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August 95

Tuesday, August 1 - Saturday, August 5th

Date: Mon, 31 Jul 95 21:38:30 -0700
Subject: looking for three-step zigzag

I love my 1230, but there is one glaring omission on its stitch panel.
I'm not talking about the new buttonhole that's on the 1260, although
I'd like to have it, but a stitch that was my favorite on my old
machine, the three-step zigzag.  I can't imagine why the designers of
the 1230 left it out.  The serpentine stitch is just not a good
substitute.  I've been trying to program it using fantasy stitches, so
far to no avail.  Does anyone have a suggestion?

-- Anne P
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 1995 19:54:21 -1000 (HST)
Subject: MR + Functions

Thanks Francyne for your reply and thank you for sharing the design 

I talked to the Bernina service guy this afternoon and he said the same
thing.  Functions are not included in MR.  Now why in the world did
Bernina offer MR and not include the settings of our design?  Stitch
balance is an integral part of the design.  IMHO, "Memory" is a joke when
the balance has to be written in a notebook. 

He did say that if enough users wrote to Bernina of America, they just
might do something about it.  I failed to ask him if it's the same for the
1630 (I suspect it is). 

Now that I've whined the MR blues, I'll return to "lurk".

Date: Tue,  1 Aug 95 06:44:00 UTC
Subject: Demo Berninas and other topics

I would love those settings, as I didn't know about that feature.
Gathering on the serger.
Date: Tue,  1 Aug 95 11:08:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Bernina 1630

Patti, thanks for letting me know.  I have begun to see my replies.  It just
took a couple of days to show up and I was used to instant results. e
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 1995 09:20:34 -0400
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest 7/31/95

Hi everyone!
I am going to go to my dealer today to play with the Deco 500.  Haven't
mentioned it yet to the DH, any suggestions?  

Date: Tue, 1 Aug 1995 09:05:23 -0500
Subject: gathering

My serger has a gathering foot, although I've never figured out how to use it
correctly.  OK, I've used it.  But when you are making a dress, you have x
amount of skirt to be gathered to x amount of bodice.  There's an adjustment
you can make on the foot.  Theoretically, you are supposed to be able to
gather and attach in one swoop.  I just didn't want to fiddle with the
adjustments.  It brought back all those old algebra stories.  If Mary is
two years older than her sister Beth who is three years younger than their
mother, which cousin is wearing the green shirt?  I mean, who cares?

I gather with my sewing machine, using crochet cotton.  Of course, you can
buy more expensive gimp, but crochet cotton.  I use  that one foot that has
the little thing on the back.  Anyway, you loop a *long* piece of crochet cotton,
put the loop on that little thing, and then using the blind stitch, sew over
both strands of cotton.  This gives a really easy double, strong thread to
gather.  Once gathered and pinned to the bodice, then I use my serger to attach
it all together.  And since I'm not sitting in front of my sewing machine, I'm
sort of guessing it's the blind stitch.  It's the one that sews straight and
then does a sideways movement.

Well, haven't I been ever so helpful.

Back to work.

Date: Tue, 1 Aug 1995 11:00:43 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Got a "new" machine

The best price I've been quoted for a 1260 is 1999.00
It sounds like a good deal to me!
Date: Wed,  2 Aug 95 00:31:00 UTC
Subject: Deco 500

Today I called the dealer in Ephrata, PA, who had come so highly
recommended. He quoted me an absolutely fabulous price, but wouldn't ship it
to me because of an agreement with Bernina dealers that they can't ship to
other areas than their own.
I feel that this is a violation of the Sherman Anti-trust Act, but how can I
fight it?
I am just sooooo disappointed, and kind of angry. Bernina is forcing me to
do business with someone I don't like or trust. Well, I won't do business
with her. I'll either do without or get another brand, neither of which is
very attractive to me at the moment. ;'(
Does anyone have a way to contact Bernina direct? I'd like to appeal this.
Date: Wed,  2 Aug 95 01:09:00 UTC
Subject: Bernina 1630

I have to agree with you.  I have heard that
there are variuos guides available, which my dealer does not have in stock.  So
you have to orderit, before you can see it and decide if it is worth it.  One
thing that I always wondered about, I wouldn't mind paying for this guide and
that video, ect, if I hadn't bought the top of line machine.  Shouldn't those
things come with the machine?  The lessons were not much use, it really depends
on whether you have a good dealer or not. CA
Date: Tue,  1 Aug 95 19:25:05 PDT
Subject: RE: Bernina Digest 7/31/95

Can anyone tell me if there is a Bernina dealer in Puerto Rico.  I have a 
friend going there on holiday and she would like to know.  thanks, karen t.
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 1995 01:16:10 -0400
Subject: Bernina upgrade

Hello everyone!
   I have had my Bernina 1630 since  October and it does NOT have the upgrade
to sew larger. Should I pay the $150 to have this done?  My machine is in the
shop right now because it was "clicking" as it was sewing and I didn't think
it was feeling well. I did ship it on an airplane, but I don't know if that
had anything to do with it!  I took it to Florida and packed it in the
original box.
    Please e-mail me if you have any opinions about the upgrade :)
Mary Beth
Date: Wed, 02 Aug 1995 10:07:40 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Amazing Trace

Terri (and others who are interested) - I finally got a chance to try out
the Amazing Trace, and here is my impression of the machine.Thhe Amazing
Trace is almost wholly dependent on the skill of the operator. If you are
good at free hand embroidery you can make use of it, but only if the design
you want is too difficult to trace. If you could easily trace it onto a
stabilizer, stitch an outline free hand and fill it in free hand then you
don't need this device.
      It works by the operator tracing a design with a stylus on one side
of a table while the machine is simultaneously sewing the outline. You must
also keep the foot pedal of the machine going at an even speed, plus move
the stylus at an even pace, or your stitches bunch up or get loopy. After
you do the tracing you fill in the outlines by watching the machine and not
the tracing gadget. Sound like free hand embroidery? It does to me. I
decided this appliance was not for me, especially at a price of something
like $380.00. I would rather practice free hand machine embroidery.
     It was also a bit difficult to install, and the table on the macxhine
I used did not move freely. Must stop now before this computer quits.
Date: Wed,  2 Aug 95 14:42:00 UTC
Subject: Bernina 1630

Cynthia, I have the 1630 library and personally I think it is way too
expensive for what drivel we get.  $8.95 here for roughly 8 pages of not too
"hip" stuff.  I have been big time disappointed in it and also with the
Bernina Mag.  I have learned more from these bulletin boards and tv sewing
shoes than from the machine companies.  I still love the machine though, but
feel I need lots more help being "creative". e
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 1995 11:10:21 -0400
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest 7/31/95

I upgraded from a 1090 to a 1260 this past April.  I had some problems with
the needle hitting the bobbin hook to the extent that I was breaking and
burring needles.  Has anyone else had this happen? 

 I took it back to the dealer, she adjusted the boobin hook ( it wiggled ever
so slightly before she worked on it) and I machine quilted and bound a 5'x5'
quilt.  Now, when I was chain piecing a quilt top yesterday, I again noticed
a "metallic" sound.  It appears (with the throat plate off) that the needle
is sliding by the hook, but not hitting it.  Is this normal or am I just
hyper sensitive to the sounds of my machine?  I should say that when I first
noticed this "metallic" sound that I was sewing at 6:30 am in the silence of
a sleeping house...I'm sure some of you can identify!  It sews just fine.

Any comments or input would be appreciated!

Date: Wed, 02 Aug 1995 11:21:43 -0400 (EDT)

I have for sale a Bernette 334DS,  serger.
with 2 additional feet.  (elasticator, and rolled hem)
Manual and guide book.  Excellent condition

Date: Wed, 2 Aug 1995 14:53:21 -0400
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest 5/6/95

Bernina Sewing, Rowley, Ma. is Awesome.  Just went there , 1 hour from home
for lessons on my 1530.The owners were very fair, fun, and gave me a lesson
from 10-12:35.  Invited me back next month to show me and go over everything
I learned.  I have decided to bring my machine for an oiling and checkup at
this time.  Nice.. Look forward to trying everything out.  Machine is better
than I had imagined.

Date: Thu,  3 Aug 95 03:48:00 UTC
Subject: ... no subject ...

Mary Beth,
It would be my opinion that you should have the upgrade.  I don't have a
1630 but I do think that if I did have it, I would pay for the upgrade.
Go for it girl, from what I have read it can't hurt.
Date: Thu,  3 Aug 95 03:48:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest 7/31/95

You are not being hyper-sensitive, I had this same problem back last
October, I took it in and they said it was a timing problem.   I was back 2
days later because the timing was back out.  In the end, my machine was
shipped to Bernina to be fixed, when it came back, I was amazed at the the
little things they fixed as well.  Why they replaced my throat plate,
because it had numerous breakage scratches, they replaced the top thread
holders, and they fixed the hand wheel, the inside compartment had fallen
off, although it didn't have any bearing on how the machine ran.
Take your machine back in, this is not a consistent noise.
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 1995 01:38:46 -0400
Subject: Machine Mania

OK, here's the deal.............. I own a Viking #1 and two sergers (an Elna
and a Pfaff); all of which I am very happy with -- BUT I can't seem to stop
perusing the ads for sewing machines! I have read on these boards how loyal
all you Bernina fans are, and my curiosity is getting the better of
me................. having sewn on my friend's 930, when I saw an ad for an
830, I wanted it immediately despite the $350 asking price, and despite the
fact that I don't really NEED another machine! I tell myself that it will be
for my daughters to use, but really I just want to PLAY WITH IT !!!!!!

Complicating this is the fact that my uncle just offered me the sewing
machine that used to belong to my dear departed aunt, and I excitedly
accepted. I know nothing about it yet, except that it is an older White.

Now, I know some of you out there (maybe alot of you) own more than one
machine, and I guess what I'm asking is  how you justify this to
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 1995 07:01:47 -0400
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest 7/31/95

This has happened to me  too.  Thank you for the advise.  I will check into
this.  I thought it was just me.  Jodie
Date: Thu,  3 Aug 95 12:58:00 UTC
Subject: ... no subject ...

Mary Beth, the upgrade not only allows you to enlarge the designs in the
creative designer in 9mm increments, it also allows you to store more in the
machine (like designs from the software, I think) and the most important is
that it gives you the American "S" in the large alphabet rather than the
European "S".  Those are things to think about....e
Subject: 1530
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 95 11:06:01 PDT

Hi Barb;

I am so happy for you that you have located a good dealer and a bit envious as 
well ;-/.  My dealer is the pits, and knows less than I about Berninas.  I
would appreciate your leting me know about anything exciting for this machine.
Like books written specially about the 1530 or articles, or maybe just a real 
neat stitch that may be demonstarated. I am spoiled by once having had a 
wonderful dealer and great Bernina Club demos. I will then pass on any info to
my friend in Hawaii for whom I just purchased a 1530 and it was sent to her.

Thanks for any help at any time.
Jean P
Date: Thu, 03 Aug 95 15:04:18 
Subject: 930 Question

          Has anyone had any luck perfecting a buttonhole stitch on
          their 930?  My machine suits my needs perfectly at this
          point in time but I would love to be able to use this stitch
          on some folk art pieces rather than doing them by hand.Also,
          no affiliation, but have excellent treatment/service from my
          dealer Gloversville Sewing Center, Gloversville, NY
          518-725-4919.  They maintain a list of folks interested in
          purchasing "second owner" machines and yet offer them the
          same lessons and warranties as a new purchase.  Diana and
          John are very knowledgable and easy to talk to.  If you are
          in their area the shop has a very good selection of 100%
          cotton at reasonable prices.  I have taken classes in their
          large work area upstairs and was very satisfied.  I know
          they have an 800 number but left it at home.  When I
          purchased my machine their policy was to double the warranty
          period so that my machine was covered for two years.  Anyone
          travelling towards the Adirondacks or Saratoga may want to
          make a slight detour to Gloversville and check it out.
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 1995 15:35:13 -0400
Subject: Dealer service &1/4"foot

I just wanted to rave about my Bernina dealer (who was not the one I
purchased my 1230 from, but will be the one I purchase a 1530 from). My
machine was making a strange noise so I called the dealer who will let you
make an appointment to have your machine serviced (it's over an hour away so
I can wait for it there). I discovered that I had a 1/4" foot that was out of
kilter and also that my needle was not actually in the center position so
they centered the needle and gave me a new 1/4" foot. They said that there
have been other problems with that foot, so make sure you check to see if
yours looks straight. So now my Bernina is purring again and I can achieve an
exact 1/4" seam thanks to this wonderful dealer. To anyone in the Capital
district of NYS, I highly recommend the Gloverville Sewing Center. Thank you!
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 1995 18:25:43 -0400
Subject: Re: Brnina Digest 7/31/95


The Place is:

Bernina Necchi Sewing Center
Ave. J. T. Pinero #1586
Caparra Terrace, Pueblo VIejo

(809) 783-3860

I bought my 940 Favorit there.  Enjoy.

Date: Thu, 3 Aug 1995 18:22:09 -0400
Subject: Re: 1630 Rotary Foot

I also love the #21 and #22 feet for "couching" over decorative cords!  Maybe
you can obtain those?

Tired Shelley
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 1995 15:25:13 -0700
Subject: question regarding Model 1130F

Hi everyone,

I am the proud owner of a Bernina 1130. My friend, who has drooled
over my machine for months, finally found a used Bernina. It's a
1130F. The store owner told us that the F is exactly the same as
a 1130 except that it has "sensor buttonhole".  I wanted to find
out two things:

a) Is the 1130F really the same as the 1130?  I'm concerned that
   Bernina might have given it the same model number but really
   changed something drastic under the hood.

b) Is $950 a reasonable price for a used 1130F? The owner says
   it's "like new".  Of course, I plan to try and haggle, but
   just in case he won't budge on the price...

We're going to see it on Saturday, so I'd like to know what I'm
doing before we get there.

Date: Thu, 3 Aug 1995 18:30:46 -0400
Subject: Re: Post a Message

I know this question was addressed earlier, but on the 1090, Sue, I prefer
using the Honeycomb stitch, width 0, length 4 - top tension around 7 or so
with YLI nylon thread in top and cotton thread in bobbin.  Make sure to try
it on two pieces of muslin with batting sandwiched inbetween.  While
practicing, adjust your tension up and down until you get the look you like.

Still tired Shelley 
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 1995 18:44:03 -0400
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest 8/2/95

Hi everyone!

Is there a way to communiticate with Bernina of America online?  I would like
to question them about their mail order policy.  I think that dealers should
be allowed to mail order, but from what I am hearing, Bernina  is not
allowing them to do this.  
I don't think that this is fair.

About the 1530 upgrade, I didn't have that upgrade, haven't missed it.  I
don't know if my dealer could do it, or if I would have to send my machine
back to Bernina.  I don't want to be without my machine right now.  IT is my
best friend.

Date: Thu,  3 Aug 95 23:53:00 UTC
Subject: Deco 500 Angel

I wanted you all to know that networking is a wonderful thing -- as if you
didn't already know that. The dealer in PA with the good prices could/would
not ship to me direct. I was moaning and crying on GEnie, and one of the
wonderful ladies on the Quilting Board came to my rescue. She is going to
pick up my machine &scanner on Saturday and ship it to me. I've always
thought they were a great group of people there, but now I know it for sure.
Hopefully, this time next week I will have it and will have played a little.
Date: Fri,  4 Aug 95 02:17:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest

Cynthia, can you download the messages to read offline?  That is what I do. and
that cuts the cost a lot, and gives you time to re-read them at you leisure, (
i hate watching the clock!) I know some of these topics could maybe go as
E-mail, but there sems like ther is usually interest in the area.   I'll have
to sign my messages Cynthia A., since ther are two of us!  There seems to be
very few Cynthias that do not shorten it to Cindy ( which I don't like and
drives me nuts when people shorten your name for you!) good luck downloading!
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 1995 22:48:34 -0400
Subject: Re: Brnina Digest 7/31/95

Here's the name of the Bernina dealer in PR.  His name is Gene Barbazoa, and
he's quite active on the CIS Crafts Forum.  (He's interested in the Bernina
Fan Club, and will probably be joining us soon!)

	If it's not too much trouble for you could you tell them that there is a
Bernina dealer in PR and that the address and Telephone number is as follows:

	Costura Creativa
	1586 Jesus T. Pinero Ave.
	San Juan, P.R.  00921-1413
	Tel :(809) 783-3860

	We are listed in the yellow pages down here under "Maquinas De Coser"
(Sewing Machines).


Subject: Re: 1630 upgrade
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 1995 23:37:03 -0500 (CDT)

Just had my 1630 upgraded, and I am completely happy with the results.
I didn't do it for the large stitches, I did it for all the "hidden"
things.  Bernina said this upgrade makes the 1630 the soundest machine
on the market, and I agree.  I get a perfect straight stitch and feel
that my machine runs the smoothest it has since I bought it.  It's a
computer, it needs upgrading - go for it.

Bev C
Subject: Re: 1260 problems?
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 1995 23:51:51 -0500 (CDT)

Diagnosing machine problems via email is a new experience for me.  I
sell Berninas, and am used to troubleshooting by phone, so I have a
series of about 400 questions I can ask :^) .  

The most common problem is not cleaning and oiling the machine often
enough.  If you're in tune with your machine you will notice a
difference in sound when it gets dry.  Clean and oil after every
garment, at least after every bobbin, every 20-30 minutes if you're
doing high-speed applique.  However, if you clean your machine
religiously, toss your needle away every 4-5 hours of sewing, and
believe you are having a machine problem, call your dealer and try to
troubleshoot it over the phone.  If you need to bring it back in,
bring samples, and try to work with your dealer.

BTW, the needle _should_ slide by the hook - that's how the stitch is
formed.  If you break needles often, it's possible your machine is out
of time again, and could be hitting.  Your dealer can fix this.

Good luck!
Bev C
Subject: Re: Machine Mania
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 1995 23:56:10 -0500 (CDT)    

There is no justification for this - it's purely self-indulgence.  I
have three Berninas, two Bernina sergers, a Bernina 217, various
antique Singers, and a husband who nods and smiles a lot.  Lucky me...

Indulge yourself.
Bev C
Date: Fri,  4 Aug 95 05:07:00 UTC
Subject: Machine Mania

I no longer justify owning more machines, at one time, I owned an old
singer, a viking, a really old singer, a small chain stitch machine, a four
cone serger, a three cone serger, a blind hemmer, a singer featherweight,
and my pride, a bernina.  Then I added a pfaff.  However, I now own one new
serger, a 2,3,4, cone and am in the process of paying off on another serger
as I really liked my old 4 cone, so I am buying it back, I sold the
featherweight, the old singer, and the viking.  I still own 6 sewing
machines, man that is awful, but one is a serger, one is a chain stitch, one
is a blind hemmer, one is a great computer machine with lots of decorative
stitches and one is the pride.  my bernie.  I use it more than any other
Whether or not, you decide to add a new machine to your collection is
entirely up to you.  Your uncle may be offering you the machine, because he
may not have any other use for it.  A bernina at $350.00 is a good buy.  It
is truly for you to decide whether you will use the machine enough to
justify it.
I am not like most bernina people who will tell you that it is the only
machine to buy as I don't believe that to be true, however, if they ask me
my fav. there is no question.  I have not owned a top of the line viking or
a new home or an elna to tell people enough about whether they will like a
machine.  When I was buying I tested all the machines fair and square, they
all had to pass my set of requirements in order for me to consider them.  I
chose the two that passed the most and have never regretted my decision.
I know I haven't helped you much, but just thought I would say something.
Subject: Re: Machine Mania
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 95 21:54:40 PDT

Having loved my 930 for a very long time I bought a 1530 and let my DIL
buy my 930 at a goooood price, so it would stay in the family.  

But, when I had the 930 I just had to have a Featherweight too!!  Of 
course that was because if I take a class in straight stitching it is 
much easier to carry to class.  

But, then of course, I had to have a good luggage cart to take the Bernina 
to special classes.  

I sort of played the same little game with myself when DH bought me a brand 
new serger, heheheh!!  ;~)  So my DIL got another very good buy!

Those are all the excuses that I can come up with for the time being.  ;0}
Jean P
Date: Fri,  4 Aug 95 12:37:00 UTC
Subject: Machine Mania

 I had to chuckle about your question regarding justification for the
purchase of additional machines. I suspect that very few of us who sew and
buy these machines do it out of necessity. In my mind, that makes it a
hobby. And whoever said that justification is necessary in spending for a
hobby? They are our "toys."
Of course, I see all these Range Rovers driving around Santa Fe and wonder
how they justify spending all that money when I find my Ford Explorer to be
the greatest car that could be, for a third of the cost. :)
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 1995 09:46:52 -0500
Subject: Re: 1630 Rotary Foot

You just came back from Huntsville ALABAMA????? You didn't happen to go to 

Martha Pullen's sewing school???
What classes did you take?  I'm so jealous.  I'm originally from Huntsville, 

Alabama and it was Martha Pullen personally who got me interested in Heirloom 


 Patti J
Date: Fri, 04 Aug 1995 13:55:08 EDT
Subject: Re: G &M Murphy


You have mentioned Ginny and Dennis Murphy from Danbury, CT
once before.  I live in Newtown and would like to know where they 
are in Danbury.  I bought my 1630 from Sew -n- Vac in New Milford, 
which is a very very good machine store but they are not set up 
to talk "sewing". 
Date:          Fri, 4 Aug 1995 14:03:20 EST
Subject:       Machine mania too

Bobbin Case:

Why justify buying a Bernina--even if you have 10 other machines!  As 
my mother always says, if it were a man out buying tools, he'd buy 
the biggest, the best, and as many of them as he could get!  It's 
always seemed like a good rule of thumb to me!  Go for it and don't stop 
at a 930.

For the record, I own an 1130, two Bernina sergers --a 335 and 2000, and a Singer 
featherweight.  My next move is a 1630.

Date: Fri, 4 Aug 1995 12:17:25 -0400
Subject: Amazing Trace

Barbara thanks for your feedback on the Amazing Trace; I have the video and
it looks like fun. Also I was able to pick one up used for $70 and when I get
the time to play with it, I will report back. 

The woman who sold it was already accomplished at free machine embroidery; it
had been a gift to her from her children who probably did not understand that
her skill was beyond needing it. However her impression after trying it out,
was that it would be a good way for a beginner to "get her feet wet" because
the hoop moved more smoothly attached to the Amazing Trace. (I understand
this was not your experience at the dealer's; maybe they didn't have it set
up as well as they might)

After watching the demo tape, DH commented that it seemed to be well-made and
well thought out in design; (the mechanic in him) but the price was too high.
(retail price)

As I say, I have yet to get mine out of the box (summer vacation and all;
kids home and relatives visiting) but when I do I'll critique it back here
since no one seems too familiar with this new attachment.

P.S. I love your Groucho Marx quote!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Subject: 1530 Upgrade?????
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 95 11:05:08 PDT

Roni mentoned a 1530 upgrade.  Did she mean a 1630 upgrade or did 1530
have one too???  Thanks,
Jean P
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 95 14:26:27 EDT
Subject: Advertising

Has anyone noticed that Bernina did not advertise in at least the last
issue of SEW NEWS and THREADS?  I wonder if it might be because of the bad
press on the 1630.
I'm trying to make up my mind whether to send my 1630 to  Bernina to have
the gears changed &get the $150. update, or to trade it in for a 1530.  Of
course the 1630 is paid for and to trade to a 1530, I'd have to put out
extra cash since my machine is now "used."  Just now, it's making the
click-clack sound that another person on this digest mentioned.  Jill, you
seem to be very happy with the updates.  Eventually, I'd like to get an
embroidery only machine (maybe the Janome - New Home, if the come out with
such an animal) which would take of my particular creative cravings.

Ruth B
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 1995 20:31:04 -0400
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest 8/3/95

Sewing Center.  She is right that they are very nice people to deal with,
even having a toll free number for those of us a little long distance from

my "gone on vacation" dealer and called me offering to pick up the 1/4" foot
I was hungering for.  Thanks again.
Date: Sat,  5 Aug 95 00:26:00 UTC
Subject: Re: 1260 problems?

Change needle every 4 or 5 hours?  I have never heard that one, I faithfully
change after every 8 hours and oil as well.  I didn't realize I should be
oiling after every bobbin change,  can you explain why this would be
Date: Fri, 04 Aug 1995 21:46:51 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest

   > I'll have to sign my messages Cynthia A.,
   >since ther are two of us!  There seems to be very few Cynthias that do
   >not shorten it to Cindy ( which I don't like and drives me nuts when
   >people shorten your name for you!)

No, there's THREE of us who refuse to trade the elegance and beauty of
"Cynthia" for the insipidity of the ubiquitous "Cindy".
     No need for the "A", though--I think we'll keep one another straight!

Cynthia E.
Date: Sat,  5 Aug 95 02:30:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Bernina Digest 8/2/95

I, too, would like to communicate with Bernina. Not only isn't it fair to
force customers to deal with someone they would otherwise choose not to do
business with, but it doesn't reward the good dealers with the extra
business they would have as a result. Right now our only alternative is to
have to rely on an angel such as I found to pick up my Deco 500 for me, OR
to go to another brand.
My hope is that the "bad" dealers would shape up as a result of the
competition. Isn't that what our economic system is all about? :) In my
case, there is one dealer for the whole state of New Mexico. If that isn't a
gift of a monopoly, what is? This is a very large state, geographically
(fifth largest), but the population isn't much over a million. But I wonder
how many dealers there are in more highly populated areas? Do they limit
them that way?
Sorry to rant, but this has been very frustrating for me. I don't even want
to buy a spool of thread or pay for a class at this dealer because I'm so
resentful of giving her any money.
Subject: Re: 930 Question
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 1995 22:17:12 -0500 (CDT)     

The basic formula for a buttonhole stitch (blanket stitch) on a
mechanical machine is to use your blind hem stitch, set your stitch
length very short, about 1 +/-, and your stitch width 2-1/2 to 3.  For
best results use 30-weight cotton embroidery thread (I prefer
Mettler).  You'll have to experiment and fine-tune according to your
fabric.  Good luck!

Bev (on other half's account)
Date: Fri,  4 Aug 95 20:14:03 PDT
Subject: Bernina Mania/Versus Manic/Depressive

Well, I did it today...I got the PC Software interface for the 1630.
It was expensive, but I was at Frys California Huge TechoNerd 
Electronic-Nut Paradise Store here in the Bay Area, with my 16 year
old son who was buying computer games and peripherals, and I was
feeling antique, dumpy, computer illiterate, and pushing 50 :-)
We swung by my Bernina dealer's shop on the way home, and I did it!
I also ordered the English eyelet embroidery kit.  All this made
me happy, inspired me to lose 20 puouds, and gave me confidence to
get going on those measurements for "Dressshop 2.0" that my DH gave
me last week.  I asked my 16 year old on the scale of 1-10, with 1
being old-fashioned, 10 being totally cool, where I fell.  He said
"Oh, 2.5, no, a 3".
I have 3 teenagers!  Thank you, God, for my Bernina, which beats
Prozac and chocolate for making me feel better!
Yes, buy that Bernina.  It leads to a healthier life style.

Jill, walking daily, 6 miles/week
Date: Sat, 05 Aug 1995 08:31:59 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Advertising

Yes, I have noticed that Bernina has not been advertising in Sew News or 
Threads. I mentioned it online a while ago, and also asked my dealer about
it. She said Bernina has a new policy of going after the beginning sewing
market and not catering much to more experienced sewers. Don't know
if this could be the reason for the lack of ads. Where WOULD they advertise?
Hey, maybe beginners wouldn't notice any flaws in the 1630.

Date: Sat, 5 Aug 1995 11:01:43 -0400
Subject: Re: Machine Mania

It really is hard to justify multiple machines, but my usual answer is that
if I see a machine that is cheap enough I can't resist. I love my Bernina,
but it really is too heavy to take to classes, so I bought a featherweight
(at a yard sale for $20, but it did need some fixing). Then I bought a Singer
301A for $20 at a yard sale, because I thought the featherweight was too
valuable to drag around to classes. I bought another 301A for $20 at a
Salvation Army because it had the attachments, and I figured I could use it
for parts for my first one. Then I just bought a Singer Genie for $6 because
it's light and portable and also does a zigzag and blind hem stitch. See how
easy it is to make excuses?? However if I could have only one machine there
would be no question it would be my Bernin 1230 - I love it! Now, if I  could
only find a lightweight Bernina... Sue M.
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 1995 10:44:18 -0400
Subject: Re: Machine Mania

Quit feeling guilty.  You are a discriminating collector.  You just happen to
collect sewing machines instead of Waterford, old golf putters, fishing
lures, or salt shakers, etc.  Wait until you hear of an original Wilcox &
Gibbs as I did recently.  I, too, didn't need another machine to USE, but I
did need it for my collection.  Actually, it looks great with my fabric
collection and was recently featured in a display at our annual quilt show.
 Also, pick up a copy of the most recent issue of Ladies Circle Patchwork
Quilts.  It features the sewing machine collection of  Frank Smith, which is
now a museum.  There's a great quote in the article: "Initially women were
not thought to be smart enough to use the [sewing] machinery."  And think,
how many men would be happy with the same car for 10-20 years?  My DH
replaces his car every 3 years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first.  Happy
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 1995 06:41:51 -0700
Subject: Dealer Recommendation

Hi everyone,

I've been searching for a new dealer--I WILL NOT set foot in the shop 
where I bought mine again.  I took my 1090 there for service and it 
hasn't been the same since(and they are nasty besides).

Does anyone know anything pro or con about "Traditions at the White 
Swan"  in Hagerstown, Md.???  I talked to them yesterday at a quilt 
seminar and they seemed quite nice.  (When I told the owner I had a 
1090 she said "How's the baby?"  That certainly pushed the right button 
for me.)

I thought I would ask the people "in the know" on the net to see if 
anyone has had any experience with this dealer.  Thanks for your help.

Date: Sat, 5 Aug 1995 12:45:24 -0400
Subject: Re: Advertising

To Ruth,
Bernina did advertise in the latest Quilter's Newsletter Magazine (I received
mine yesterday).
I would definitely recommend the gear change &update for your 1630. I
recently traded up from my 1530 to my 1630, and I haven't regretted it for an

Happy Sewing,
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 1995 21:43:36 -0500
Subject: Re: Advertising

>Yes, I have noticed that Bernina has not been advertising in Sew News or 

Got my latest copy of Sew News today - and Bernina has at least two large
ads--guess they changed their mind and decided to aim for the experienced
sewers (seamstresses?) after all!


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