1995 13:03:46 -0400
Subject: A great skirt pattern

I've been desperate for a nice skirt pattern.  I'm a few pounds overweight
and it tends to sit on my hips so I like to have something that has some room
to it.  I saw a skirt in a catalog that I liked but it was $120 and I
thought, I can do that.  Well, I played a bit and made the best skirt I have
ever seen.  I have two more almost finished.  If you have a serger, you can
do it so fast....

Buy 2.5 yards of a nice floaty rayon.  Wash and dry it so that you can just
throw it in the machine from now on.  Use your rotary cutter to cut two
pieces 36 inches long and the width of the fabric (45 - 60 inches).  Cut two
more strips 3.5 inches wide and the width of the fabric.  Now for the sewing:

1) seam the long sides of the skirt, letting the serger cut off the selvages
as you go.
2)  finish the bottom of the skirt with the serger.
3)  seam the waist band, cutting off the selvages.  Fold in half, wrong sides
together and press.
4)  open one waistband seam 1/4 inch above the stitching and stopping 1/4
inch from the fold.  This gives you a place to run the elastic and leaves an
opening for the drawstring.
5).  Sew the waistband to the top of the skirt.  Place the opening in the
waistband at the center of one section of skirt so the skirt seams will be on
the sides.
6)  Cut a piece of 1.25 inch wide elastic with drawstring cording the size of
your waist + one inch.  Use a bodkin to draw it through the waistband,
gathering the fabric as you go.  If the rayon was 60 inches wide, you'll have
a lot of fabric on the elastic, but it will look really nice.  Stich the
elastic together above and below the drawstring, but not through it.  Draw
out some of the cord and knot the ends.
7.  Stitch 1/4 inch above the cording through the gathered fabric and
elastic, stretching the elastic out as much as possible as you stitch.  Do
the same thing 1/4 inch below the cording.
8.  Finish the hem by turning it up 1/4 inch twice and using a straight

Ta da!  If you are a tiny person, I would recommend cutting 60 inch wide
rayon down to 45 inches so you won't be overwhelmed by all that fabric.

It's beautiful and cost $12 to make with rayon on sale.


Kelly who loves that Bernina!
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 1995 13:17:35 EST
Subject: 1630/jacket jazz

Hi all,
Just finished the third class from a local quilt shop using the 2 Murrah 
books -- Jacket Jazz and Jacket Jazz encore.  What a great way to learn 
some of the ins and outs of my new 1630.  Could have used any machine with 
"fancy" stitches, but this was good -- walking foot, couching, foot, 
gathering foot, etc.  Dont know what was more expensive the Bernina or the 
jacket!!  Not really true, but because I havent sewn much for the past 5 
yrs, after having sewn before for over 45 (started at age 4 -- thanks to a 
progressive? mom) and am now 56.  anyway things have changed and I am 
amazed at how many aids to sewing are out there.  The feet, wonder under, 
new techniques, rulers and what has amazed me the most is the rotary 
cutting knife and mat.  To think I made 12 quilts without it.  Enough.

Date: Mon, 21 Aug 1995 13:48:12 -0500 (EST)
content-length: 641

I am not a bernina owner yet but would like to be.  However I am having a 
hard time trying to justify the expense to my husband.  His current 
policy is "pay off your car first, then we'll talk."   I currently have a 
singer that is nothing special, except that it is especially 
frustrating.  have had 1260 and 1530 demonstrated and had a chance to 
testdrive both.  I would settle for the 1260, but I really like the 
capabilities of the 1530, but I already 
spend most of my workday at a computer, and the 1530 seems like a better 
buy at this point.  Is there anyone out there who could offer some 
suggestions on how to plead my case?
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 95 18:49:00 UTC
Subject: Mary Lou Nall's books??

No, Marylou's books don't address the 1530, but they do give you a general
idea as to how to do and use your bernina and the feet that go with it.  Her
books are very good and I have used mine quite a bit.  They are very
informative.  Her books came out long before the 1530 was probably thought
of. They have been out at least 5 years.
Subject: venerable machine
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 95 16:58:00 EST

I'm new to the club and so pleased to discover kindred spirits. From what 
I've read so far, I think I may have the oldest machine of the bunch -- a 
730 "Record" -- 30 years old this summer and going strong. I found this 
group because I'm looking for a walking foot that will fit it and searched 
the 'net for "bernina." G Street says that the 830's might fit, and it'll be 
25% off if I wait till Sept 1. This is going to be a tough week and a half. 
So, what's the word? Does anyone else have a equally ancient machine? Have 
you got a walking foot for it? And, Harriet, please stay well -- I'm signed 
up for your course here  in October...

Thanks!  Margaret
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 00:41:38 GMT
Subject: Re: Bobbin Mechanism

I heard the same from someone who should know. Apparently the rotary shuttle in 
the 1630 is the same one used in the two bottom of range models. The Bernina CB 
shuttle (famous for stitch quality) was unable to be adapted to suite the 16 
directional movement requied for the 1630's stitches.
I've opted for the 1530 (as I don't think I'd use the 1630's embroidery much), 
but am having difficulty obtaining one. I ordered it 1st July and the last I 
heard it is due in September. Can't wait.
Anyone else had problems getting a 1530?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Amanda B
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 01:42:25 GMT
Subject: Re: Re: Atlanta

(In reply to your message dated Saturday 19, August 1995)
Please tell me, who is Mary Lou Nall (sorry to show my ignorance)? And if she's 
really THAT good, does anyone know if she ever comes to the UK giving classes?
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 1995 21:13:18 MST
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest 8/16/95

The magazine with the article about Harriet is the October 1995 issue
of American Patchwork and Quilting...nice article about Harriet with some
great machine quilting tips.
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 00:38:21 -0400
Subject: Re: New cover stitch on the serger

Dave,thanks for the input!  You've really got my new serger-jones going
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 95 04:35:00 UTC
Subject: subject...

 I hate to tell you how devious I am... but my husband thinks my 1530 belongs
to my friend, Cassie. Long story, and I didn't really tell him that it is
hers, but I don't correct him, either. :) In my line of work, I get bonuses
over and above my salary. I've already warned him that my bonuses are going
into sewing related stuff for awhile. Of course, my husband is an easy touch
anyway. :)
I bought the serger with bonuses and he knows that's mine. I also got the
Deco 500 with a larger than expected commission check. Now I just have to
figure out how to make that 1530 "my own." I think I'll buy it from Cassie.
BTW, I got a heck of a deal on my Deco. It was a demonstrator, and I saved
$1000 on the Deco and scanner. Now if I could just get the time to play with
it, and get over feeling cheap about using that expensive thread to
experiment. :)
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 00:17:18 -0500
Subject: Re: 1630/Jacket Jazz

>Just finished the third class from a local quilt shop using the 2 Murrah 
>books -- Jacket Jazz and Jacket Jazz encore.  What a great way to learn 
>some of the ins and outs of my new 1630.  Could have used any machine with 
>"fancy" stitches, but this was good -- walking foot, couching, foot, 
>gathering foot, etc.  Dont know what was more expensive the Bernina or the 

So, Paula - How did you like the jackets?  I've made 7 of them and can't
wait to make more!  Judy herself taught most of my classes (I live in her
hometown of San Antonio but she now lives about 2-1/2 hours away in
Victoria) and I am truly amazed at how she keeps coming up with all those
new ideas.  I know she "borrows" a lot from other quilters, but still--to be
able to put them all together in a piece of wearable art is great!

But you're right--they can be expensive, depending on the fabrics and
embellishments you go with!

Date: Tue, 22 Aug 95 04:35:00 UTC
Subject: Mary Lou Nall's Books

 Thanks! I'm a big fan of Nancy's Notions! I'll dig out the catalog and look
those books up.
Subject: RE: subject...
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 95 10:39:00 bst

I would say, "you only live once".  Why waste time, enjoy yourself now, do 
the things you want to do now - you could be run over tomorrow!

Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 08:43:01 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Recommendations on the Bernina 1001

The plastic table is also made by Bernina, and is an alternative to the 
metal table which slides onto the machine arm.  It's the same size (or 
appears to be.)  It costs about $68, which is what the metal table costs if 
bought separately.  It has a sliding, raised ruler edge which runs the width 
of the table, (and would sit to the right of the needle of course) and 
ensures a very even seam when sewing.  The finish of the table is less 
"slick" than the finish of the metal one.  My dealer said that a lot of 
people prefer this new table to the metal one.  Since I don't have a 
machine yet, I can't speak from personal experience!   Has anyone been 
using this new plastic table?  Any comments?
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 11:56:16 EST
Subject: Harriet H. hurt???

Hi All!
I was sorry to hear that Harriet hurt herself. Sure hope you're feeling
better now Harriet. I'm sure you'll get well quick with all the good
wishes from this great group. Hope you got your daughter safely to college.
Which college is she going to?

ate: Tue, 22 Aug 95 22:41:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Re: Atlanta

I can't really tell you who she is but she did write some excellent books on
the bernina machine.
I recv'd my new Clotilde today, and the books are Foot Book 1
                                                  Foot Book 2
 These are on page 6.and are only $6.00    and     Just needling with Bernina
She has also written some heirloom books, one called:
                                Heirloom Sewing with Bernina
                                Heirloom Sewing with Bernina 1630
 and                             Handlooms with Bernina
Both of the last ones are new books by her.
These are all $6.00 as well and are on page 83.
I love the books I have of hers and would purchase the new ones if I had the
1630.  I highly recommend them.
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 21:38:36 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: subject...

   > I am not a bernina owner yet but would like to be.  However I am
   >having a hard time trying to justify the expense to my husband.  His
   >current policy is "pay off your car first, then we'll talk."

Diane, I have a "tough" husband, too.  Here's how I managed.
     Sit down and tot up how much money you spend on clothing each year.  Do
you do home dec?  Then price drapes, cushions and reupholstery.
     Then make your case for the Bernie.  This sewing machine has a 20-year
lifetime, at the very LEAST.  At $2000, that comes out to a cost of $100 per
year.  Show hubby what the clothing savings will be if you sew even 25% of
your wardrobe.  You've REALLY got a case with home dec; priced custom drapes
     Next step:  comparison shop.  Look at Bernina AND its' competitors.
Compare features, prices, support.  Then take your dealer's price and GO
ONLINE.  Post notes along the lines of "I've been quoted $2100 for the 1260,
is this in line with other dealers?"  This is controversial, but you may
want to comparison shop between Bernina dealers.  I did, because my family
has moved three times in five years and I KNEW there was no point in paying
extra for "support" when I was preparing to move across the country.  [If
Bernina had a UNIFORM support policy, this wouldn't be an issue, but since
dealers vary greatly in the amount of support they're willing to give
"stranger" Bernina owners, you should take this into account.]
     I bought a 1230 four years ago, and I did so JUST before the 1530 was
about to arrive.  I went to Dealer A, and she wanted $2400 for the 1230.
When I talked to Dealer B, I said, "Gee, I don't know whether to just BUY
this one or wait for the 1530!" and he immediately offered me a 1230 for
$1800.  I took the savings and went to Consumers Bernina University!
     Finally, keep the channels open for the NEXT machine by informing hubby
of the savings gleaned from EVERY project you do.  Christmas gifts, drapes,
reupholstery, blazers and dress clothing for my teenaged boys, my clothes--I
make SURE DH knows exactly how much I saved by sewing it myself.  Husbands
can be REALLY impressed if you do what I did.  I copied a very expensive
bedroom treatment straight from the Saks catalog:  a cotton brocade duvet
cover, upholstery bedskirt, shams and pillowcases, and unconstructed drapes.
Total cost:  about $70.  I dragged DH into the room when I was finished, and
handed him the page from the catalog.  Since the duvet cover ALONE was $230,
     This has earned me a new serger, I might add!

Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 22:02:34 -0400
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest 8/16/95

I'm missing out...what magazine has as article on Harriet?
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 21:56:40 MST
Subject: Re: 1630/Jacket Jazz

Guess I'll jump in on the jacket jazz note...I teach the class locally and
have made quite a few but my favourite is the last one I made for my
daughter...She is a school music teacher and I made the second jacket in
book one (with the big fan on the back) in all black fancy fabrics...I think
I used about 20 different ones...anyway, she wears it with a long black
crepe skirt and shell and calls it her "conductor costume".  So far I
haven't had one student who was not absolutely thrilled with her 
Diane -- don't know if this will help but is your husband into cars?  If so,
you might try telling him that explaining the difference between sewing on a
singer and a bernina to someone who doesn't sew is like explainng the
difference between driving a hundai and a rolls royce to someone who doesn't

Bernina's really are worth it -- i have an old 930 and wouldn't trade it for
anything.  I am buying my 6 year old daughter an old bernina so she can
learn to sew right and so i don't have to share my 930 and we can sew together.

good luck - how about lay away?

Date: Wed, 23 Aug 1995 17:23:04 +0800





Date: Wed, 23 Aug 1995 06:43:41 -0400
Subject: New use for #12 foot

I'm sure many of you have heard of or used the technique of zigzagging over
1/8" elastic and then drawing it up to gather about an inch away from the
bottom of a sleeve on a little girl's dress, or anywhere else you need to do
this. The problem is that sometimes the needle accidentally goes through the
elastic which negates the whole thing, and you have to rip and start over.
The other day I used the #12 foot for this, feeding the elastic through the
hole before attaching the foot, and then holding it at the back to start.
Once you get going, it pretty much stays in place and with a wide enough
zigzag, goes entirely over the elastic. Don't cut the elastic until you have
finished, as I think it would be hard to work with just a small piece, and it
is easier to draw up after wards. I don't know if other feet have a wide
enough hole to do this, but if so, and they have a groove on the bottom,
don't see why they wouldn't work just as well.

Mary M
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 95 9:22:52 CDT
Subject: Tough Husbands - was re: subject...

This isn't the approach that I take with my sewing stuff.
Well, actually my husband isn't a problem.  However,
I think my mother-in-law has an excellent approach.
She compares sewing equipment to tools in the 
shop.  Worked like a charm for her.

Date: Wed, 23 Aug 1995 11:42:42 -0400
Subject: Re: 1630/Jacket Jazz

I've done 6 jacket jazz jackets and am working on another with ideas for
several more.  I've "used up" most of her ideas (the ones I liked, anyway)
and am always looking for new ideas to incorporate (like pin weaving, silk
ribbon embroidery, etc).  Does anyone know if she is working on another book?
 Anyone got any new embellishments to try?

Lisa -- addicted to jacket jazz :-)
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 1995 18:57:18 -0400
Subject: Re: Bernina Club

Thank you for this information.  I'm going to buy Windows 95 tomorrow.  Maybe
I should  try their new internet service.  Your opinion would be appreciated.
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 95 17:36 PDT
Subject: Mary Lou Nall's Books

Hi from the west coast of Canada!
Mary Lou's address is:
Mary Lou Nall
10641 Gulf Beach Hwy. #A
Pensacola, Florida

If you buy her books "Handlooms with Bernina" and "heirloom sewing with
Bernina 1630", don't buy "Heirloom sewing with Bernina" because the same
information is in the first two.  The last book is for earlier models.

Love the fan club.

Isabel P
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 95 23:43:00 UTC
Subject: Bernina Digest 8/21/95

   I have the 930 and the walking foot that goes with it.  I love what they
do in combo.  But remember, I am the one with a 1230 that has never been out
of the box and for which I had a chance to get the walking foot at 40% off
so I got it also.  I can hardly wait until my "Planned Activities" and
"trips" are over (early next year?) and I will take the 1230 for a spin out
of the box.
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 1995 23:19:45 -0400
Subject: Re: subject...

Diane, I'm not sure your husband fully understands your worth.  Try this.
 The other evening, my DH and I went out to a trendy new Tuscan pasta
restaurant, Asaggio.  The food was good, but I thought I recognized the pasta
dish, went home, researched my cookbooks and two days later, recreated it and
served it for dinner.  After he had made the appropriate "yummy" noises, I
presented him with a bill: $34, saying, after all, that's what you paid for
the same thing at Asaggio.  BTW, I love my 1230 and 2000DE serger.  If I have
more time after quitting work, I'll consider, perhaps, the Deco.  Good luck
on getting your new machine.
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 1995 20:29:15 -0700
Subject: saving for a machine

        Hi, I don't know if this fits or not. With you having to wait ftill 
you pay off the car.  My DH and I both taught school. For 20years all our 
money went into the "budget". My husband hunted, fished, bought every new 
gadget and I didn't even have spending money.  It was a true hassle to get 
anything without a lecture on thiftyness - etc.  Well, one summer his mother 
said, " You don't have any money of your own?"  She told me to take $200 a 
month out of my pay each month.  I did not sign my contract for 6 weeks, as 
he was adamant that I did not "need" any pocket money.  And, I finally got 
stubborn.  Well, he gave in, I had to agree to save half and could spend the 
rest.  He did later get most of the savings for "necessities"  but, it freed 
me to make decisions and I never looked back.  I told my granddaughter to do 
this, and her husband said, no problem, and each month she takes it out of 
her check, and he takes it in cash from her.  What a world.  Hope that 
machine is in your future very soon.  Hugs,  Andrea
Subject: Re: New York Quilters?? 
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 95 00:05:05 -0400

I grew up in New York City.  It is an exciting place to visit,
especially if you sew!  

One place you must visit is the Museum of American Folk Art.  If
memory serves, it is on East 53rd Street between 5th Avenue and Park
Avenue, give or take a block or so.  They have special quilt
exhibitions from time to time.  Also, if you call them, I am sure they
can direct you to other museums or exhibitions that focus on quilting.

New York City is a great place to shop for fabric and notions.  I
don't go there regularly enough to make specific recommendations, but
I am sure that the New Yorkers who are lurking out there can suggest
where to go on quite a shopping spree :-).

Now, my memory of this is very hazy, but I think the Brooklyn Museum
used to have an extensive collection of clothing, primarily American
fashion, going back into the 19th century.  If you sew, and like to
improve upon patterns or even design your own clothing, you might
really enjoy this.

Have a great trip!

Debbie D
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 1995 06:05:59 -0400
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest 8/22/95

I feel like I have been away for so long, for some reason I couldn't get the
Bernina Digest, but luckily it came back this morning.
What happened to Harriet?  Hope she is ok.

I am having a ball with my Deco, Right now I am making log cabin neckties,
for our local quilt shop, and I am using the Halloween designs all over it.
 Looks really nice.

I love the alphabet card, they come out so nice.
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 1995 07:18:02 -0400
Subject: Re: 1630/Jacket Jazz

Borrows is an interesting term.
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 1995 08:35:49 -0400
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest 8/22/95

>Subject: Re: Recommendations on the Bernina 1001
>The plastic table is also made by Bernina, and is an alternative to the 
>metal table which slides onto the machine arm.  It's the same size (or 
>appears to be.)  It costs about $68, which is what the metal table costs if 
>bought separately. [...]  Any comments?

Some people have expressed the concern before that the new 'resin' table may
be less sturdy than the cast aluminum one.  I had a dealer show me the new
table.  This guy lives in rural PA and also fixes tractors, so he his strong
armed (as you may expect).  He twisted the new table and literally tried to
break it but couldn't.  I for one would love to have the seam guide the new
table offers.  The only thing I'm not too sure about is the lip on the edge
of the new table.  I like the tapered edge of the metal table.

As for selling your machine to a spouse so that you can own it...

>Diane, I have a "tough" husband, too.  Here's how I managed.
>     Sit down and tot up how much money you spend on clothing each year

Well, this is the 90's...

I could tell you stories of a 'tough' wife who needs to be convinced that
the 1500$ she let me take from our savings (for a 1090 2 years ago) was
worth it...

Last night, I used the 334DS to make sashes women will be wearing this
weekend at a 75th anniversary celebration of Women's Equality Day in Seneca
Falls NY (at the National Women's History Museum).  Linda wanted me to set
her up with nina (a 1230) and a hemmer.  I wanted to go 334DS on a rolled
hem.  The 334DS won and we wisked through the 15 sashes in a breeze.  Now I
know I don't have to 'sell' her the serger anymore :)))

BTW, that job on sashes last night made me 'luv' my 334DS even more.  

Date: Thu, 24 Aug 1995 08:39:20 -0400
Subject: why buy now?

yourself now, do
the things you want to do now - you could be run over tomorrow!

        After a frightening, life-threatening experience in July, I told my
DH that I was going to buy the Bernina I wanted while I was at quilt camp.
I wasn't totally convinced that it was really five times the machine my
Kenmore was. (Three years ago, I bought the Kenmore that Threads Mag.
called "The best workhorse machine for quilters, under $300.") But it is. I
finished off my Maggie Walker "Gypsy Vest" (from a class at Quilting by the
Lake) with free-motion stitching that was SMOOOOOTH. Yes indeedy, I am glad
I bought this 1090.
        Anyway, the DH is a mechanical engineer, and when I started showing
him the features of the machine, he was quite impressed. So I think I have
a converted husband.

Melissa F
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 1995 08:43:51 -0500
Subject: Justifying Bernina expense

What worked for my husband is that you can hook the 1630 up to the computer.  
This really impressed him as he is a hardware junkie.  He even got me the 
software for Christmas and that was no small potatoes either.  I love working
on my Bernina.  Good Luck

Date: Thu, 24 Aug 1995 07:30:32 -0700
Subject: Re:  Tough Husbands (was Re: subject...)

My husband did not want me to get a new sewing machine either.
My approach was always upbeat. I agreed that the actual monitary
return on investment would be a very long time in coming. Then I
let time go by which represented my self restraint and my in depth
thinking thru the decision. Next, I said to him "I've finally made
my decision. I will purchase the Bernina."

To my surprise, John was supportive and understood the decision to
be well thought out. We will take delivery in about a week.

My Bernina dealer (in Corvallis, Oregon) advertised a State Fair
Special until August 31st. She will sell the 1530 for $3399.00
and give Free of Charge a Bernina Serger (worth $1049). In
addition, if you get a Bernina credit card, there will be No
Payments &No Interest for One Full Year!

Does this sound like a good deal to those of you in the know?
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 95 10:32 CST
Subject: Re: Tough Husbands 

     Pam stated in her message:
     "This isn't the approach that I take with my sewing stuff. 
     Well, actually my husband isn't a problem.  However,
     I think my mother-in-law has an excellent approach. She 
     compares sewing equipment to tools in the
     shop.  Worked like a charm for her."
     My husband really isn't a problem at all, but I've also used 
     the tool shop approach.  He is new to his hobby, so I've 
     compared his wonderful tools with mine, and wood is his 
     fabric.  He has watched me "stroke" fabric for some time and 
     now has me stroking his WOOD!  I have even taught him a few 
     sewing tricks that he has converted to the woodshop!
     Keep trying!
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 1995 12:12:09 -0400
Subject: Re: Threads

The address for threads is:
The Taunton Press
63 South Main St.
P.O. Box 5506
Newtown, CT   06470-5506
FAX  203-426-3434
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 1995 12:21:03 -0400
Subject: Re: Tough Husbands (was Re: subject...)

Diane,  the best way to buy it and then tell him.  It is easier to get
forgiveness than permission.

Date: Thu, 24 Aug 1995 12:21:18 -0400
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest 8/21/95

In a message dated 95-08-23 23:04:07 EDT, you write:

>>singer that is nothing special, except that it is especially 
>>frustrating.  have had 1260 and 1530 demonstrated and had a chance to 
>>testdrive both.  I would settle for the 1260, but I really like the 
>>capabilities of the 1530, but I already 
>>spend most of my workday at a computer, and the 1530 seems like a better 
>>buy at this point.  Is there anyone out there who could offer some 
>>suggestions on how to plead my case?

Diane,   I was in your same situation in April. I had a singer for 25 years
and wanted a Bernina.  I couldn't decide on a 1260 or a 1630.  I like what
the 1630 would do but I wasn't sure if I would get frustrated trying to learn
a bernina and a computer at the same time.  The Bernina is much different
from an old lousy singer and it makes sewing a breeze.  You can spend your
time sewing instead of fixing something to make the sewing machine work.  At
my bernina dealer, you have the option to trade up within a year of purchase
and not lose any money on your purchase,  so I bought the 1260 to learn on.
 It is so easy, just press a button a sew to perfection.  When I'm well
aquainted with the Bernina and have learned what the 1260 can do, I plan to
trade up to a 1530 or 1630 before the year is out.  The bernina is a great
machine.  It is no comparsion to a singer.

Date: Thu, 24 Aug 1995 13:20:48 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Saving for a machine

About "saving" for a machine. When I bought my 1230 2 years ago, I called it
my "IRA" investment -- since we made too much money to qualify for an IRA, I
told my husband I was making an "investment" in my "retirement"! No argument!

He has 2 boats w/motors, numerous hunting gear supplies and fishing things. I
told him that the one sewing machine was not as expensive as his 1 boat/motor
and I never heard a single thing. Sometimes it's the "way" it's handled.

I love my 1230 and my husband has never made the first comment about my

Good luck!
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 1995 07:40:25 -1000 (HST)
Subject: Wlkng Ft, Sew Machines &Hubs

Anybody out there have probs with the new wide walking foot on the 1530? 
I have a 1530 and the dealer could not get the WF that's tailored for it. 
Next question...know anyone graduating to the 1630 who'd like to sell
her 1530 walking foot?  I'm interested.  Please email me personally.

Hubby is a gadget person and *luuvs* computers.  Two years ago, I stepped
up my campaign for a Bernina.  Any discussion of computer this and
computer that was followed with--Sounds great, but not until WE get my
Bernina.  No faster modems, no software, etc.  Fortunately, no arguments
from my kind and gentle man!  After all, a Bernina keeps its value better
than any computer.  This year's anniversary gift is my 1530. 

:-)  And now here I sit telling you all a secret.  This weekend, I could
not pass up buying an old Model 15 Singer for $50 in its original
mailbox-sized case with like-new attachments in the green box.  I realize
this is a Bernina group but what the heck.  Old relic Singers are
cherished as much as Berninas &I just know you all will appreciate a
woman's ways.  After he installs his new Mac and modem, I'll casually set
the Singer right next to my 1530.  I'm taking bets he doesn't even notice

No question about it--ladies, we are worthy of our toys.  Our budgeting,
creativity, hard work and, especially, our nice touches give the family
a cozy and relaxing nest to come home to.  This should be enough
persuasion to eventually get the sewing machine of your heart--to please
you for all that you do.

Date: Thu, 24 Aug 95 22:53:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Tough Husbands

Are you sure it is the 1530, that doesn't sound like a good deal to me at
all.  Maybe it is the 1630 you are talking about.
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 1995 18:18:37 -0500
Subject: Re: 1630/Jacket Jazz

>I've done 6 jacket jazz jackets and am working on another with ideas for
>several more.  I've "used up" most of her ideas (the ones I liked, anyway)
>and am always looking for new ideas to incorporate (like pin weaving, silk
>ribbon embroidery, etc).  Does anyone know if she is working on another book?
> Anyone got any new embellishments to try?

Lisa - Join the club of Jacket Jazz Junkies!  I've done 7 so far and will do
more (I've only 2 out of the second book so far).  Yes, Judy is working on a
third book (where does she get all these ideas?).  Not sure when it'll be
released, but I hope to see her at the Houston Quilt Festival and will find
out then!

Subject: Re: Tough Husbands  
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 95 16:48:31 -0400

For what it's worth, my local dealer was selling 1630s for $2799 on
sale a month or so ago.  (She also charges $100/year for Bernina club,
so you may want to take that into account too.)

Date: Thu, 24 Aug 1995 17:13:30 -0700
Subject: Re: Tough Husbands

I paid $1900 for my 1530 last year at the Sacramento state fair.  Got the
Bernina credit card and got 1 year no interest (and actually paid it off in
a year, to my husband's surprise).  $3399 sounds a bit high, even with a
free serger.

Date: 24 Aug 95 20:43:30 EDT
Subject: Bernina Consumer University

I know that Bernina no longer sponsers a national Bernina U. but I have heard
that regional universities are offered.  Does anyone have information on these

Can't wait to find out!!	

To "my husband who wants me to pay off my car"  He must be related to my
husband.... I bought the 1230 just as it was being replaced by the 1260 and got
a great deal.  AND he still doesn't know how much it really cost.  We made a
deal that he would contribute what he thought was a "reasonable" price for the
machine and I contributed the rest.  

You may want to consider a really good used machine because you can get a really
good deal on some of the used top of the line Berninas.  Good Luck.
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 95 00:56:00 UTC
Subject: Re: 1630/Jacket Jazz

 I just today got a new Nancy's Notions catalog. I've been wondering what
everyone was talking about -- "Jacket Jazz." But too embarrassed to admit I
wasn't 'in the know.' :)
These look fantastic. There are three Jacket Jazz books, two by Judy Murrah
and one by Janet Rostocki. I think I need one of these, but which one? :)
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 95 00:57:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Tough Husbands

 I love your solution! I guess I'm very lucky. I've always worked, sometimes
making more than my husband. I figure as long as I'm making that big a
contribution to our income I also have a major say in how it is spent. :)
Mine is a commuter marriage, with husband home only about once every 3-4
weeks for a few days. He never knows what he's going to find here when he
comes home. I remind him that I've never brought up the topic of cosmetic
surgery or sports cars... the Bernina's are cheap compared to that. :)
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 95 00:56:00 UTC
Subject: Re: ...No Subject...

ROFL! I think presenting hubby with a bill for things he used to paying for
is a wonderful idea! Now, let's see... what else can we put on his tab?
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 1995 19:07:48 -0700
Subject: new machine

        Hi for Judith - I don't know how much the list is on the newest 
Bernina, but, last year two dealers one in Oregon and one in California 
offered the top of the line for $2200. We were in a bargaining mode. One 
would have been new in the box, and the other had been used a week in a 
class.  So they really can come down quite a ways.  I thot last year it was 
about $3500.  I got a Pfaff 7550 with all the bells and whistles, instead.  
I am picking up a 930 Bernina this week, as everyone has to have a 'nina.
        Sometimes it takes another dealer's offer to help things along.  
There is an incredible mark up.    Hugs,  Andrea 
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 95 02:13:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Tough Husbands

 I thought Judith said $2399 for the 1530. The Albuquerque dealer has the
1530 listed at a sale price of $2599, and Judith was going to get a free
serger. I can't remember what model, but she said it was worth $1049, I
think. On the list I have, there is a 007D model that lists at that price
and is offered at a sale price of $799. Sounds like she's getting a good
deal to me. :)
Subject: Re: Bernina Consumer University 
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 95 23:01:57 -0400

There is going to be a consumer BU in eastern Massachusetts during the
last weekend of October.  It is being sponsored by Ann's Fabrics of
Canton and Woburn Mass.  As of last weekend they still had not sent
out information about the schedule, exact location, and cost.
However, rumor has it that the hotel will be in Taunton, Mass, which
is a bit south and west of Boston.

Date: Fri, 25 Aug 1995 00:29:19 -0400
Subject: Re: 1630/Jacket Jazz

My favorite book for fit is "Jacket Jazz Encore" ( they are more tailored) .
 My favorite book for techniques is "Jacket Jazz" (these jackets are nice,
too, but looser.  I'm not familiar with Janet Rostocki's book.  I think you
should get both Jacket Jazz books and have a blast!!!  Don't forget to add
those wonderful embroidery stitches to some of the pieces before you cut them
up.  The puffs are really easy to add a little glamour to using a pretty
stitch and some Sliver!

Subject: Only one UFO left!
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 95 0:16:43 PDT

Hi Everyone;

After finishing my King sized Double Four Patch scrap quilt with lots of 
Celtic quilting on the adjoining squares, I was feeling a bit lost after 
working on this project for the past six months and was surprised to find 
myself missing it now and then.  But it is so gorgeous on the bed and just 
great to sleep under and fun to look at everyday and so rewarding.  Guess 
you can tell this was my first big bed quilt.  :-)

I have been needing a place to keep earring and pins and button covers other
than in tiny baggies in a box in the dresser drawer and never being able to 
find the one I want.  Since I make earrings I have 75 pair, :-/!!  So after 
two years of putting off finishing this project I have now completed quilting 
an attractive 24 in square and turned this into a triple decker wallhanging 
to accommodate all the above and  hung it up today.  What a great feeling to 
see this hung and know what it conceals and gain all that drawer space as well! 

I now have only "one" UFO left to finish.  This is a Pack Porch Press Tumbling 
Block pullover in Amish colors.  I have all the pieces cut and about 1/8th sewn 
together.  I must have about 7.5 yards of fabric into this thing and find it 
hard to believe that it will really take this much fabric to make this garment.  
Have any of you made this pattern, is it really true?  

I over heard someone saying that these quilted clothing patterns "all" call for 
much more fabric than is actually used.  I would  really appreciate hearing any 
comments regarding this subject. 

I am now eager to get to my 1530 and get on with this pullover and complete it
after about 18 mos. and start my "Great Day In The Morning pattern and my black
and white "Cozy Jacket", for which I am making black and white Fimo buttons and 
my on going machine paper piecing projects and the wallhanging I am quilting at 
my small group meetings, etc. etc.

Thanks for listening and happy quilting.  (^_^)
Jean P
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 95 11:09:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Tough Husbands

$3399 is the list price for the 1530.
Subject: Re: Tough Husbands

We bought a 1530 along with the Bernina serger (the first one with the
Bernina name) approximately two years ago for about $3,000 in central PA
(Montoursville).  We were fortunate enough not to need the credit so didn't
check into credit card and interest payments.

Date: Fri, 25 Aug 1995 09:53:13 -0400
Subject: Re: Tough Husbands

I'm Laughing to Myself concerning these husband posts!
   I had a crappy machine and was making a Power Ranger Costume last Octobe.
My machine kept jamming, skipping, etc. I got really mad and called my hubby
at work and told him I was going to go and buy a new machine!
   I went to the Bernina store because I had seen other quilters with the
brand. I walked in and said, I want your best machine! 
   That's what I got!!
I was then filling out the forms for financing and they said I had to have my
husbands signature....drat!....I took it to his office, told him I loved him
and would you please sign this....he did, with a faint heart attack....and I
   Financing is the way to go!  I paid it off in three months, and have been
a happy sewer ever since. I just wish I knew how to use the Bernina Better
    By the way, the Power Ranger costume turned out great!
Mary Beth
Subject: Re: Tough Husbands 
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 95 09:23:09 -0400

As a single woman who supports herself, I've been a little shocked at
some of the conversation about husbands and permission to buy
Berninas.  Maybe it's because the only permission I need to buy
anything is my own and my checking account's :-).  And maybe it's
because I have an idealized, impractical view of marriage due to lack
of experience with it.  BUT, it seems to me that it shouldn't matter
who earns more or even if one of you is staying at home, working hard
at raising children and/or organizing the feathers in the family's
nest.  You and your husband both contribute to the marriage, the work
of your family, and its economy.  You should both share in the
spending of discretionary income.  You and your husband are both
adults, and can both understand the trade-offs in spending your money
one way or another.  (Statistics tell us that women are the money
managers in more than half of American households.)  Why is it that so
many of us seem to think this is a matter of permission, and not a
matter of equal discussion about your family's financial strategy and

Am I just some New England "women's-libber" who is out of touch with
reality?  Am I misinterpretting what I am reading here?

Debbie D
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 1995 12:04:28 -0400
Subject: Re: Exhibition of clothing in NY

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (on Fifth Avenue at around 82nd St) has a
permanent costume collection ... clothing of an amazing array of eras.
American and EUropean.  Wonderful! --Addy 
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 1995 09:05:58 -0700
Subject: cost of machines

I find some of the discussions about how to hoodwink one's spouse 
about the cost of Berninas a little bit disturbing and sexist.  
Disturbing, becuase aren't we all adults here?  Why play these 
dishonest games with the #1 person in your life?  Sexist, because the 
impression is that "us little ladies" have to squirrel away "pin 
money" from the household budget.

As rational adults, it seems that we should be able to say (and some 
of us have mentioned this approach too) "I have considered all the 
facts and factors, and this is my decision - how can we make it 
happen".  Of course negotiations and comparisons are in order.  But 
deviousness is not.

When I chose to move up from a 1020 to the 1090, I was able to sell 
the 1020 for about 85% of what I'd paid for it 5 years before; my new 
out of pocket costs for the 1090 were about $800-900.  There was a 
little griping from you-know-who, but he got other goodies (one big 
thing at about the same time, lots of little things in the year 
since).  So it all works out in the end.  I work, he works - why 
shouldn't we each have the opportunity to say how to spend that money?

When I bought the 1090 I couldn't justify (to myself) the extra cost 
for a 1260, even though it had some features I did want.  But for most 
of what I do, it just didn't make sense.  Soon after buying it, I sold 
a quilt for enough money that I could have bought the 1260 outright.  
I too had the option to trade up with full refund on the 1090, but 
decided to spend the money in other ways (savings, grad sch tuition, 
and an ergonomic chair).  This was the first time I'd sold a quilt for 
big money like that; it really helped validate that I'm worth a 
Bernina and a Bernina is worth it to me.  As someone said on Quiltnet 
(more or less):
there was a quilter from Natchez
who couldn't make very good patchez
she bought a Bernina
a super machina
and now all her points do matchez

[and her checkbook does too! VBG!]

I didn't mean to be grouchy about this, just mainly wanted to make the 
point that we are adults here who can make reasoned and worthwhile 
decisions, even if they are expensive sometimes.

Date: Fri, 25 Aug 1995 14:03:59 -0500
Subject: Re: 1630/Jacket Jazz

> I just today got a new Nancy's Notions catalog. I've been wondering what
>everyone was talking about -- "Jacket Jazz." But too embarrassed to admit I
>wasn't 'in the know.' :)
>These look fantastic. There are three Jacket Jazz books, two by Judy Murrah
>and one by Janet Rostocki. I think I need one of these, but which one? :)

Petchy - I'm not Lisa, but I'll answer you anyway!  I'm not familiar with
the book by Janet Rostocki (but guess I'll have to check it out!)--I have
the two by Judy and have made 7 jackets out of them.  I have to confess--I
probably wouldn't have made one on my own, but was fortunate enough to take
classes taught by Judy herself--and got hooked!  Now I make them on my own
(but I still love to take the classes--just to see everybody else's
fabrics!).  They're really not hard--just fabric manipulations using a lot
of basic quilt piecing.  The fabric selection is the hardest part--just like
making a quilt!

Anyway--both JJ books have really clear instructions, with lots of drawings
and at least two full pictures (using different fabrics) of each jacket.  I
would suggest starting with the first book, Jacket Jazz, and the first
jacket--because it's the most basic...and go from there!

OK--'nuf said!  I'll go back into my corner now!

Date: Fri, 25 Aug 95 13:30:30 PST
Subject: Info for a new 1630 owner

     I have really been enjoying the chat on this list.  I am a new owner 
     of a 1630 (couple of weeks) and haven't had much time to experiment 
     with it.  My dealer classes will not start for a few weeks yet and 
     while I am pretty good with reading manuals and following directions I 
     have a question I haven't been able to figure out yet and would 
     appreciate you help.  Is it possible to change the height and spacing 
     of letters in the alphabet?  I've tried the 2 most obvious places 
     vertical and horizontal spacing arrows (sorry, the terminology isn't 
     right) and the stitch length and width indicators (this made less 
     sense to me but, what the heck!).  I am trying to get lettering small 
     enough to put my kids names on a label for their clothing (probably 
     3-inch square maximum).  Keep wanting to highlight everything in 
     memory and change the font!  
     Any info you can give would be appreciated.  I am on digest and won't 
     be around for a week so if you could respond to me personally I'd be 
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 95 23:10:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Bernina Consumer Universit

 Darn! That Bernina U will have to get a LOT farther west of Boston for me to
be able to attend. :) How come all the good stuff is in the East?
Date: 25 Aug 95 20:49:49 EDT
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest 8/24/95

Hi All,
     I am giving up hugging my Bernina tonight to give my DH a extra one!
Listening to all this DH talk has really made me appreciate mine.  He bought me
my first Bernina all on his own after talking to every sewer we new, reading,
and shopping around.  He bought my first serger.  And when I moved up to newer
machines he wanted me to keep the 1130 ("With three girls you may want them to
have there own so they aren't on yours") and the 5 thread serger ("the proper
tool set up for each job").  Our 24th anniversary is Monday and we have six
great kids and I love him lots, but reading all the suggestions on how to get
husbands to agree to Bernina's I am reminded how wonderful he is!
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 95 00:08:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Tough Husbands

If that is the case, then I was wrong, that would be an exceptional deal,
and one  not to miss.
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 95 15:49:38 -0600
Subject: OK...I give up...What are Jazz Jackets?????

>I've done 6 jacket jazz jackets and am working on another with ideas for
>several more.  I've "used up" most of her ideas (the ones I liked, anyway)
>and am always looking for new ideas to incorporate (like pin weaving, silk
>ribbon embroidery, etc).  Does anyone know if she is working on another book?
> Anyone got any new embellishments to try?

What are they......who are you talking about when you say "she is working
on another book?  Where do you get the books?/

Can't stand the suspense any longer



I too refer to my Bernina as tools ........I do some crafting and have
turned a nifty little hubby didn't say anything about my
$$$ Bernina.........and it is diffinently worth every $$$$!!!  I made
customized jeans jackets for my daughter and her friend, and they got
all kinds of rave's.  My old Brother would have never sewed threw all
the layers of denim.
Date: 25 Aug 95 22:17:05 EDT
Subject: Bernina Digest 8/24/95

Subject: New Machine


How did you manage to find a used 930 that was available, and, if you don't mind
my asking, what is the price you are paying? I have a friend who desperately
needs to upgrade and a 930 would be perfect. You can't find them in Houston.

Date: 25 Aug 95 22:17:01 EDT
Subject: Bernina Digest 8/24/95

Subject: Jacket Jazz

>> Does anyone know if she (Judy Murrah) is working on another book?
> Anyone got any new embellishments to try?<<

>> Yes, Judy is working on a
third book (where does she get all these ideas?).  Not sure when it'll be

Lisa and Jackie:
Judy Murrah's new book will be out in February 1996 and will be called _And More
Jazz_. If you don't mind my bragging, I know this because my Mystery Jacket 1
will be in the book as a sample. You can probably guess that I am very excited
that my jacket was chosen. And I still 'drive' a 930!

Ginny J
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 1995 22:29:08 -0400
Subject: Re: Recommendations on the Bernina 1001

What is the size of this table?
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 1995 22:29:09 -0400
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest 8/16/95

Thanks, I just picked it up today...nice article Harriet!
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 1995 22:25:15 -0400
Subject: Re: Resource Idea

I do the same thing with my logging files!  ( I thought I was being
obsessive.)  But I love to have information at my fingertips, so I just copy
like info each to its own subject file, so I can pick out which file I need
and pull up my references and info. That's why I love my computer! Happy
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 1995 09:16:41 -0400
Subject: Re: Monogramming on 930

I have been looking at the new embroidery machines for monogramming, but am
hiccupping on the price a little.  Does anyone have a Bernina 930 (or
similar) and have you found a way to do monogramming on it?  It was the top
of the line about 10 years ago - similar to the 1000's models now.

I really love my 930, years of trouble free sewing.

Date: Sat, 26 Aug 1995 07:17:27 MST
Subject: Re: Tough Husbands

Like Debbie, I am surprised at the discussion about ways to manipulate
husbands....I've been married for 30 years ...from day one we both knew
what our obligations it car payment, mortgage, kids education,
and how much was left over....sometimes we saved to buy something for DH
and sometimes something for me...sometimes something we both wanted.
Never once have I had to beg or trick my husband.  Personally, I don't think
it is unreasonable to wait or save....guess I'm just fact, after
reading all these posts, I know I am.
Date:         Sat, 26 Aug 95 10:56:02 EDT
Subject:      Re: Bernina Digest 8/25/95


As the husband of one who uses the Bernina for her "hobby" -
my problem was the opposite of what most of you mention.
She wanted to get a new machine (had an ancient "New Home").
She wanted the Bernina.

I had to twist her arm to convince her to get the best model.
She did not want to spend the money, and I had to convince her
that, if she's going to go into the water, she should go in all
the way.  Finally, she did get the 1630, and loves it.

Unfortunately, the manual leaves something to be desired - and she
keeps learning new things - things that should have been explained
early on in the manual.  But that's the only thing about the Bernina
that I, at least, find a problem.

BTW - I read this because she is not really in to computers, so I
tend to download messages for her... sorry to be snooping, but it's
for a good cause.

Also, if someone could send me the names of the books on heirloom
sewing, I'd very much appreciate it.  She's into christening gowns -
some really beautiful stuff - but I think those books might make a
good Christmas gift for her.  So, if you could, would you send the

Jerry B
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 1995 11:24:57 -0400
Subject: Re:erring holder

     I also make earrings and I was wondering if you could give
me the details of your 24" square "tripple decker" that you made to hold
earrings and buttons.  
                                                  Cheryl P
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 1995 12:02:22 -0400
Subject: Re: Cost of Machines

I'm glad you mention this bit about #1 and #2.  I've been wanting to write,
but didn't know how to put my thoughts into words.

I think this "permission" and submission thing is a major problem with
relationships today ultimately creating the breakdown of the nuclear
structure.  (Sorry, I'll get to the Bernina's in a second)  I realize it's
difficult to change ones ways, but you need to respect yourself and your SO.
 We all pull our weight in a relationship regardless of who is working, who's
raising the kids and the like.  I will admit I'm a lazy wife (you know the
priorities of quilting a dustballs) and I am very fortunate to have a husband
who is supportive of me, our three children and is patient with my sewing

Life isn't always rosey, but my point is this, be honest and don't play
games, otherwise the cycle will never break.  Respect each other and decide
what's important, what isn't and how to get there.

Onto my Bernina story.  Well, I was a little sneaky and naive.  The first AOL
swap I was in was to make strips of flying geese.  My old machine ate all of
my points.  My husband was so sick and tired of hearing me complain that he
told me to go find a good machine that won't eat my points.  I came home with
a 007D serger.  I figured the surger could trim my 1/4" seam allowances - ha,
little did I know.  I made a few turtlenecks on the serger, but still had
problems with those points and uneven stitches.  It's ALWAYS the machines
fault, has nothing to do with technique.  During all of this our house got
covered with mold while on vacation (I'm talking over $4500. to clean the
mold off of everything inside the house).  I stripped wallpaper, built up
lots of sympathy because my fingers were very sore from scrubbing without
gloves, threw out all the drapes and the list goes on.  We had some other
little disasters that I can't even remember now.  THEN I had to have a root
canal.  That was the end.  I had just taken a hot bath, some Tylenol with
Codene and climbed into bed when my husband came in.  He felt so sorry for me
he told me to get a decent sewing machine.  He explained that he always buys
the "best" for his work (law books - I think he could start his own lending
library) so I should do the same.  I didn't mention that I don't get paid for
my quilting, yet.  I called the dealer who had a 1630 in stock and was there
within ten minutes.  I don't think I even brushed my wet hair.  I was back
within 20 minutes.  My husband apparently didn't know I even left the house.
 He came into the bedroom and I gave him a groggy hug and thanked him.  His
comment, "I didn't mean right this minute."  Moral of the story - don't ever
hesitate to pick up that machine.

Hope I didn't ramble too much!  Get your machine and enjoy it along with your
DH, SO, whatever.  A happy quilter makes a happy person to be around.

Date: Sat, 26 Aug 95 16:16:00 UTC
Subject: Re: 1630/Jacket Jazz

Thanks, Jacque! I plan to order that first book today. Is this a good way to
use up small pieces of favorite fabrics from finished projects?
Regarding the hoodwinking of husbands. For my part, my husband would never
deny me anything -- even if it meant spending our last dime. Without going
into great detail, my husband has made great sacrifices for me the last five
years and I just plain felt guilty about spending all that money on those
machines, even though two of them I bought with "extra" money I hadn't
expected to get. He now knows that I bought the 1530 on payments, but he's
so pleased with how happy I am to be sewing again, and with what I'm turning
out that he's very happy for me. I have a gem of a husband and would never
totally deceive him, but there are times when it's better to let him think
what he thinks. :)
Let's face it, there are still plenty of women out there who have very
dominant husbands. If they start out that way and we let them, there's not a
lot we can do about it later on. Some women don't mind, and that's their
choice and I would never criticize. Sometimes I wish Jack was more dominant,
then I wouldn't get stuck with taking care of so many burdonsome tasks. :)
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 1995 14:26:03 -0500
Subject: Re: Okay..I give up..What are Jazz Jackets??

>What are they......who are you talking about when you say "she is working
>on another book?  Where do you get the books?/

Nancy - Jazz Jackets are the creation of Judy Murrah, who also is the
education coordinator for the Houston Quilt Festival in November.  She
presently has two books out, "Jacket Jazz" and "Jacket Jazz Encore."  

The jackets are made up of "colorful patchwork techniques created from a
variety of fabrics, in true patchwork style."  ..."many of the patchwork
pieces are made by manipulating a flat piece of fabric into a
three-dimensional form" (quotes taken from the foreword in her first book).

They are really a lot of fun--the hardest part is picking out your fabrics.
Then all you do is follow the detailed instructions and pretty soon (well,
"several" hours later)--you are the proud owner of a Jazz Jacket!

I've been fortunate enough to take several classes from her and have
thoroughly enjoyed making these creations of unique wearable art!  I've been
asked by others to make some for them, too (selling price is aprx $300)--but
have always declined because I'm too busy making them for myself (I've made
7 so far, with plans for more).  

The books are published by That Patchwork Place and should be available in
most quilting shops and some fabric stores, too.

As always--no affilation with the author or the publisher.  I've just
achieved great enjoyment from their creations!

Date: Sat, 26 Aug 1995 14:26:07 -0500
Subject: Re: Bernina DIgest 8/24/95

>Judy Murrah's new book will be out in February 1996 and will be called _And
>Jazz_. If you don't mind my bragging, I know this because my Mystery Jacket 1
>will be in the book as a sample. You can probably guess that I am very excited
>that my jacket was chosen. And I still 'drive' a 930!

Ginny - How neat!  I've wanted to do a Mystery Jacket myself  but just have
never "signed up" because I'm into so much other stuff, too.  I've made 7 of
her other jackets and guess maybe I'll have to give in and do a Mystery,
too!  Hope to see you at the Quilt Festival in Nov!

Date: Sat, 26 Aug 1995 14:26:09 -0500
Subject: Re: 1630/Jacket Jazz

 I plan to order that first book today. Is this a good way to
>use up small pieces of favorite fabrics from finished projects?

Well, I suppose you could--but as for me, it's always been a good excuse to
go out and buy more!  Seriously, the fabrics in the jackets are coordinated
and some have as many as 15 different fabrics!  I tend to coordinate my
colors more than Judy does in her books, but that's just me...I tend to be
conservative on the side of color coordination rather than mixing colors I
don't think go together!  And that's where your personal preference comes
in--and why no two jackets made from the same pattern will look alike.

But one thing you can do with your leftover scraps and manipulations from
your jackets is to make vests out of them.  In fact, in her second book,
Judy has a couple of designs doing this very thing.  Or if you're into belts
(so to speak), you could make a matching belt to go with the jacket--or even
a purse or tote bag.  I also put a few leftovers on the inside of my
jackets, too (and sometimes wish they were reversible because the inside
looks almost as good as the outside).  That's become kind of my "signature"
on my jackets--all my friends have come to expect to see some pieced block
or manipulation on the inside, too (I do this on vests also).

OK - enough of that!  Have fun with your jackets!

Date:         Sat, 26 Aug 95 15:42:04 EDT
Subject:      Re: Bernina Digest 8/25/95

I often hate "me-too" as a post.  But, I was relieved to read that I'm not the
only one dismayed at the need to "hide the Bernina purchase from hubby".
I, too, am pleased that my husband gives personal support to my sewing hobby.
It has been a creative outlet for nearly 30 years (beginning at age 8).  In the
early years of our marriage, I made drapes from sheets and donated fabric; a
coat (cheaply) because, having moved from sunny San Diego to Maryland, I
nearly froze that first winter; and making lots and lots of gifts for family
and friends on a Singer Genie that never did sew well.

Literally when we first got a sum of money unexpectedly, he suggestd a good
machine as a priority.  Little did we know how much it would cost (we grossly
underestimated), but he insisted on high quality, if not top-of-the-line.
I bought a Bernina 1230 nearly 5 years ago and we have never regretted it.
He even went one more and suggested that I get a *real* cabinet made for it.
Later I added a Bernette 334DS.

Now, sometimes I've made more money, sometimes he's made more money, some-
times I've been a stay-at-home mom, and right now I'm a full-time doctoral
student.  But, as adults we jointly make decisions.  And, I'm fortunate in
that he's more of an advocate for my causes than I am (and, I'd like to think
that I'm strongly encouraging him to pursue his interests).  That's part of
what's made this work for 17 years!

Meanwhile, despite drastic salary cuts when I went back to school full-time,
we've never regretted the Bernina money.  And, I try not to envy all the
various feet and accessories.  Someday I'll add to the basics. Meanwhile, right
now I'm content to sew and sew and sew (when I should be studying!!).

Date: Sat, 26 Aug 1995 16:42:09 -0400
Subject: Money Matters

Just back from vacation and enjoyed readinga week's worth of Digests.

The DH/Sewing machine discussion intrigued me.  I am well aware of the
"permission" many women seem to need re new machines -- women I know seem to
need it from themselves more than from DH's etc.

From a financial point of view, I have to agree that in a marriage, we
"should" be able to find backing both emotional and financial for things
which are important to us. 

Personally, I married a man who was about 40, when I was about 30 and had
been living independently for quite awhile.  We muddled thru joint expenses
for awhile before setting up a joint account and budget.  Since we both work,
money from our paychecks go into the joint budgetting proportionally to our
salaries.  Money not needed in the planned expenses is OURS individually to
use as we wish.  We throw extra money in on unexpected or unbudgeted expenses
by agreement.

My personal feeling is I wouldn't come home with a big ticket item as a
surprise but on the other hand, if I have the money, it's mine to spend.
I work for that money!

My mother, who never worked outside the home, was told by her MIL (who also
never worked outside the home), that she was entitled to half her husband's
salary since she did all the household work and the majority of the child

Sorry this is a little long but thought it might give some readers some

Mary Beth
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 1995 17:25:35 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Cost of Machines

> I find some of the discussions about how to hoodwink one's spouse 
> about the cost of Berninas a little bit disturbing and sexist.  

I agree!

I never even thought about asking permission to buy my Bernina. I saw it, it
was a great price, I bought it. I knew I wasn't putting the family into the
poorhouse to buy it, I am worth it.

And Debbie D: you ar not a women's libber woth crazy ideas! 

Subject: Re: Cost of Machines 
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 95 21:49:50 -0400

Thanks, Robin.  I don't think I'm crazy, but I was wondering if some
of the folks out there might think I am.  

Seeing some of the more recent messages, it sounds like there are some
very lucky women out there with some very wonderful husbands!

Date: Sat, 26 Aug 1995 19:22:11 -0700
Subject: Re: Mouthy Quilter

>Does anyone know of any third party books that have been written just on
>Bernina machines?

Know your Bernina by Robbie Fanning
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 1995 20:33:49 -0600
Subject: Bernina Digest 8/25/95

Dear Bernie Lovers,

I don't wish to get flamed but I really feel I have to put in my $.02 on the DH's
BTW that does mean Darling this evening, differing meanings on some days:>
I don't think we really try to hoodwink hubby's per say so much as justifying the
exspense to ourselves. I don't know about others for sure, but my husband  
makes the most per hour in our family.  That doesn't necessarily mean that I'm 
not worth what he makes it just means we can pay the bills:> 

I do make some money part time and when my children are in school I work 
as close to the hours they go to school as I can ( ie: Pin Money}  Besides it 
makes me feel like I can spend some on fabric here and there when I want to,
I justify it to myself:-> 

Besides I have to admit my other self comes out when I can't be creative
and I can be terrible to live with:->  I know a couple of people like me:->

I will have to try a jazz jacket it sounds like fun. I agree with Petchy they 
have to come a little farther West to let some of the rest of us go to Consumer 

Happy bernina Sewing to all,

Date: Sun, 27 Aug 95 02:28:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Cost of Machines

I must say, this has turned into quite the discussion.
I can't help but think that some of us out there don't have it as easy and
so being a little on the deceptive side is a natural.  We learn these things
from out parents, I will be the first to admit, that I am deceptive,
however, I do have a husband that will usually let me have the things I
want.  He has really never said anything about my sewing habit, and that
besides it being a hobby is what it is.  A habit, it is no longer just a
hobby, it is a habit.
However, I would not buy anything that our budget couldn't allow, and so I
feel that if I truly needed it, and it is what I wanted, and I wasn't going
to settle for anything less I would do what I could to get it.  Yes, I sew
for a living, it helps to support my habit, I sell quilted gifts at bazaars
and in consignment shops, this also helps to get rid of the fabric supply,
but my dh is the main breadwinner here, and if I were to make a large
purchase, I would just go out and do it,  I don't feel the need to tell him.
 After all, I do work to, its not just the sewing, but I clean, I cook, if I
had children, I would be taking care of them, his salary is also mine, and
it is our earnings.  If I were to buy a car, yes, I would consult him, that
would be noticeable,  my husband still hasn't noticed my pfaff 1475 cd and I
have had it for 3 years.  Does it bother me that I never told him I
purchased it, I should say not.  If he asks, yes, I would say I bought it
and if he asked how much, I would tell him, since he hasn't asked, I haven't
bothered to tell him, and why should I.  He doesn't need to know everything,
as I don't need to know everything either.
I respect both sides of the coin here, but if you have to be deceptive, go
for it,  if not, great.  thats it!
My two cents,
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 1995 22:57:08 -0400
Subject: Re: Info for a new 1630 owner


There are a couple of ways, I know of, to reduce the size of the lettering on
the 1630 to fit on name labels, etc.  I've used my name, reduced, to sew on
my own labels in my garments!  

The easiest way is to engage your double needle function (check your manual
for location of this icon) in either the 2, 4 or 6.  Only problem with this
is it will reduce the "height" of your lettering, but not the width!
 Preferably, I like to reduce both the stitch width and length, practicing on
a scrap of fabric until I get the look I like!  You can put these into memory
- just remember to make any adjustments to stitch width and length BEFORE
selecting them for memory!   Hope this helps!  Do you have some going off to
school?  Surely camp season is done!

Date: Sat, 26 Aug 1995 21:52:31 -0700
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest 8/24/95

Hi - I just kept asking the dealer.  She gave it to me for $350 plus tax. 
Don't know if that is a buy or not.  My yard sale friend found one for $20.  
So they are out there.  I just wanted a heavy duty machine, and the knee 
lift.  Andrea

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