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Sunday, January 4

Subject: Not Open
Date: Thu, 01 Jan 1998 17:59:45 EST

Dear Melody:

I've learned my lesson the hard way, to *always* call before going
somewhere that could be Open...or Closed!  I went through Hell & High
Water once to get to a certain wonderful fabric store....I got lost, and
more lost, and finally....I got there.  They were closed because of an
electrical problem!!!  Was I, I learned to Call First!!! 
(Let my fingers do the work).  Sorry you had that disappointment; I know
how it feels!

Mary getting ready to watch the ball fall (on TV!)  I
can't believe those hardy souls out there in the cold, waiting!!!

A Happy, Healthy wondeful 1998 to all of you Nina fans and family!  May
1998 hold a 180E for us each !!!!  
Date: Thu, 01 Jan 1998 13:17:11 -0700
Subject: Re: Invisible Thread

>  I have tried many different
> brands and all the different methods I've heard of to make this stuff easier
> to work with, but NOTHING really seems to help - it STILL keeps getting
> tangled up and causing a big thread jam in my 1230! I was temporarily very
> happy with the Sulky polyester brand I got from Pinetree, but as it's
> getting further down on the spool, seems to be working much less well -
> think it might be due to the fact that the thread has more curl as it gets
> closer to the spool. I know this brand is available in larger quantities
> (this is just the regular small size spool) and wondered if that might work
> any better? Any suggestions would be most welcome

Sue,Have you tried keeping a little "thread sock" [can't remember what these 
are called] on the thread spool so that only one row of thread comes off at a
time?  One of these came with a very large spool of invisible thread that I bought, and when I was having a really hard time with the smaller YLI spool, I put this sock on the spool, and my problem seemed to be solved.
I also only wind the bobbin about 3/4 full.  It also tends to unwind, and
needs this empty space in the bobbin to work well, it seemed.

Date: Thu, 1 Jan 1998 12:34:49 -0800
Subject: AG doll patterns

Simplicity # 8211 and #9381 have many styles to choose from for the AG
doll. There are a couple of nice ones in McCalls too. Look for patterns
that are for an 18" doll. There is also a great book  that has
instructions and patterns for 30 plus garments and accessories: Fancywork
and Fashion's BEST DOLL CLOTHES BOOK by Joan Hinds and Jean Becker. I
have used all of the above and have created some adorable outfits. They
are all easy to make.

Date: Thu, 01 Jan 1998 12:58:20 -0700
Subject: Ideas for machine table?

I have been saving my old 540 flatbed cabinet for a few years.  My
machine is now in an industrial table, but I've kept this cabinet for
some reason.  Does anyone have any ideas for it?  I just use it to store
things on the top of.  It is a hard wood cabinet where the sewing
machine sat flush with the top.  I did a lot of quilting, and it was
nice to have this stable cabinet to brace the weight of the quilt.  I
kept the cabinet in case I didn't like the new system, but after two
years, I like it.  I just don't want to throw this away, though.  The
sewing machine would fold down on hinges so that the lid would  close.
There is a little shelf with places for thread spools on the front
door.  The legs don't detach, so it's really taking up valuable space,
and I'd really like to either have another use for it, or think of
something to do with it.

Please help me with some of your thoughts on uses for this cabinet.

Date: Thu, 1 Jan 1998 12:59:40 EST
Subject: Re: American Girl Patterns

    I am very much a beginner at sewing, and what attracted me to the craft
was the prospect of sewing for dolls in general, and American Girl dolls in
particular.  I belong to a group of AG-collectors and the fit of commercial
patterns is something that gets discussed at length.  Generally, the patterns
sold by Pleasant Company have a reputation of being unnecessarily complex.
The big commercial pattern companies have all come out with duplicates of some
of the outfits for the historical dolls, and there are other, less well-known
historically accurate patterns available through mail order that usually get
rave reviews from the group for their superior fit.  I don't want to go into
details on this not-strictly Bernina subject, but if you e-mail me directly I
will be glad to pass on the information I have.

    My very first projects on my Virtuosa 160 were a bunch of Halloween
outfits for the dolls:  witch and pumpkin, from the Simplicity pattern,
followed by Felicity's summer dress, again as adapted by Simplicity.
Knitting is another of my passions, so I am eager to learn to make separates
like pants and skirts for the dolls, in order to mix and match them with
sweaters.  Lucky for me, I have three daughters and we collectively own nine
AG's, so I will keep busy for a looooong time,

Subject: ?loading 180 software
Date: Thu, 1 Jan 1998 23:46:26 -0500

I was loading the 180 software tonight for customizer and designer and it 
stopped at disk 5. A message read"Setup cannot find a file on the specified 
path or disk. Pls check that proper disk is installed or specify a new path" 
Does anyone have any solutions? I don't know why it would not recogonize the 
path that it had been installing to. I did have the proper disk in. I tried
Artista and no go. Melissa 
Date: Thu, 1 Jan 1998 21:35:40 EST
Subject: Padded Clothes Hangers

I would like to make some padded clothes hangers.  There are dozens of
patterns for these, but can't find the wooden clothes hangers.  Does anyone
have a source for these?    Thanks,  Rose
Date: Thu, 1 Jan 1998 17:58:34 EST
Subject: Re: Dust Ruffles

I missed this information on attaching the velcro on box springs....would you
please post it again?

Thank you.

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