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Tuesday, January 6

Subject: Re: Boiled Wool
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 08:58:12 -0800

Dear Cindy,
    As I understand it boiled wool is not really boiled.  It is wool
that has been felted.  The fabric to be felted can be woven, knitted or
you can felt with wool straight from the fleece.  I have only felted a
little bit.  My experience with felting wool fabric was mixed.  Some of
the fabric felted beautifully and some of the fabric felted only a
little bit.  I think that the looser the weave and the more loosely spun
wools felted better.   It does not have to be 100 percent wool but a
lady in a yarn store told me that success is less predictable below 80
    I did all my felting in a Maytag washer.  Warm, water and soap and
agitation are the key ingredients for felting. You control the felting
by checking it often and removing the fabric when it is felted as much
as you want.  One piece of wool, 100 per cent, felted beautifully except
that the edges were kind of ruffly.  If I had it to do over I would run
a slight gathering thread along the edges of the fabric before I started
the process.  I did add a gathering thread after I realized what was
happening but it was too late to gather in the edges.  This fabric is so
wonderful that it never made it back to my sewing room.  We use it like
a cosy, though itchy cover up for couch potatoes.  I love it.  When
using it outside it is so dense that the wind does not go through as
easiily as it would on a blanket.
    There are several new books out on felting.  The best directions I
got on felting were over the phone from our Extension office.     I know
very little about this area but I sure had fun.  You never quite know
what you'll get from a piece of fabric.  I wish I knew the titles of the
books.  If you need more info let me know.
Date: Fri, 02 Jan 1998 08:58:56 -0600
Subject: Re: Patterns for Disabled, Elderly

To all  Interested in this topic, I called my resource that I refer all my
disabled friends & patients to and received the following links that may be of
help to you who need to know:   this is ICAN of Arkansas Increasing Capibilities Access Network.  You can email Dale Turrentine at
 I hope this can be of help.  I personally do not have any info but one of 
these may be able to help.

Happy Sewing,
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 09:35:57 EST
Subject: What do I need to put pictures on fabric?

Happy New Year Bernina friends,

The daughter of a friend is getting married in June and I'd like to make her a
wall hanging size fabric collage of pictures of her and her fiance from
childhood to the present.

I've never been interested before in doing this type of picture to fabric
work, but this would be the perfect occasion. I have an HP 722C color ink jet
printer. I don't have a scanner, but hope to get one in the spring. Do any of
you have advice as to what I need to do this project and any alternatives if I
don't get the scanner?

Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 14:48:10 EST
Subject: # 85 Foot

Does anyone have the #85 foot, it is supposed to attach ready made bias
binding.  I have the bias binder attachment, it is ok, but I still can't get
it to work right. I thought this other foot might work better
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 22:59:28 EST
Subject: AG Patterns

In response, the American Girl patterns can also be purchased from Pleasant
Company; 1-800-845-0005.  You can also purchase patterns for 18" dolls from
the Clotilde catalog.  Hope this helps!!
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 07:06:33 +0100#005#
Subject: Re: Pro Glide Iron

Hi Lori,
Our shop sells the Bernina Pro Glide Iron and we love them.  We use them in
all of our classes too which means there are some "sticky" situations with
fusing agents but they always come out fine when cleaned.  We've been
selling them for a long time - since they became available. When there is a
problem, we ship them to Bernina for repair and get them back in fine
condition.  When you purchase your iron, be sure to fill out the warranty
card, keep your sales receipt and the box just in case.  You will love it!!
Subject: Artista and Computer
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 21:46:28 -0600

I bought the Artista, embroidery module and program.  I have really enjoyed
playing with them.  The only thing I was unable to do is to transfer the
picture from the embroidery module card to the computer. Has anyone tried to
do this and been successful.  I perchased the new Outdoorsman card for the
embroidery module and those pictures I am unable to transfer to the
computer.  Any help would be deeply appreciated.  Diana
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 10:09:40 -0600
Subject: Softwear Productions Website

Thanks to all who wrote to let me that Softwear Productions DOES have a web
site.  Shows that technology is moving faster than I am!
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 23:40:48 EST
Subject: buying a serger

I am going to be able to buy a serger as a belated Christmas gift. I would
like your input on what to look for when I go to make this purchase. Perhaps
your experience with your serger will be helpful. Thanks for your help.
Subject: Re: Pro Glide Iron
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 13:47:34 -0500

Dear Lori.

I've had the Bernette Pro Glide Iron for many years maybe as many as ten
years.  i previously had 2 Rowenta's and was very unhappy with them as they
spit and leaked from the very beginning...I know other's have had success
with their Rowent's but I never did.  I have not had one speck of trouble
with my Pro Glide and it is the oldest iron I've ever had.  I used to go
through irons every two or three years.  I have many friends who have the
Euro Pro  and have seen it demonstrated.  It's my opinion that it would be
the best of all worlds but given the difference in price...I'm extremely
happy all these years later with my Pro Glide.

Subject: 180software installation problem
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 09:31:48 -0500

TO: Carol 

Your address was not posted on your message, so I hope this gets to you.
Lets keep in touch when we have an answere to why the software installation 
just stops and sends an error message.  I just called Bernina but they are 
closed today.  Looks like we will have to wait till next week.  I teach new 
owners machine classes.  While I know a lot about a sewing machine, I am not a
computer "expert"  I suspect a bad disk.  Why else would software install just
fine and suddenly not recognize one of the disks. Melissa 
Date: Fri, 02 Jan 1998 12:05:44 -0800
Subject: Covered clothes hanger

Hi Tia

Sue Hausmann's book, ART OF SEWING series 300 has comp[lete pattern and
instructions for covered hangers.  .  The address I have for the book is

11760 Berea Road
Cleveland, OH 44111-1601

"ART OF Sewing.

E mail me if you have trouble finding it.  It has a number of easy
projects in it.

Subject: New Machines
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 20:29:46 -0600

I have been lurking in the BFC for about a month now.  I only added my 2
cents worth once, about buckwheat hull pillows (I watch a lot of Martha
Stewart, no relation).  I have had a 930 for 15 years, one of the first, no
needle down, my only learning how to machine stipple
coincided with the impending release of the new machines...having learned
not to buy the first of a new line (needle down was added, I think, six
months after I bought mine),,,and not really feeling I could afford the new
line, and not being able to resist the markdowns on the 1630, I bought one.
 I had intended to trade my 930 in, but found that I could no sooner let
that machine go than one of my children, I kept it, and am glad.  I have
also recently purchased a 2000DCE, I don't know why...I think a higher
power has a plan.  I'm curious to see what it is.  I used to sew clothes,
but for the past 12 years have just quilted.  I am hoping to find out what
all the 1630 and the serger will do. I'm also new to this internet thing,
and enjoy one more reason not to do all the things I SHOULD be
New Year's Resolution is to find some balance...wish me luck!
Date: Fri, 02 Jan 1998 21:54:47 -0500
Subject: polar Fleece

Hi everyone,

I know that polar fleece has been discussed before, but I do have a
question.  Is it necessary to line the jacket of polar fleece?  The pattern
I have calls for the lining, but I hesitate because it might be too warm.
Also, who knows the best closure to use for the jacket?  Should it be
toggle clossures, buttons or zippers?  Which of these do you find to be
easier or more efficent?  You can e-mail me privately if you like.  TIA

Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 17:55:48 EST
Subject: Attaching Dust Ruffles with Velcro

Attach the velcro strip that is rough and snaggy to the bed and attach the
smoother strip of velcro to the ruffle as it is easier to launder when its not
snagging on the fabric in the washtub.  You can tell I don't read the
packaging -- I don't know the hook from the loop.  But I can FEEL it.

Have a nice day,
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 16:07:14 EST
Subject: Bernina 1630 For Sale

FOR SALE TO BEST OFFER:  Bernina 1630 with Update '96, straight-stitch plate
and Bernina Designer Software Version 2 with cable.  Original instruction
manuals, video, feet, complete toolbox with bobbins, needles, brushes, oil,
etc.  Will pay packing/shipping within continental U.S.  
Date: Sat,  3 Jan 1998 17:09:46, -0500
Subject: Ironing Systems

To those discussing irons/ironing systems.  We sell the Euro Pro at 
our store.  I don't have one, but use the one at the store when I 
need to.  It irons great, but it is loud & the ironing surface is too 
small.  When I was back at Bernina University this last summer, 
Bernina had an ironing system displayed that I fell in love with.  
Have any of you seen it or used it?  It's really expensive...SRP is 
$799 but it is gorgeous.  It has a large ironing surface, folds flat 
and has wheels on the back legs for transporting.  It is very quiet, 
and the iron itself is shaped like a professional iron, I really 
liked the feel of it.  It didn't go over real well when I told my 
husband I fell in love w/ an $800 iron.  I really preferred it in 
several ways to the Euro Pro, just wish it wasn't out of my price 
range.....maybe some day.

Date: Fri, 02 Jan 1998 13:22:43 +0000
Subject: Re: Model 730 Record

Don...I would think parts are still available for a 730.  I picked up a 520 at
a tag sale several years ago that didn't do a single stitch.  My Nina wizard 
worked on it and $75 later, I have a great machine that does 13 decorative stitches and was built in the earlt 50's.
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 1998 21:06:06 -0600
Subject: Re: Pro Glide Iron

>Anyone have one of the Bernette Pro Glide Plus irons?  I'm fed up with
>Rowenta's.  I've had two and neither one has worked well for different
>I'm not sure what I'm going to try next.

I, too, had a Rowenta and the steam is terrible.  I have a Bernette Pro
Glide Plus and like it a lot.  The steam is great.

Subject: 1090...
Date: Sun, 04 Jan 1998 20:55:33 EST

Dear Vickii:

I'm still mourning for my 1090 that I traded in and up was an
outrageous machine, and I miss you have a chance to get one for a
good price, *go* for it!!!  You'll never be sorry!


Also: what experience if any, have any of you had using the John Flynn
Quilting Frame to be used with your sm?  The picture of him machine
quilting looks like he's using an older bernina, maybe a 930?

Anyway, does anyone like it or not, and what would you say about it?  I'm
very curious, but don't want to buy another thing that I might not like
and therefore not use.....

Date: Sun, 4 Jan 1998 16:07:34 -0500
Subject: 4-Poster doll bed

While traveling to New England, this past fall, I accidentally happened
upon a doll shop.  Someone on this list had mentioned wanting a four
poster doll bed.  I did get one , in fact They had many sizes and
styles.  If interested E-mail me for the address. ~~~~Grace from
beautiful  Pa., where the weather is unusually warm for this time of
Subject: Stuff
Date: Sun, 04 Jan 1998 10:59:01 EST

To Ted & Karen:

Re:  your recently acquired Bernina can never go wrooong with
a Bernina.  I have an 830 that sews like a dream.  Also, have other
machines that are over 100 years and sew like no body's business!  I
think the vast majority of sm owners appreciated the wonderful tool &
instrument they had and took care of them.  That's why we can find so
many really old machines that are wonderful...

Good Luck with it,


Also, I keep looking at the 180 flyer I this dangerous?  Could
this be what's causing me to have restless nights, dreaming of beautiful
artistically embroidered wonders?   Hummmm....
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 22:04:55 EST
Subject: AG Doll Knitting Patterns

I have several sites I use for American Girl Doll knitting patterns. Be happy
to share with any of you!    Kasie 
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 15:05:19 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: Pro Glide Iron

I've had a Pro Glide for 5 years and it is absolutely wonderful. I've never
had a Rowenta, so I've nothing to compare the Pro Glide with, but it has
been great. . .good steam. I'd buy another.

Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 07:09:34 +0100
Subject: Re: Model 730 Record

Hello Don,
Your dealer (when you find one) will have a Blue Book for sewing machine
price worth according to model, year, brand, etc...  To find your nearest
dealer go to the Bernina Home Page, they will email you inofrmation.
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 07:25:08 EST
Subject: AG Doll CLothes

In a message dated 98-01-02 16:34:47 EST, you write:

>> Where can I find the American Girl Patterns?  Please help!  Thanks, jayne

You can call American girl for the catalog and get their patterns or any
sewing store  will carry doll clothes which will fit any 18" doll.|
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 13:38:47 -0700
Subject: Kristine's Bernina Manual

I can't believe it! I've got one of the manuals that Kristine wrote and was
telling us all about. :) It arrived a couple of days ago, and it's really
nice. For all of you who are wondering if it's a good investment, I really
think it is. There is room on the backs of the pages to attach the samples
made from the instructions, a very handy way of being able to refer back.
In addition, the manual has separate instructions for most of the "classic"
Berninas, as well as for the newest models. It's so easy to figure out
which directions to follow! I'm really looking forward to being able to do
all the various samples for my own reference; since I don't live near a
source, I'll be ordering some of the few specialty items (needles, etc.)
and doing a few projects at a time.

Subject: Wedding Dress
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 10:48:45 -0600

I made my daughter's wedding dress using the "Singer Sewing for Special
Occasions" book and it was great.  I made a muslin first and fit and
changed from that.  Made it much easier.  I just used an old soft sheet to
do the bodice.  It really draped well and I just added pieces and cut some
out as I fit.  It was much easier to make the correct pattern after we knew
how it would fit.  I also used a combination of different patterns. 
Sleeves from one, neckline from another. etc.

It really worked out great and using throw away material saved a lot of

Email me if you have another questions.

Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 09:32:40 EST
Subject: 930 bobbins

Hello, I'm a frequent lurker.  I have a Bernina 930.  This past weekend, I was
at the local Bernina shop and picked up some bobbins, with 7 holes.  Now, I
have been using the cheapies that I got from JoAnn's.  I didn't know any
better, but recently there was talk about the bobbins on the list.  So I got
some and the bobbins aren't winding all the way.  And they don't fit flush in
the bobbin case.  Just like the cheapies fit.  The lady at the shop handed me
these bobbins, said they were for a 930.  Are the bobbins supposed to be like
this?  Not winding all the way and not fitting in flush?
Date: Sun, 04 Jan 1998 23:44:36 -0500
Subject: Re: Ideas for machine table?

Kathy   wrote:

>I have been saving my old 540 flatbed cabinet for a few 
> years... it's really taking up valuable space, and I'd 
> really like to either have another use for it, or think of
> something to do with it.

Good Golly! SELL IT!!! A lot of us would LOVE to have that table. State
where you live (generally, of course) and ask for private e-mail

Date: Sun, 04 Jan 1998 22:31:49 -0700
Subject: bike apparel patterns

I am looking for any pattern or companies that might make patterns for
bicycling apparel.  I want to sew some biking clothes for my husband,
and the only thing I've found is bike shorts from Kwik Sew.  He's
especially interested in shirts and vests, you know the ones with the
longer tail in the back, and with the special skinny lycra binding
around the sleeves and waist.  These types of clothing fit differently
than just regular tee-shirts or other clothing, but since it is all
soooooo expensive, we can't tell just how they are supposed to fit (or
I'd just try to make it all up myself).  Anyway, he's worn the shorts
(with the seat padding) I've made for him for several years now, and
he's been bugging me for some shirts, etc. to go with the shorts.  If
anyone has any ideas to share, or if you've seen a site on the net,
please share it with me.

Subject: software problems
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 07:17:53 -0500

To Reneah  
Thanks for responding but I am ok now.  There must be little monsters 
somewhere to test my patience.  I reloaded all and it went fine with no 
gliches.  In the process of learning this awesom software. Melissa  
Date: Sun, 04 Jan 1998 23:39:49 -0500
Subject: Re: Ideas for Machine Tables

My son uses one of my old tables to set his bass guitar amplifier on. I
know alot of people use them as regular furniture tables. Perhaps make a
nice cover like we do for those wobbly round tables? Just a few ideas.

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