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December 1997

Sunday, December 21 - Saturday, December 27

Date: Sat, 20 Dec 1997 09:52:38 -0500
Subject: 1090

I have an opportunity to purchase a mint condition 1090 for $ 699.00.
Am trying to decide on buying it and selling my 1020.  Any comments?  (I
also have a 1230 which is my "main" machine).  The other is my backup.
Subject: re: quilting stitch on 1530
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 1997 09:18:22 -0800

> but it does *not* have that hand look quilting stitch.    I wasn't too
concerned about that as I have another machine that does have that stitch so I
don't miss it
on the 1530....but if you main thing is quilting, you might want to consider a
machine with the quilting stitch on it.>

Mary you do have the fantasy "quilting stitch" on your 1530.  You do have to
play around with it according to the fabric and thread you are using.  On mine
I used G2/7, SW=0, balance +2, SL=4, tension = 7 with Metrosene silk finish
cotton on bobbin.  Rayon thread on bottom looks very nice too.

Merry Christmas.

Date: Sat, 20 Dec 1997 09:00:46 -0700
Subject: 1260QPE For Sale and great price on some Bernina feet

I just traded my 1260QPE in for a 1630 so if anyone is looking for  a 1260
that has been gently used for a very short time (just over two months) it
is available. And what a wonderful machine (however, I wanted more...). I
gather they are scarce.  My dealer is in Canada, not too far from the US
border, she has shipped machines to the US in the past.  The Canadian
dollar is so weak right now that someone in the US could probably get a
good price. If you are interested please email me and I will send her name
and phone #.

Also, I was visiting the Softwear Productions web site
( and they have a few Bernina feet available, I
recall that the 1/4" foot was $12.95.  What a great deal!

 where I would rather play with my new toy than do
Christmas baking or clean my house...
Subject: Re: Artista 180 Demo
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 21:29:28 -0600


Glad you're still willing to purchase the 180 after the bad demo you had on
the machine.  :D

The straight stitch looks wonderful on my machine!  Haven't had any problems
with the tension at all either.

As far as I know the machines tensions were set for using 50 weight Mettler
brand thread.

It comes with a small manual until the full manual is available.  The reason
the manuals are late in coming is because they are being written here in the
U.S. instead of in Switzerland and then converted to english.  Well worth
the wait in my opinion.

You should get 8 feet with your machine and then 2 free feet of your choice.
It also comes with a seam guide.

When you get the embroidery unit you're supposed to get the alphabet
embroidery card with it, the large hoop, small free arm hoop and foot #9.
It comes with 18 preloaded designs in the machine itself.  You also get the
plastic templates for the large and small free arm hoop too.

I have the embroidery unit and the software and I'm already in love with
both of them!  The software is incredibly easy to use too.

Don't worry Vicki, I don't think you'll have a problem bonding with your
machine either!!  :D

Hope this helped clear some things up for you.


Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 12:49:50 EST
Subject: Re: Whining Machine

In a message dated 97-12-21 06:46:36 EST, you write:

>> My 830 has been doing the same for the past few months.  I am assuming it
 is a motor problem, and hav not had it checked. >>
Take your machine to a repair shop--sounds like the motor brushes may be
going.  Don't ask me how I know :-> !
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 12:48:43 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Need Serger Advice

It took me years to finally get a serger.  I finally got the 334DS Bernina
(the year before they quit making it).  It is a bright star of my sewing
room.  I wish I had bought one YEARS ago!!!!!!  Don't know what to use it
for?  I just finished making 3 robes (2 from blanket sleeper fabric, 1 from
polar fleece) and used my serger for the seams at the sleeves, sides, sewing
the yolk sections to the gathered bottom part in a nice finished look, etc.
I have made TONS of stuff with the serger.  NOT just knits either.
Corduroy, denim, linin type fabrics, cottons, flannel are wonderful when you
FINISH with a serger.  I serge all of them before I wash and dry so they
don't unravel apart..and then I serge all my seams when I sew.  

It is the most wonderful machine invented..other than the sewing machine
itself.  AND it sews at 1500-1700 stitches per minute..WOW.  I made about 15
pairs of shorts for the grandkiddies and tons of pants out of that
non-wrinkle cotton twill fabric (which unravels horribly) and just zipped
everything together.  

It won't take you long before you won't know HOW you ever lived without a
serger.  It is a necessity in my sewing room!

Good luck!
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 97 12:25:44 EST
Subject: Japanese Quilt book

A friend will be in Japan for two months working at the Olympics.  I wish to
ask him to buy me any indigo or blue old cotton kimonos he may find to make
a quilt.  I have been trying to buy the book Japanese Quilts, but it is out
of print. I fell in love with the quilts and wanted to show him a picture of
them.  Does anyone have a copy they would sell to me?

Japanese Quilts by Jill Liddell & Yuko Watanabe, 1988, E.F. Dutton

Thanks and have a great holiday.

Subject: finger guard
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 09:37:32 -0500

I wanted the finger guard when teaching my 4 year old daughter to use my
1230.  I talked to my dealer and her info was that it only came with a foot
which I did not want.  SBut she put in a order for the finger guard only
and I got it for under $15.  It can be used with any foot, just screws in
to the hole on the back of the foot.
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 23:56:36 EST
Subject: Re: Bear's Claw in Ellicott City

Hi!   I live in Cockeysville and I bought my 1230  eight years  ago at
Creative Needle Magic, which was bought out by the lady who owns both Bear's
Paws.  The delaers who sold me my machine both still work for the new owner.
They were very good with instructions  and Bernina Clubs--I bought a serger at
the same time and one lady--Lauraine--did the serger instructions and Phyllis
did the Bernina.  I think you can trust them to do their best--and they were
always very enthusiastic!  Good luck!

Date: Sat, 20 Dec 1997 07:46:55 +0100
Subject: Quilt Stitch on 1530 

Hello Mary,
You can create the hand look quilt stitch on your 1530 Bernina.  If you
would like the instructions email me privately at and I
will be happy to send them to you over the "air waves" or snail mail.
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 21:57:32 -0500
Subject: Re: Where to get "emery" for pin cushion???

I've always heard it called emery powder, and there is an emery cloth
which is the powder in or on cloth.  I'd ask a really good hardware store
about it.  The powder is a fine-grained polishing agent.

Date: Sat, 20 Dec 1997 21:48:24, -0500
Subject: Feetures

To Susan 
You asked how my book is different from Feetures.  Feetures is a 
great reference manual describing each of the Bernina feet and what 
different techniques you can do with's great.  What my 
book is for is for the basic instruction class.  After we learn about 
the basic features of the machine, what everything is in the access. 
box, how to clean & oil it then we start sewing ...first with the 
simplest (straight stitching), then getting more complex.  We sew out 
a lot of the different stitches in different ways.....applique, quick 
gathering, attaching elastic to a slip, making a casing for elastic, 
sewing on buttons as well as doing buttonholes, mending, bartacks.  
Most of my students love having so many stitches on their machine but 
don't know when they would use those stitches.  I use some of the 
examples from the basic owners manual, some from other Bernina 
publications, some from the Adv Guide Wkbk, some I've just learned 
along the way.  The advantage of this book is that it is printed on 
card stock w/ 1 technique per page & the students glue the sample 
across from the instructions and have it available for future 
reference.  I thing I'm giving my students more than they got when I 
just used the Owners Manual....I felt like I was cheating them.....I 
wanted to teach them more.  My students had a lot of input in what I 
put in based on the responses I got in classes.  It took months to 
put together, & then I used it in several classes, fine tuning it 
after each one.  I think it works well but I imagine that there are a 
lot of people that have come up with new & better ways to teach their 
guide classes, it was Bernina that suggested I make it avail. to 
other dealers just in case they were interested....we'll see how it 

Someone said that their dealer said the Activa feet don't fit the 
170/180 (Artista)....they are mistaken.  There are only 2 styles of 
feet, the standard that fit the old style machines and now the new 
ones that fit the Activa/Virtuosa/Artista.  They are packaged've got red boxes (old style) and white boxes (new).

Someone else asked what foot you use on a 180 for a 1/4" seam.....
still the 37, only make sure it is the new style in the white box.  
Most of the new feet have a red number on them too.  They originally 
had black but they changed it hoping that would visually help people, 
some of the black ones are still out there, but they're being made w/ 
red now.

Sorry I was so lengthy

Date: Sat, 20 Dec 1997 17:13:49 +0000
Subject: tangled threads

> I recently bought an Activa 140 and sometimes when I begin sewing slowly
> (usually in a critical area like welts, naturally), I hear the machine
> change sound and sure enough, the bobbin threads have tangled
> underneath.  I was told by a long-time Bernina user that it is because
> the bobbin is rotary rather than oscillating. Is this normal? I don't
> think I can live with this on a $1200 brand new sewing machine.

WHile I don't know if the 140 is rotary, I do have two rotary machines, a
Pfaff, and my 1630. Neither machine has suddenly started acting oddly in the
middle of a sewing "run" that I can remember. Last night though, my 1630 would
NOT start a seam correctly, and I looked at the bobbin and it had been wound
very loosely. I tried rethreading twice, and finally I just took the bobbin
and rewound it onto another bobbin and everything was fine. So my suggestion
would be to check the state of the thread on the bobbin and not use a
bobbinful if it wasn't on their correctly.  My guess is that it has nothing to
do with the rotaryness of the machine.

If the bobbin is correctly wound, inserted correctly, and the machine is
threaded correctly, it should be fine. 
But of course this is my personal opinion, I am not a professionally trained 

Date: Sat, 20 Dec 1997 21:19:51 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: 180 Embroidery Cards

You can order cards now. . .they have Beatrix Potter, Suzy's Zoo, Peter
Rabbit, Outdoors (hunting stuff), Lucy Rigg, Birds, Flowers, Christmas, etc.
There are MORE designs on these cards than there are on the ones for the
Deco. I ordered 3 the other day and was told to expect them "after
Christmas." So, it's January just like it is for everything else we're
waiting for.

By the way, if you are missing anything that you should have received, my
dealer said that Bernina kept track of what was missing from what was
shipped and we're supposed to get that stuff, too, in January.

Date: Sat, 20 Dec 1997 17:56:44 -0600
Subject: old Elna machine

If I were you, I'd hang on to the Elna super air electronic.  These are
wonderful old machines with collector value.  If you clean and oil the
machine well, put a dust cover on it, and store it where it won't
encounter lots of moisure (main floor is best, basements and garages are
the worst) or be subjected to water damage, the machine will be just
fine.  When taken out it needs to be re-oiled before using.  And you
*do* need a reliable backup machine, which the Elna super is.

There are other old machines that are wonderful for young people but
aren't as collectible as the Elna (mostly because so many more of them
were manufactured, and/or because they are heavier than the Elna).  A
Singer 99 is good -- not as big and heavy as a 66, and fairly easy to
find.  I have bought 2 at garage sales for $25 and less.  The "portable"
(in quotation marks because they are still somewhat heavy) version of
the model 99 I converted from electricity to a handcrank, because my
7-year-old is afraid of the machine going too fast.  She just learned to
sew on the handcrank over Thanksgiving break and was very proud of

Speed control can be an issue for children.  Foot pedals that are
V-shaped are good, because you can stuff a sponge inside the V to
prevent the machine from running at full speed.  I believe the
button-type feet can be adjusted, and it should be possible to change an
old machine's button-type foot to a V-shaped foot pretty inexpensively.

The Featherweight Fanatics list is a good source of information about
old machines, including the Elna.  You can subscribe by sending an email
to Sue Traudt at and put "subscribe" in subject and

Subject: 180e 
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 04:21:57 +0000

Well I've been embroiderying the designs that came with my 180e pack 1.
They are really great designs the stitching is exceptional.  I played with
the software while these were stitching out.  I was able to digitize a
design and when I stitched it, it came out the first time.  I did find 1
thing that seems kind of strange, that is when you load a design from the
software to the machine and not to a card since we don't have blank cards
yet, you can't modifiy the design, such as rotate, or enlarge.  Has anyone
else noticed this. Maybe this will be one of the upgrade/enhancements to the
software that is coming.
Sure wish they had blank cards available soon.  
Can hardly wait to play somemore tommorrow.  

Date: Sat, 20 Dec 1997 17:30:04 -0600
Subject: Machine whine

Just want to put in my 2 cents on this subject...  When I got my 1230
several years ago I immediately noticed that high-pitched whine.  Asked
the instructor about it when I went for my group guide class; she said
it was normal for the machines.  What was really interesting, though, is
that in a class of 8 people about half of the people had noticed the
whine in their machines; the other half couldn't hear it, even when they
were right in front of a whining machine!

Naturally, if you hear the whine, and you take your machine to someone
who doesn't hear sounds in that high frequency range (and, judging by my
class, that's about half the people in the world), they're not going to
understand your complaint.

Fortunately for me, my husband was able to hear the whine too, so I knew
I had a legitimate question when I asked the Bernina instructor.  Since
then I've been able to block out the whine (make it white noise), but at
first it was unnerving.  I've seen this whine thread appear several
times in the last few years, so I know it has been noticed by some
numbers of people.

Do the Artista's have the whine?  It's got to be caused by something in
the design of the machine, so perhaps the re-designed line doesn't have

Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 16:17:27 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Artista 180 Embroidery Tote Bag

Since there has been a number of inquiries about the embroidery modeule tote ,

this should answer the questions.  The tote is the perfect bag for carrying 
the embroidery module with all its accessories.  It has many pockets which 
will hold your hoops, extra cards, and thread.  It is made of a durable, 
soft-sided fabric with web handles and heavy duty nylon zippers.  Only comes 
in Navy with black handles.  There is a removable shoulder strap.  Cost is $50

which includes shipping.  MC, VISA, Discover, AMEX credit cards are accepted. 
 For additional information or to order call Silva Inc. @ 1-800-842-2389.  
Thanks Don 
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 1997 09:00:05 EST
Subject: Re  holiday sewing...


You are not alone! I think I have slipped over the edge!  I got lots of
projests out of the by day at a time.  Yesterday was
dropping off day for lots of things as we wil be leaving down to go to our
daughter's house tomorrow.  Hopefully, we will be able to pack everything in
the station wagon...if not, we will have to rent a pull thing to hook on.
(what ever it is)  haha

I helped to do Christmas for a family of six children. made them a nice
stocking each and made made the four girls the tartarn plaid teddy with tee
shirts to match.  (never want to make that teddy again)  My friend and her mom
made the six a nice quilt each.
I made photo pillows for my grown daughter and son.  They were sweet photos
when they were young and came out so nice.
I made a wall hanging for a foster mom and a quiet book for a foster child.  

Can't think of all the rest but know I am tired.

Have a happy holiday.
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 97 08:25:09 UT
Subject: Re: plastic bobbins

Lots of people have been posting about plastic bobbins and Berninas.  Sample 
comment: "I would not use plastic bobbins in my Bernina.  Not sure what that 
can do to the warranty if something goes wrong.  I use only Bernina."

Did you all know that Bernina makes plastic Bernina bobbins, as well as the 
metal ones?  I've seen them at the dealer.

Personally, I stick to the solid-sided metal ones, because I feel they are 
stronger and sturdier than the "holey" metal ones or the plastic ones.  But if

Bernina makes plastic Bernina bobbins for Berninas, I don't think you need to 
worry about voiding the warranty by using them.

Subject: Re: Bear's Claw in Ellicott City
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 00:09:56 -0800

    I just bought my first Bernina this Sept. and have been sewing like a
fiend ever since,(I got the160 Virtuosa model). I  was thinking of going to
a 1630 and so had an afternoon of sewing on the 1630.Although I liked the
embroidery features and the programming possiblities,(we have a fancy
computer) it didn't have the button hole memory, which is a must for me and
I simply didn't like the feel as well.I really like the buttons,  the
scrolling through the screens was irritating for stitch adjusting and I
didn't like the screen as well as the new screens. Truly I'm biting to get
the 180 which I think is the best of both the 1630 and the 160. I got such a
great deal on my 160 that at this time it is simply the best I could do.Be
sure to take your time and do some sewing on the machines you consider,
don't just watch them demo it to you.Good Luck and a MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Ruth
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 20:15:42 EST
Subject: Re: Bear's Claw in Ellicott City

I bought my Bernina from Bears Claw and they are good people.  They know their
machines and they have lots of good ideas.
Subject: Re: Softwear
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 11:24:50 -0700

I don't know if I am the Vickie to whom you addressed the question. But I
got the Customizer/Designer. It is one package. However I think that at some
point they may be separate. In the manual there was a reference to upgrading
to designer. And if you have Customizer your screen will look one way and if
you have Designer it will look another. My dealer did not offer them
separately. Any other Qs. just let me know.
Subject: Wired Ribbon
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 1997 17:39:09 -0500

Season's Greetings!

Oops - I think I goofed.  When I made the wired ribbon I used the #6 foot.  I 
think I said #8, but I was posting from work & relied on memory.  (Not a good 
idea for us over-forties!)  Anyhow, maybe I can blame it on El Nino.  Sorry
any confusion & if you have a question you can e-mail me.

Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 11:05:37 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Need Serger Advice

There are two internet lists that deal with sergers.  You might want to try
sewingworld ( or the sergerlist sponsored by
quiltropolis (sign up at  Good luck with the new 

Date: Sat, 20 Dec 1997 21:13:56 -0600
Subject: 180 Embroidery Cards

Hi everybody.

My dealer called today and said they had received 7 of the 180
Embroidery Cards.  She told me which, but of course, I can only remember
there was a Christmas, Precious Moments, Quilting, and a couple of
florals.  Oh, also a Wildlife or somesuch.

Date: Sat, 20 Dec 1997 07:41:50 +0100
Subject: Re: Serger Headache - Please Help!!

Hello Rebecca,
You might make sure you are re-threading in the correct order. I know this
sounds so fundamental but the sergers simply will not work if they are
threaded out of order.  Example:  Thread the upper looper first (the one
marked in blue color), then the lower looper (red), then the right needle
(green) and then the left needle (yellow).  If a thread breaks:  Example,
the lower looper breaks.  Take the threads of the two needles out of the
eyes of the needles, thread the lower looper and then re-thread the
needles.  The only other suggestion I have is to make sure the needles are
up into the needle bar all the way. The left needle goes up further than
the right needle.  Hope this helps.
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 21:11:27 -0500
Subject: Thanks for Help on my new 1230

Thanks so much to everyone who has been so helpful with answering my
questions about my "new" 1230.  The search for the manual has proved
fruitless.  This is the machine I bought from an independent dealer who
had purchased it from the daughter of the owner who had passed away. 
Thanks to one of you, I found out the 3A buttonhole foot came originally
with the machine and mine did not.  I got the name of the daughter from
the dealer and spoke to her today.  She has looked further for the manual
and cannot find it.  I asked about the buttonhole foot, but she has not
seen any other accessories that go with the machine.  She is afraid her
sister may have inadvertantely thrown the manual away while cleaning out
their mother's home.  Oh well, at least I tried.  Now that I know I am
not going to get it, I will order one.

I would also like to report that I will not buy any generic feet for my
machine, but will buy only Bernina feet.  I also promise to buy only
Bernina metal bobbins.  I was surprised to learn that I shouldn't have
been using generic bobbins in my 930 since 1986.  I have some Bernina
bobbins and some generic and have used them both for all these years and
have had no problems, but I promise to discard all the generics and get
more real Bernina bobbins. I cetainly don't want to risk having any

I really love my 1230 and thanks again to everyone for all the help.

Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 01:19:23 -0500
Subject: Software for new machines

Does anyone know how or whether I could connect my PowerMac to my Bernina
(either now or in the future) to really make use of the new software,
especially the embroidery patterns? I know there is a program called
"Virtual PC" which makes a Mac work like a Windows machine (a nightmare
IMHO!). I don't know how far this "emulation" goes. Any info would be

Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 00:25:51 EST
Subject: Re: 180 Embroidery Cards

I saw an embroidery card for the Precious Moments for about $138.00!!!
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 01:12:47 -0500
Subject: 1/4" Seam on 170/180

These machines come with the "quilting foot" which gives you a perfect 1/4"
seam. You just line up the fabric with the right side of the foot. The foot
also has notches so that you can pivot 90 degrees with a perfect 1/4" seam
as well. I use this foot more than any other --just don't try to zig zag
with it -- I've broken more than one needle that way!

Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 21:36:23 EST
Subject: Re: Several

I have seen several posts regarding a whining noise made by the Activa and
Virtuosa machines (130-160).  While these machines do have a different sound
to them than the earlier Berninas, some of the early 130 - 160's may have a
whine coming from the motor that can be taken care of.  There is a factory
authorized treatment for this that all dealers should be aware of.  Why not
talk to your dealer about this so they can take care of the problem!  
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 21:41:15 EST
Subject: Re: Artista 180 Demo

I believe the vouchers for 2 free feet will come with the "real manual".  They
are actually bound in the manuals for the 130-160 so I'm guessing they will
come with the full manual when it is released.  The dealer must turn in these
vouchers to be reimbursed for the free feet they give to the customer.
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 1997 17:18:53 +0000
Subject: backup machines

My Pfaff 1471 is the backup to my Bernina 1630 and I have two featherweights
to back the Pfaff up. If you don't have a backup machine, you can be assured
that your main machine will suddenly spit out parts two days before Christmas
when you are just finishing up that gift that has to go in the mail TODAY. 

My Pfaff died twice when I needed it and I was forced to use this really awful
Singer that I had. That's when I decided I needed another machine before the
year was out.

When I got my Bernina, I did give my old Signature to the Salvation army, and
when I bought the featherweight, I traded my old Singer to a friend for a copy
of a book about sewing rooms (she wouldn't just TAKE it from me, even though I
told her I HATED the machine and never wanted to see it again.....)

My Pfaff is actually supposed to be my daughter's but when we work together
she uses the Bernina.

Robbi, who has backups for everything
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 17:41:39 -0500
Subject: Re: discounted 1530

Dawn, I believe that even the magazines ads are saying the 1530SE is now
$1000 off, which around here brings it down to about $1999. I think your
dealer is way out of line to charge the original price!
Robin in Boston

> My dealer is quoting me $3500 or so for a 1530. Isn't that a hoot! I
could get close to a 180 at your stores for that. I didn't even ask
about the 180 price.

Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 03:04:41 EST
Subject: Machines for the younger ones

I've noticed several people looking for a good basic machine for a young
person. I own a 930, 1630 and 180 but also have a good travel and "leave it
set up at quilt camp" machine - an 817. This machine cost me $250 and sews
like a dream. My dealer got them in trade from schools upgrading to newer
machines. This machine has 6 stitches but no built in buttonholes or knee
lift. It also has a switch on the back for putting it into SLOW motion.  It is
a flat bed machine in a carrying case. These machines were also maintained by
my dealer. I just love my 817 - not as heavy as the others either. You might
look into something like this.
Subject: buttonhole dilema
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 1997 23:22:19 -0500

 >>  I recently upgraded to a Bernina 1630.  I am having problems with
 buttonholes on garments made with heavy fabric -  polar fleece and
 wool.  (sniped for space). . . . The center seam and
 edge keeps the feeddog from moving the fabric.  >>

Instead of stitching from the edge of the fabric towards the side seams, 
turn your garment around and stitch from the side, toward the center front, 
that way, your foot doesn't ride on the edge of the seam.

Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 15:21:25 EST
Subject: Pattern

I am looking for a pattern named "Broken Wedding Ring".  Has anyone heard of
it?  If so, please tell me where I can find a copy of the pattern.

Thanks.  Joan 
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 15:19:44 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Gift Wrapping

I'm frantically wreapping gifts this am..... my mother is out visiting and
my daughter is driving home from Thunder Bay...... 800 miles!. (My son is
stuck in Esquimalt, Vancouver Island, B.C. with the Navy)
Got stuck on wrapping a couple of small things, then thought of making a
tiny drawstring bag for the one...... a pair of earings in a wrap of quilt
batting. The other, another pair of earings, I`ve done in a "Dorothy
Bag"....... I took a 6 inch circle of Xmas Print Fabric with pinking shears,
then using widest zig-zag, #21 foot (OLD Bernina #) Thats the one with a
wide 'embroidery' cut out underneath and a guide hole for threading heavy
thread through from the front., and threading the finest nyloon ribbon
through, I stitched round round 3/4 inch in from the edge. Put the earings
inside a 'snowball' of batting, in the bag and drew up the ties. It looks
very good!
Last year I'd bought silver lame covered 'Alice Bands' and stuck big glass
jewels on them as "Crowns" for my friends two little girls halloween
costumes, the bands came with a 'scrunchie of lame too  (Thank goodness for
Dollar stores) Come Christmas I undid the scrunchies and sewed the fabric
into little drawstring bags.... they looked good too. 
Darling Daughter is bringing home fabric and wants me to sew, sew, sew for
her. We are going to try making each other a Duct Tape Double. Now that
should be fun, especially if we open a bottle of wine first! She'll want a
new Ball Gown for January for THE Military Ball..........Why did I ever
start making her evening dresses that are nicer than anything she could buy?
Subject: Re: 180e
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 09:50:39 -0600

Hi, I also am from Iowa and have to 180E.  Haven't got to play with it
much, but what I have done is nice.  I only have the Precious Moments card
and am patiently waiting for a couple more.  How do you like the software? 
I have not purchased that yet?  I have not heard anything about blank
cards, I do hope they do this  My dealer does not mention much at all about
the software...I have asked her several times, she is hesitate about it. 
Have fun and keep me posted on how you are doing...
Merry Christmas...

Linda .
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 18:40:25 -0700
Subject: Amazing Designs Embroidery Cards

For Christmas I purchased a Deco 600. I was wondering if anyone has
tried to use embroidery cards made by Amazing Designs on their Bernina
embroidery machines.

Also, what type of thread is preferred for embroidery?


Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 10:08:17 EST
Subject: Re: 180e


Do your modifications to your design in your software, before you send it to
the machine.

Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 19:49:28 EST
Subject: Re: Do-Sew??

My Bernina Dealer carries Do-Sew here in Charleston, WV.  You might check with
yours and if they don't have it, maybe they could get it for you.

Subject: Re: buttonholes
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 19:09:55 -0800

On this subject of the automatic buttonhole foot hanging up on seams,  you can
make the buttonhole from the opposite direction.  You have to measure well and
mark the beginning and end and start from the inside toward the seam.  That
the foot never has anything to hang  up on.     

Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 19:32:17 +0000
Subject: Re: Do-Sew??

I buy my do-sew at JoAnn's Fabrics.  Still great after all these years.
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 1997 17:32:24 -0500 (EST)
Subject: 10 spool thread rack

        While surfing the net, I came across a site where they had a thread
rack that is like a stand and the site showed pictures of how "your" machine
would look like with the rack/stand.  I believe it is made in Australia and
its white plastic and cost is $119.  Anyonw have this? can anyone tell me
whereto get it..hopefully for less!!LOL
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 07:36:28 +0900
Subject: Re: Need Serger Advice

I have the same model Singer surger. I bought back in 1989 it was the
last one the store had left and it was the floor model. I was a little
nervous getting the floor model and because it was my first surger.
There seemed to be alot of things that could go wrong with it. The only
thing I have ever had to do to it is change the knives which I did
myself. It's never had to be severiced, I love mine!

I don't sew alot of clothes but when I do it's a must. I mostly quilt
but like to make an occasional dress for myself and daughter. When I
haven't used it in a while I need to refer back to the manual for
settings, but its very easy.

Happy Holidays,

Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 17:04:27 -0500
Subject: "Stand By" Sewing Machines

>> Anyone else saving their
 old machine "just in case"?  Is it wise..or are they just going to dry up in
 a closet and never be utilized? >>

The members of this list convinced me to hang onto my 910, and I also have
a Featherweight. It's nice to know I can pull either one out in a
thunderstorm and keep sewing!

Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 16:53:45 -0500
Subject: "Low-cost"  Zig Zag machine

Have you thought about the Bernina 1008? I've only used one once, but it is
a nice little machine and not terribly expensive.
>Anyway, I thought a good used Bernina might fill the need--if I could find
>for a reasonable price.  I am not in a hurry so would appreciate hearing from
>you if you know of one or hear of something in the future.  Doesn't need to
>a fancy machine--needs to have a zigzag, quality straight stitch, and be

Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 21:24:15 EST
Subject: Re: Bernina/Pfaff

i thought i was the only person that didn't particularly care for the knee
lift. no matter how i try it just feels very ackward.  thanks for sharing.

Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 18:34:42 EST
Subject: Re: Softwear

     The softwear is a the Customizer/Designer combined for the artista.  It
is amazing from what I've seen----hope to get back to the machine soon so I
can check it out more.  My dealer was confused too but now Bernina has cleared
her confusion.  It is not the same package as the Deco Wizard and Customizer.
They are two separate items.
     More later---I am in Phoenix now where I have already checked out two of
the three Bernina shops.  Unfortunately for me my step son was with me and
kept me on a tight time schedule----hope to get back when I'm on my own!!!
Subject: Re: 1090
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 21:50:50 -0600

Hi Vicy, I had a 1090 a year ago, and had it upgraded to a 1260. I really
enjoyed my 1090, but I wanted a machine that would write. So the dealer put
in a 1260 computer board. And I love it. My 1090 was a great machine. And
the price you can get it for is great. I would like to have you to email me
so we can talk through e-mail. I am new joing the fan club. You will love
the 1090. Pam 
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 18:45:10 EST
Subject: Re: 180 Embroidery Cards

     I got Precious Moments from my dealer last Thursday.  She had to order it
so you might check with your dealer.  I'm in Phoenix now (From Corpus Christi)
and I have talked to 2 dealers here----they seem to have Precious Moments also
but both said it would be the middle of January before I get the alphabet
card----I was understanding that we would be able to get the embroidery cards
in floppy disc form and that the cost would run about half the cost of the
cards---have you heard anything on that???  No one that I talked to today knew
anything about what i was talking about.  If you have info I would appreciate
a reply----TIA!
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 17:56:58 EST
Subject: Re: Plastic Bobbins

In a message dated 97-12-22 05:19:58 EST, you write:

>> Did you all know that Bernina makes plastic Bernina bobbins, as well as the
 metal ones?  I've seen them at the dealer.

These bobbins may be the ones for the Deco machines and not the sewing

Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 19:07:13 +0100
Subject: Re: 1090

Hello Vickie,
Yes, $699.00 is a fabulous price for a 1090 Bernina!!  Run, don't walk.......
Happy Holidays!
Subject: Re: 10 spool thread rack
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 17:56:55 -0700

Hope it's made of gold if it is just a rack to hold 10 spools of thread! 

Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 19:08:28 EST
Subject: Re: 180 Embroidery Cards

     I paid $138 for Precious Moments for the 180E ----is that comparable to
what you paid???  Are all the cards running that price?  I'd appreciate an
Subject: Re: Need Serger Advice
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 21:57:27 -0600

Hi Connie, I  was sitting here reading my fan mail, and came across you
message. I know the feeling. I have the same serger. I purchased it from a
very good sewing frriend who likes to keep up with the modern stuff!!!!. I
love that serger. Have you tried the roll hem with it yet. It makes a
beautiful roll hem. I don't know how I made it without it. Well talk to you
later. E-mail me if you get a chance. Happy sewing, Pam
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 20:24:20 -0800 (PST)
Subject: those doggone 134's

Hi there!!

To the person having trouble with her 134:

I have two reccomendations:  either trade it in on a 007, or if your
dealer won't give you anything for it, use it as an anchor.  I used to
work for a Bernina dealer;  Once I taught a new owner class on sergers,
and one of my students had a 143, which was the precursor to the 134.
Well, I hate to say it, but that 143 was a lemon.  First of all, this
lady had it in for help, adjustments, etc. all the time.  Then she took
my new owner class and it decided to pull more tricks there.  It seemed
that nothing I did (and I was the "teacher") could make that serger work
properly-- the store ended up giving this woman her money back, rightfully
so.   Needless to say, she never came back.  Can't say I blame her.

Anyway, Bernina recalled the 143, rounded the corners, polished it, and
sent it back out as a 134.  IMHO, this model is no better.  It was the
same cheap construction as the 143, and the motor had that same deep awful
clunking sound when it sewed.  And it just didn't feel very solidly built;
half the time I thought it was going to vibrate right off the end of the

I wish you luck in your seeking advice, and I just wish mine was more
positive.  Bernina did themselves a great disservice when they put the
134/143 out for general consumption.  

Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 19:58:14 -0800
Subject: Re: holiday gifts

>So, how many more gifts does everyone have to make for the holidays. I am
>to 2 myself. This is the first year I think I'll actually be able to finish

Still have a polarfleece Hapi coat (short men's kimono) to make tonight and
send out to Dad. Then, after Christmas, I'll make my girlfriend a red
fleece wrap from a Burda pattern, just like the one on the cover of the
Sept Burda issue. Bought the pattern rather than using the magazine because
I didn't want to figure out the alternations myself (she's not a size 14).

*maybe* I'll make my husband a pair of boxers. I have a nice book print.

I also made

2 fleece blankets
2 fleece quillows, embroidered w/their names with my 'nina's satin stitch
1 fleece Hapi coat for my aunt
1 hand-applique, hand-quilted Tahitian wall hanging (took most of the year)
1 lace envelope purse (all serged!) from Singer Sewing Library on quick
1 pair fleece socks from Kwik-Sew pattern, maybe more if there's time (ha!)

Whew! no wonder I'm tired.

Hi Everyone, 

Just want to take a minute to say 

                                    Happy Holidays!!!!  

to all the members of the Bernina Fan Club - what ever holiday you celebrate!!

Sue T - Spending yet another birthday wrapping Christmas gifts.  Why do I always think that next year, I'll get everything done a week ahead of time :-)
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 02:26:32 EST
Subject: Polarfleece Buttonholes

I recently put buttonholes in a reversible polar fleece coat. The front edge
was turned and topstitched and contained a layer of synthetic hair canvas
interfacing. I used foot #3 and made the manual four step buttonholes. I
started the stitch at the front edge and moved toward the side, that is the
back of the foot just cleared the topstitching when I began the buttonhole. I
marked the buttonhole on  solvy and pinned on top of the fleece before sewing.
They worked out just fine. If you have done all this and still have trouble
(do you have another ridge of fabric as in a shirt band) try making vertical
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 01:19:12 -0800
Subject: In defense of technical writers

>>The "tech writers" who write manuals for electronic equipment of all kinds
not write them from the "consumer perception". They simply tell how "it works"
and what buttons and knobs to push to get the equipment working.  The rest is
up to those of us using the equipment.  So we go to classes to learn the
wonders of our machines - IF they are available.  >>

I have to take issue with this. We technical writers prefer to write
manuals from the customer's perspective. Unfortunately it takes about 3x
longer to write a good task-oriented, indexed manual than simply describing
the functions of every button, knob, and screen.

But if management has a firm shipping date and didn't want to invest the
time, $$, and testing from the beginning for a well-written manual, then
sadly, an inadequate manual is the result.

OK, down from my soapbox. :)

Subject: Serger Threading
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 00:44:56 -0800

Hi:  I saw a post about threading the Serger and I remember the problem
when I first got mine.  When it needed threading I didn't remove the thread
from the needle and do it in order and it kept breaking.  I then found out,
it MUST be done on the Elna 614 in sequence, (never had any other one).  So
when I have a problem I start from square one.  Also must remember to turn
the tensions to zero when you are re-threading so it goes thru the tension
disc properly.  Jr
Subject: Buckwheat Hull Pillows
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 10:10:21 -0600

Would someone please post the information regarding Buckwheat Hull Pillows to 
me.  I missed the digest that contained the original information. 
TIA, Angie  
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 07:09:35 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: 180 Embroidery Cards

The prices will vary by dealer. . .I just ordered 3 at $110 each.

Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 21:32:58 EST
Subject: Re: Dilemma

i''ve heard that vinegar helps. if you can enclose the pieces inside a freezer
bag with a  small bowl of vinegar overnite the smell should come out.

Subject: Re: Plastic Bobbins
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 12:48:58 -0700

Hi Pam,
	Just wanted to note that I bought my 830 when it was brand new 20
something years ago.  I've asked Santa for a 1430 as I'd like to make one
buttonhole and have a machine that can exactly duplicate it for a whole
garment.  Did not trade in my 830 and wouldn't think of getting rid of a
machine that makes a perfect stitch every time.

Subject: Re: machine whine
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 10:11:03 EST

I've also been having a whine from my machine (a 1260). The thing I've
noticed is that it only happens when I change the needle position on
a straight stitch. Anyway, I'm taking it in this week for its annual
checkup (I'm going on vacation - this is the best way to not have to
deal with separation anxiety!). I will let you know if they manage to fix
it. But with my luck it probably wont whine in the shop!!

Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 12:42:51 EST
Subject: Re: 180 Embroidery Cards

You should be able to purchase most of the Artista embroidery cards now from
your Bernina dealer.  I know we have them in stock at our stores although
several are still on backorder.  Judy
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 03:36:37 EST
Subject: Re: 1090

  (Gee, there are a lot of us Vicki's here lately!)  A chance to buy a 1090
for 699? Go for it, girl! I have a 1090 ( My ONLY machine, other than my
serger) and absolutely love it! I've had mine for 2 1/2 years now, and
wouldn't be without it. I have done everything on it from garment construction
(Including pageant gowns and formals) to quilting, to monogramming and
embroidery. to this date, I haven't found anything that I wanted to do that my
1090 wasn't able to handle. Yes, the embroidery was more work than with the
new machines that do it all for you, but it CAN be done. I have also used it
to teach my 9 year old to sew ( She made a pieced vest-lined, complete with
buttonholes and buttons - turned out GREAT!) that 1/2 speed feature is GREAT
for that!  Also, my 16 year old just used it to make three little clutch-type
bags and hair "scrunchies" to give to friends for Christmas. I depend on it so
much, that I even held off on an overdue cleaning and tune-up until I went on
a 3 week vacation, because I couldn't bear to be without it!  It has been
hauled to classes, and when we moved, I took it with me, rather than let it go
into temporary storage until we could find a place to live. You won't be
disappointed with a 1090

Subject: New Artista List
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 15:31:44 -0500

I wanted to let everyone know that Quiltropolis is sponsoring a new list for
the Artista machines and software. If you are interested in subscribing, go
to - then go to Mail Lists.

The name of the list is "Artista" and subscribing is easy (follow

Donna W. 
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 09:26:16 -0600
Subject: smoke odor

A bit of Amonia is a wash cycle works GREAT!  I have even set our a
saucer of amonia on the table in the middle of a room overnight to clean
out the odor - works great!

Subject: Re: Feetures
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 12:57:05 -0700

I have asked Santa for a 140 for Christmas.  Would your book be helpful on
that machine or does it concentrate on embroidary?

Subject: Re: Artista Embroidery Cards
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 15:29:18 -0500

The cards for the Artista are out. I purchased the following ones from my
dealer (all that were available):
Deco, Medlly, Quilting, Precious Moments, Christmas. Flowers. Right now the
only one that will load into the software is the Precious Moments ( a bug in
the software that will soon be corrected).

Donna W 
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 10:09:16 EST
Subject: 140

In a message dated 97-12-21 17:08:40 EST, writes:

>> I recently bought an Activa 140 and sometimes when I begin sewing
  (usually in a critical area like welts, naturally), I hear the machine
  change sound and sure enough, the bobbin threads have tangled
 When I first got my 1260q, I had the same problem.  It turned out I
 hadn't threaded the machine properly.  I was missing a channel between
 the tension disks.  Try retreading, and look for groove where there
 didn't originaly appear to be any around the arm.  Once I found that
 slot and threaded it correctly, the problem never reappeared.
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 12:17:14 -0500
Subject: bobbin tension

To test the tension on your bobbin:

Put the bobbin in the case. Hold the thread and gently bob the bobbin in the
manner of a yo-yo. The bobbin should drop a little, with resistence. Over
time, the bobbin may need adjusting; then again, it may never need it. (I
had my 830 21 years and never heard about adjusting the bobbin.) Make sure
the problem isn't the upper thread. Are the tension disks clear of dust and
fuzz? (Clean with a pipe cleaner.)

OK. If it is too tight or too loose: There is a very tiny screw where the
thead goes into the case. That tightens and loosens the grip on the thread.
(Left = looser) It takes very little to make an impact. BE CAREFUL. Go a few
degrees at a time. Also, the screw is shallow---do this over an uncluttered
surface (some do it over a plastic bag), so that if you drop it, you can
find it again.

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone.

Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 09:09:30 -0500
Subject: Wanted 707 Minimatic, 801 Sport of 900 Nova

Want to purchase any of the subject machines in good working order and
cosmetics with original accessories, hard shell case, slide on table,
foot control and owner's manual.  Please email privately with condition
and price.  Thanks!   
Subject: Just Crowing (sort of)
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 06:14:31 -0600

Hi all,

While I usually lurk, I did something kind of cool and I had to share.  
Purchased a new waterbed (kind that looks like a bed) and wanted a dust 
ruffle(DR).  Didn't get the DR on before they put the bed together (at a 1090 
guide class).  What to do, what to do??  I took some puff paint and painted 
around the edges about 18" or so in a criss cross pattern and puffed it this 
morning.  Will surge the middle of the DR out after work tonight and viola!!!!
A Dust Ruffle that will stayput between the mattresses (I hope). 

I really enjoy the Digest and everyone's input.  I've learned a lot.

Happy Holidays!! 
Subject: Re: Tangles Thread
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 12:51:52 -0700

	I'm interested on how this turns out as I've asked Santa for a 140.  I
bought an 830 new over 20 years ago and wanted a machine that would
duplicate perfect buttonholes.  Please let me know what you find out.  Have
a Merry Christmas.

Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 12:43:29 EST
Subject: Re: 10 spool thread rack


I just bought one for my mom's Viking 1+ for $69 and I thought that was
robbery!  Maybe you could adapt the Viking one--it is an "after market" one
that might be generic enough to use on a Bernina/Brother, etc.

I got it at the local Viking dealer who is in the new Cloth World.

Just a thought.

Subject: Re: 1090

In a message dated 97-12-21 23:41:53 EST, you write:

>>  I have an opportunity to purchase a mint condition 1090 for $ 699.00.
 Am trying to decide on buying it and selling my 1020.  Any comments?  (I
 also have a 1230 which is my "main" machine).  The other is my backup.
 Vicki >>

I have a 2-year old 1090s that I bought new on sale for $1699.  I think the
list price then was $2199.  I love my machine, and I think you're getting a
very good price.  Mine came with I think 9 or 10 feet.  However, if you have a
1230, you may not need the 1090, since the 1090 is basically the same as the
1230, without the alphabets.

Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 09:13:45 -0800
Subject: Re: Dr. Seuss hats (long)

I received several requests to post the pattern for the Dr. Seuss hats to
the list. So here they are (if you are not interested, skip this post)

Merry Christmas sewing


This was posted on one of the sewing lists. (I forget which one) My
understanding was that we were free to copy it, and pass it on. I have
added a few changes that I made to the pattern; otherwise the instructions
are as they appeared on the list.


After taking some measurements from a purchased Cat-in-the-Hat hat, I made
a pattern that works up well in two (or more!) colors of felt. And it can
be worn by young  elementary school-age children up through adults. (oh,
Mom! You're not wearing that again, are you?)

If you have a serger, you can breeze right through this project. (Sewing
machines won't slow you down much, either, as the felt fabric won't ravel;
therefore a standard straight stitch will do fine.) Felt can be bought by
the yard at Cloth World for $2.50/yd. -- less if you catch a sale. With a
total of 5 yards of felt in  assorted colors, I was able to make 11 hats.
(granted the last one was an "interesting" mix of left-over colors; but
this is Dr. Seuss, so we can be wacky)

You'll be making 2 pattern pieces from the following measurements:

A)  Circular hat top -- measures 7-3/4" in diameter (that includes the 1/4"
seam allowance.) Cut one of main color.

B) The outer measurement of the brim pattern piece is a circle that is 13"
in diameter. I cut two of these from the main color, and treated them as
one piece. (I liked the extra stability they added to the brim)
Remove the center circular portion of these brim pieces by cutting out a
circle measuring 6-3/4" in diameter, that is centered exactly in the center
of the aforementioned 13" circle. Whew! Still with me?  The brims are now
3" wide (seam allowance included in the 3")

C) Additionally, use your rotary cutter & mat to cut TWO strips of felt
from the main color  to measure 2-1/2" wide x 22-1/2" long. Cut THREE
strips of a different color the same measurement. You will have a total of
5 stripes.

You will be alternating pairs of the 5 "C" units together, in this order:
color #2, main color, color #2, main color, color #2. (You could, of
course, use 5 different colors if you wish; I am striving for the
"authentic" hat the Cat wore, here ;-)

  Sew the right sides together, along their 22-/2" edges. Press. Combine
the resulting pairs; sew or serge and press.

Take this 22-1/2" long pieced, flat hat body, and sew it into a tube (you
know how it goes...right sides together, remember to press!  I'll leave
that out from here on...)
Sew the hat top circle (pattern piece A) to the tube you just finished sewing.
Now sew the brim(s) to the bottom of everything you've sewn to far.
(attaching these circular pieces is much like setting in a sleeve)
Serge or sew around the brim's outer edge, as well, for a neat finish.  (If
you are making these for pre-school age children, I would add a row of
stitching to the inside of the hat brim to keep it from stretching out and
give it more strength.) Congratulations! You're done. Now don't you feel
proud of yourself and a little silly all at the same time?!? I sure did,
after making a dozen of them........
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 10:36:08 -0600
Subject:  Information source

For great on-line information regarding sewing and textiles, be sure to
see the web pages of the University of Nebraska at:

These pages also offer the opportunity to order the this information in
printed form. They cover everything from working with polar fleece to
sewing machine needles. 

Happy Holidays!

Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 11:05:54 -0500
Subject: Re: Sergers

I had an Elna Pro5DC which never worked well and I spent lots of time
rethreading and messing with it. So I would say avoid an Elna. I have
also had 2 Bernettes which sew well and work well. There's my 2 cents.

Subject: Re: 180 Embroidery Cards
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 16:10:34 +0000


The PM card was $143 so about the same the rest of the cards are that price
at my dealer.

Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 08:03:49 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: "Low-cost"  Zig Zag machine


I got a 1008 for a friend and she loves it (of course, she had a Brother
before!). Got it on sale at $499. For the price, you can't beat 'em!
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 20:37:25 -0800
Subject: Re: Japanese Quilt Book

Hello Jan..  You wrote :
> A friend will be in Japan for two months working at the Olympics.     . 
anyone have a copy they would sell to me?
> Japanese Quilts by Jill Liddell & Yuko Watanabe, 1988, E.F. Dutton Maybe I 
can help.  I do not have the specific book you search for, 
however I do have some other sources.

"Textile Art of Japan" by Sunny Yang and Rochelle M. Narasin 
1989  (	ISBN 0-87040-773-2)features how rice is used as a resistant to 
the blue dye.  Beautiful pictures are shown as history of the kimono and 
the Obi are given.  Woven textiles, needlework and contemorary creations 
are given.  Est. $26

Kumiko Sudo is a contemporary artist of quilts, but she shows Japanese 
quilt patters in her "Fabled Flowers"  1997 (ISBN 0-8442-2645-9)Est $25

If this helps, let me know.  

Subject: Re: Whining Machine
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 23:27:32 EST

I have an 1130, 8-9years old, that has a very high pitch constant ring
during cold weather when the house is colder.  We run the temperature at
71#176#F in the cold months and 79#176#F in the warm months.  Since I've moved
machine upstairs, where it is warmer, I haven't notice it.  But my
fluorescent  floor lamp really sings a tune!

Subject: Re: 180e
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 03:05:47 +0000


I don't know if you were meaning me but I am from Iowa. 

I think the software is great, much better than the viking software.  This
seems to be more like a commercial digetizing software.  The software comes
with about 53 designs to stitch.
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 20:22:33 -0500
Subject: Re: 10 spool thread rack

the 10 spool thread rack can be found at they are runing a
special $119. free shipping till january 1. call 1-800-487-6972.
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 18:55:28 +0100
Subject: Re: Do-Sew??

Hello Denise,
There is a product called Pattern Ease which is great because it is 45"
wide and sold by the yard.  I like it especially because when you fold it
away it can be pressed flat the next time you use the pattern pieces.  With
the Do-Sew the iron semi-melted it.  I can also see the written info better
on the Pattern Ease.
Subject: Re: Serging on Robe
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 09:00:17 -0800

Dawn, I've made several terry robes and have found that making them
reversible works best.  I serge around each piece then double seam them
overlapping the serged edges ( stitch twice once along each serged edge.  I
flip over to follow the edge).  Once I tried using a double needle, but the
seams weren't as strong as double stitching.  This way the robe can be worn
with either the terry or velour side out.  I put one pocket on the right
side on the terry side and on the velour so when turned inside out the
pockets were still on the right side.  Also to keep down bulk, just serge
around the pockets and stitch them down with double seams.

Subject: Re: Serger Headache
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 09:17:46 -0800

>PLease help, I have a Bernette 134D  Serger (not a 334).  This machine has
>been nothing but trouble since I bought it - so I am hoping that someone
>the list can help me out.

Rebecca, the problem with your serger may be that it is not threaded
properly, try checking on the threading diagram and make sure the loopers
are threaded in the correct sequence.  

Another thought is the type of thread that you are using.  Sergers are
sensitive to variations in the thread, always use high quality serger
thread like Maxi-lock or better.  My serger will not stitch properly when I
tried using some generic thread that I bought on sale.

Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 12:46:50 -0500
Subject: "Do-Sew"


>Does anyone know where I can purchase "Do-Sew"?  It is from Stretch & Sew.  I
>purchased it from Nancy's Notions but I don't see it in her catalog any more.

You can purchase Do-Sew from Stretch & Sew Fabrics, Lynnwood, WA  (425)
No affiliation, just a Happy Customer.

Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 12:43:31 EST
Subject: Re: 180 Embroidery Cards

I just paid $149.00 last night. Could you give me the name of your dealer and
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 14:22:02 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Thread nest and "electronic" vs. "mechanical"

	I can think of three things you can check before sending your
machine in for service if you're getting "thread nests" under your fabric.
First, double-check to see if you've put down the presser foot (Okay, that
one's obvious, but everybody forgets now and again). Second, if you have a
knee lift, make sure your leg isn't resting against it as you start to
sew.  Very slight pressure against the knee lift will release the top
tension without actually raising the presser foot.  I actually broke an
internal spring connected to the knee lift one time and the tension stayed
released all the time until I had the spring replaced. Third, I was always
taught to hang onto the thread tails for the first two or three stitches
when I start sewing.

I get the digest, so it may be that you have gotten all these suggestions
by now.  If so, I apologize for the duplication.  Happy sewing!

Subject: Re: Softwear Productions website
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 19:14:36 -0500

The website address for Softwear Productions is
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 11:11:26 -0500
Subject: 170 Pricing and other stuff

Someone wanted the straight scoop on prices. Here's what I got for my money:
170 without embroidery module: $2199
Embroidery module (price if bought "with" 170): $550.
I received seven presser feet with the machine.
I also received the vouchers for: manual, videotape, software upgrade.
(There may be something else that comes with the embroidery module; I
haven't actually bought that yet, am getting it next week)
The lessons are scheduled for after January 1 so I can't comment on details.
I live in NYC and traded up a five month old 150 for $1299, the price for
which I purchased it.

I do not think that ALL presser feet are 1/4". Look in Diana Leone's "The
New Sampler Quilt". She has very clear pictures showing different presser
feet and how to sew a proper 1/4" seam with them.

I haven't tried it, but on Bernina's Website, in the FAQ section , they say
you can use a magnetic pin cushion near ANY Bernina machine. (If you look
at their large photo of their latest, they do show a magnetic pin holder
right next to it). Again, I haven't tried this and don't intend to (call it

Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 11:58:52 EST
Subject: Re: Softwear

     Hate to admit this but I'm using a friend's computer that's 3.1 not
windows---I tried to print your return message to me but no printer was hooked
up----then when I tried to save as new until I could get to a machine that had
a printer hooked up I accidentally deleted your message.  I love to share info
so please reply one more time and I promise to be more careful with a reply!!!
The 2 dealers I visited yesterday were both very friendly----the first one was
The Quilted Apple on 24th street-----they had lots of friendly
people----Sharon seemed to be the person to talk to about machines and she was
knowledgable and very generous with her knowledge even when she knew I had
already purchased my 180E elsewhere.  That's the kind of folks I like to deal
with----who knows where you'll buy your next "have to have" item----they have
a large store with lots of ideas and projects displayed everywhere---lots of
fabric etc---could have been an all day trip (darn step son)!!!
     The 2nd shop was west of IH 17---not sure of the name but the lady who
helped me was Casey-----it was a small shop but very friendly and knowledgable
also.  It was a real personalized type of service-----need to run---was just
called to breakfast----Please reply so I'll know what other questions you
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 16:28:08 EST
Subject: Re: Do-Sew??

What is "Do-Sew"?

ate: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 06:51:07 -0800
Subject: Difficult buttonholes

Have you tried doing these as a three-step rather than an automatic
If that doesn't work, you might need to think about making bound buttonholes 
instead of satin stitch ones.  By the way, I don't think it is the fault of 
your machine that it is having trouble with buttonholes in this situation, any

machine would have trouble going over uneven layers in heavy fabric.  In a 
regular seam, you could use a hump-jumper of similar gizmo, but I've never 
tried this gadget for buttonholes.

I have and it works great.

Sandy S.
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 00:52:19 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my Bernina buddies and list
members.  Its wonderful being a part of this list.  Keep up the good work.

Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 15:52:42 EST
Subject: AG Dollclothes

I have been sewing and knitting for the American Doll Molly MacIntyre. I
bought the clothes pattern from the Pleasant Co. itself (not certain they are
still available) however, the American Girl dolls fit any pattern for a 18"

I have downloaded things to knit..sweaters etc.. for Molly off the net. There
are several places. I would be glad to share anything I have with any of you.

Best Wishes, Kasie 
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 22:58:55 EST
Subject: Softwear Productions website

In a message dated 97-12-23 01:26:36 EST, you write:

>> Softwear doesn't
 have a web site that I know of though they do advertise in Vogue pattern
 magazine and Threads.  Their number is 1-800 297 9670.  >>


They do have a website, if this is the same 
Softwear you're referring
to.  The URL is

Sharon in NC
Subject: Re: Amazing Designs Embroidery Cards
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 23:02:10 -0500

I have not used the programmed cards from AD but have several of the
designs disks that are used with the Wizard.  They have worked fine once
you get them installed.  If you have a problem contact Tacony
(1/800/482-2669).  Mike Dotson is a great help with any problems.  If you
are using SmartSizer you need to install the GNC designs.  Some of my disks
were the older versions and did not have the GNC designs.  When I tried to
resize the designs I had the schoolhouse roof on top of the front door of
the building.  Mike sent me the GNC disks at no cost.  I have been pleased
with most of their designs.  Each disk has some designs that I would never
use ( i.e. santa with sunglasses) but the snowman on the same disk is
really cute.  The Christmas card has many nice designs.  You can preview
all the design cards at their web site: www.sewstuff. com.  You can print
the design pages with the color printer.  If you have other questions send
me an email.

Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 08:24:11 -0500
Subject: 170E

There was a very complete post about what comes with the 180 and 180E.
Could someone post the same information about the 170 and 170E?

Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 00:30:07 -0800
Subject: re: Sergers

I have an Elna 614 - it's a 3-4 thread serger, almost entry-level, but has
differential feed, slightly variable width (to 7mm), and personally I find
the threading path to be a little easier than the Bernettes. That's just a
personal preference tho; everyone seems to love their Bernette 007s (oh,
James!) & Bernina 2000s.

I'm a quilter but really am enjoying the serger for non-quilting. I haven't
had this much fun making clothes in a long time! Rolled hems for napkins
and fine edges. flatlocking for polarfleece socks. Flatlock for basting two
battings together because my quilts usually are 50" square. 3-thread
overlock w/fancy thread in the needle for simultaneous topstitching,
edge-finishing & trimming.
I love Chris James' book, The Complete Serger Handbook.
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 97 08:41:07 -00800 (PST)
Subject: Peace on Earth - from Sandy

Guess what!! Sandy has just sent you an animated greeting card
You can pick up your personal greeting by connecting to the following WWW 


You can CONNECT THROUGH A BROWSER (such as Netscape, IE or AOL) to
the World Wide Web and simply copy and paste the exact WWW address
from above into the "Location" or "Address" space in your BROWSER.
(Your greeting card will be available for the next 30 days)
This service is FREE!  :)  HAVE a good day and have fun!

Accessing your card indicates your agreement with our Website Rules
posted at the bottom of the following Web location: (You're welcome to send a
free card to someone at this location)
Subject: Precious Moments Cards for 180
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 21:54:46 -0600

Hi All,
Got 4 new cards for my 180E.  (If I had to embroider one more basket of
apples I was going to scream.)  Love them.  One of the cards is the
Precious Moments which is wonderful.  I do want to warn of one thing. 
Watch when sewing the girl/wreath.  It looks almost exactly like the
lifesaver design when selecting on the 180.  Be sure you notice the
difference or your girl will have black hair with bright red highlights-not
that there is anything wrong with black hair and red highlights, but that
is not what Bernina had in mind for this design.  I may be the only one who
will ever make this mistake, but thought I would warn just in case there
may be another of my tribe out there somewhere.
I have also been playing with the software and I am absolutely in awe of
it's capabilities.  The designs built in are wonderful and sew out great,
and I digitized my first design from Corel Draw and it was .....OK.  Really
it was much better than I ever expected my first attempt to be. Rambling
over now.
Happy Holidays to all from
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 05:22:23 -0700
Subject: New 180 and Quilting

I've had a chance to do about eight hours worth of machine quilting on my
new 180 over the past couple of days, much of it free motion, and would
like to share a couple of things I've learned.  Since I'm fairly new to the
list, forgive me if this has been covered before.

I am very pleased at the amount of control I have over the speed (even
without the machine set at half-speed).  I can go very slow when needed
without it trying to run away from me.

On the parts that are straight, I tried the walking foot, but found it
cumbersome to change it often, and lost the line in the shadows a couple of
time.  I finally have settled into using the #37 piecing foot because I can
see the complete line in front of it.  

The "problem":  This is a very large quilt (100" x 120") and I find that
while maneuvering the rolled quilt under the arm, or when lifting it to
clip bobbin threads, it's very easy to brush against the touch screen.  It
has changed stitches or functions on me several times.  When going into a
zigzag, if I had had the straight stitch plate, it would have broken the
needle. Once it would sew three stitches and stop, over and over.  I found
the pattern function read "2", and once corrected it was fine.  I have
learned to check the screen to make sure all settings are OK before
continuing on, after lifting the quilt.

BTW, this is the first time I've used wool batting, and I LOVE it.  

Happy sewing to all,

Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 08:30:20 -0500
Subject: Feet

>Someone said that their dealer said the Activa feet don't fit the
>170/180 (Artista)....they are mistaken.  There are only 2 styles of
>feet, the standard that fit the old style machines and now the new
>ones that fit the Activa/Virtuosa/Artista.  They are packaged
>'ve got red boxes (old style) and white boxes (new).

This is incorrect, at least here in New York City. I have a 910 which uses
the "old" feet. The top of these feet are rounded at the back. When I
purchased my 150, it came with (and I purchased additional) feet which are
squared at the top back. These are the "new" feet. Now that I traded in my
150 for a 170, these "new" feet do NOT fit the 170. The 170 feet have a
small slit cut out of the back of the squared off part. Because the shape
is the same, I imagine that the 170 and 180 feet will fit all Virtuosa and
Activa machines, but the reverse is NOT TRUE. There is a protrusion on the
back of the 170 and 180 which fits into this little slot, so a foot which
doesn't have the slot simply will not fit. BTW, my dealer is replacing all
the feet I bought for the 150 with the New-new feet. Actually, I guess BOA
is doing this, free of charge. I think what BOA is doing is "retro fitting"
the "new" feet to be "new-new" feet, so that eventually that first style of
"new" foot will disappear.

Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 08:35:37 -0500
Subject: Whine - one more time

When I got my 150 I noticed an annoying sound. It wasn't the high pitched
whine, which I think is "standard" on the Bernina. It was more like an
intermittant "tweet-tweet" sound, and I only heard it at slow speeds. My
dealer heard it too and thought it might be the belt (?) or the motor, but
he found nothing wrong. His floor model 150 did the same thing.

I think we're talking about two different sounds here......:-)

Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 08:32:32 -0500
Subject: Explanation, Please

Could someone describe for me what they mean by "software" for the 180/170?
I have a Mac and I suspect that this software is irrelevant for me, but I'd
like to know what it does. I understand this is different from the
embroidery cards, but I don't know how.

Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 10:32:06 -0500
Subject: Serger Headache

Rebecca wrote: 

>>The problem today is that it will not form loops on the finger and so
when I go to sew nothing happens except for a big ball of thread at the back.  Or if I do get proper stitches forming on the finger they somehow stop after
about 4 inches of sewing on fabric.  I spent an hour and a half rethreading the
machine and nothing seem to work.  It doesn't seem that anything is bent or
out of order and I don;t so how they could be since the nachine hhas rarely
been used.>>

My Bernette (threaded correctly) had a similar problem. As your *needle*
thread exits the tension dial,  make sure the thread is *in front of* the thread guide (the thingy that goes up and down as you stitch). If you stand over your machine and look down, you'll see the thread make a "V" in front of this guide.  There's a tendency in some models  for this thread to slip behind the guide.

Hope this is the only problem.

Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 14:26:48 EST
Subject: Upgrade?

What's this about upgrading a 1090 into a 1230?  I didn't know it was
possible.  Would you mind sharing how much this procedure cost?

Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 11:56:26 EST
Subject: 180 Program Problems

I'm a week behind reading the postings; I PROMISE to get caught up on Friday.
What I'm posting today may have already been discussed; if so, I'm sorry to
bring it up again.

I had been having problems with my 180 when enlarging designs to 200%.  The
180 was skip stitching over portions of the design.  I took the projects and
the 180E back to the dealer so we could find out what was causing this.  Quite
a few people posted to me that the problem was enlarging past 150%.  They were
correct but not for the reasons they gave.  When you enlarge past 150%, the
design creates stitch areas wider than 9 mm, which is the widest stitch the
180E can do.  The 180E is smart enough to know when a stitch is too wide to
create, so the 180E skips that stitch.  Bernina is supposed to be working on a
program correction so that the 180E will create two stitches in areas too wide
for one stitch.  A machine update will be released to correct this problem.

I've been satisfied with the designs enlarged past 150%; I've been adjusting
stitch density so that the background stitches fill in the design.  I was just
puzzled why the 180E was deliberately skip stitching over sections.  I'm also
relieved to know that I don't have a "bad" embroidery unit and grateful to
have Frankie as a dealer.

Happy holidays to all.

Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 14:48:07 EST
Subject: Re:  in Defense of Technical Writers

Dear Betsy In Alameda,=0A=0AGood to hear your side. My sister wrote  for computer software manuals.  And=0Ashe made the same statements.  Technical writing is not easy, and writers are=0Adue some recognition for what they do.  If it weren't for you people out there=0Athat do write manuals, we that use the equipment, be it sewing machines, or=0Aprinters, or computers=85 whatever the case may be, we'd REALLY have something=0Ato complain over.=0A=0AThanks for your input.  It definitely gives food for thought.
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 12:33:47 -0600
Subject: 930 questions

Can someone tell me if the 930 has the needle-down feature?  If not,
which older Bernina models do?

Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 10:42:18 EST
Subject: Carol's Zoo patterns

Regarding Carol's Zoo patterns, the address I have for her is:

Carol Cruise & Company
992 Coral Ridge Circle
Rodeo, CA  94572

I hope this helps.   I bought the pattern about one year ago.  I may try to
make it today for a last minute Christmas gift.

Have a happy new year!
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 21:42:28 EST
Subject: Source for Wenol

Someone sent a private e-mail asking for Williams-Sonoma's 800 number because
they were interested in purchasing the above-referenced metal polish which was
a recent topic for cleaning presser feet.  Sorry, but I read and responded to
your message at an off-site computer and, consequently, our correspondence
(including your address) is there, instead of on my computer.  So, here's the
info, I hope it reaches the individual who was interested:  the toll-free
order number is 800-541-2233, 24 hours.  You can buy either three 4-oz tubes
for $24 (item #54-142893) or a 39-oz can for $30 (item #54-142877).  S&H
charges are $5.75.
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 21:35:59 -0600
Subject: Re: Do-Sew??

Hi Betty,

Do-Sew is a non-woven material that you can use for copying pattern pieces.
I use on multi-sized patterns so as not to cut up the pieces in one size
only.  That way if I need to make one in a different size I still can make
the copy.

Best Wishes,
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 11:18:37 -0700
Subject: 180 Quilting Foot

What is the foot number for the quilting foot, that comes with the 180 ?
Subject: Whine
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 15:11:36 -0800

Just a quick note about high pitch noise on our Bernina's.  My 160
developed this noise that got louder the longer it was on.  I had bought
this machine in Austria and had to have it converted so it was sent to
Chicago ( Bernina USA) and completely changed to run here.  Anyway it
started making this loud noise and my dealer here changed a board.  So no
!! that noise is not normal and none of us should stand for our dealers not
taking care of it.  I am sure Bernina would not like word to get around
that our wonderful machines are making high noises and our dealers are not
taking care of it. Just had to get my 2 cents in.  Usually I just lurk.

Happy new year and happy sewing.  I love my machine and have wanted it for
so long  I couldn't be happier.  I will be driving 50+ miles to take
classes on it this winter.  Another good reason to buy local and support
our local dealers when we can.

Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 11:42:51 -0500
Subject: Re: Walking Foot

>>really works well at keeping two layers together, but 
very hard to sew a straight line - it seems to lose contact with fabric
just long enough to go crooked>>

I've experienced this too; I just finished a very long shawl of
beautiful wool/silk bouclet lined with a very slippery metallic silk....
I used the walking foot, and found that sewing slowly was the only way.
Also, every few inches I'd raise the presser foot (with the needle down)
and rearrange the fabric a bit. I sewed with the silk on top as it was
the more difficult fabric to control. It took more time, but was well
worth it. Not a single pucker!
Subject: Euro-pro EP8000
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 97 01:40:39 -0400

My DH gave me a Euro-Pro steam generating iron for Christmas. Before I 
use the iron I'd like to know how well it works without the suction 
table. Are things simply going to be too wet to handle without the 
suction? I would also appreciate any other insight into this iron. A 
merry Christmas to everyone.

Subject: RE: Just Crowing/bedskirts
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 1997 09:12:09 -0800

Hi Angie!  Congrats on your new bed and creative dust ruffle solution.  Here's

an idea maybe for the future...  last summer I found a product called GRIP
and it's (in my opinion) the greatest bedskirt idea since mattresses were 
invented!  It's a non-slip deck that goes between your mattress and box
(and now my mattress NEVER slides around) and it comes with easy instructions 
on how to make different styles of bedskirts that use the corresponding velco.
So far I've made three sets of bedskirts--even a fun Christmas one.  I can 
easily rip them off, wash them (dogs sleeping next to them) and reattach them.
And I guess the best part was I was able to EASILY make skirts that were the 
proper length and fit our antique-height bed perfectly.  I got mine at Calico 
Corners in Lynnwood, WA.

No affiliation, yodda yodda.....just still happy with easily changeable 

Date: Thu, 25 Dec 1997 09:25:26 -0500
Subject: Patterns for American Girl Doll Clothes

These patterns are still available from Pleasant Company. I just bought the
Molly ones for my daughter for Hanukkah. If you have the catalog, the
patterns are shown in the center small insert with the order form.

I can't comment on the quality because I haven't opened them yet, but I've
found Pleasant Company's products to be very high quality.

Clotilde also sells a bunch of patterns to fit these dolls.

Date: Thu, 25 Dec 1997 09:16:16 -0500
Subject: Serging

I don't own a serger, but I've been thinking about getting one. I bought a
book called "ABCs of Serging" by Tammy Young and Lori Bottom published by
Chilton so that I could make an informed decision. This book really
explains how to use a serger, what it does, how the stitches are formed,
common problems, etc. etc. Even though I have never even used a serger,
from reading this book, I could have made a good guess at some of the
problems people have encountered and expressed on the list. I highly
recommend this book if you have a serger and are intimidated by it or have
trouble with threads, tension, etc. etc.


I'm so glad you enjoyed the poem but I should have noted that it's not
mine.  It's one that was passed to me on another list, and I thought all
would enjoy it...  I guess it's anonymous.....

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

May the Lord richly bless you all in the coming year!

Date: Thu, 25 Dec 1997 01:05:00 -0800

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU ALL--Will be gone to N.M.until Jan.7th take
care --Ruth  
Subject: Invisible thread
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 1997 07:48:51 -0500

After a frantic few weeks of sewing on last minute Christmas gifts, I am
REALLY in need of advice on invisible thread! I have tried many different
brands and all the different methods I've heard of to make this stuff easier
to work with, but NOTHING really seems to help - it STILL keeps getting
tangled up and causing a big thread jam in my 1230! I was temporarily very
happy with the Sulky polyester brand I got from Pinetree, but as it's
getting further down on the spool, seems to be working much less well -
think it might be due to the fact that the thread has more curl as it gets
closer to the spool. I know this brand is available in larger quantities
(this is just the regular small size spool) and wondered if that might work
any better? Any suggestions would be most welcome - despite my wonderful
Bernina, I just could NOT get this dreadful stuff to work right! Talk about
frustrating when you're trying to hurry! Sue 
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 1997 20:01:09 EST
Subject: Re: 930 Question

It depends upon when your 930 was made.  Some do not; later ones do, but you
activate it for each use by tapping the foot pedal with your heel.  There is
not a needle down button as there is on later models.  

Other features vary from machine to machine as well.  For example, early 930s
do not have the thread cutting button.

Date: Thu, 25 Dec 1997 19:23:09 -0600
Subject: Re: in Defense of Technical Writers

At 03:12 PM 12/23/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 01:19:12 -0800
>Subject: In defense of technical writers

>I have to take issue with this. We technical writers prefer to write
>manuals from the customer's perspective. Unfortunately it takes about 3x
>longer to write a good task-oriented, indexed manual than simply describing
>the functions of every button, knob, and screen.
>But if management has a firm shipping date and didn't want to invest the
>time, $$, and testing from the beginning for a well-written manual, then
>sadly, an inadequate manual is the result.
>OK, down from my soapbox. :)
>Betsy i 

As a computer user I am too familiar with the techies writing the manuals.
But in the computer world we can buy user manuals, even " _____ for
Dummies." Now that sewing machines cost more than computers, perhaps it is
time for you to write a user book for the 180, etc. Bet it would sell! I
only own a new 160 but after spending $1800 for the machine, a couple of
feet, etc., why wouldn't I be willing to spend $20 to $30 for a good guide
to using it, specific to sewing projects, etc.

Subject: Re: 930 Question
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 1997 21:07:27 -0500

Yes, the 930 does have a needle down position.  Press the pedal with your
Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 06:39:45 EST
Subject: Re: 930 Question

In a message dated 97-12-25 20:57:25 EST, you write:

>> Can someone tell me if the 930 has the needle-down feature?  If not,
 which older Bernina models do? >>

Some do and some don't.  I believe this is the first model that had this
feature and it was introduced after the first ones were already out..  My 830
does not have it.

Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 00:04:20 EST
Subject: Re: 930 Question


930 has the needle down feature only if your dealer does it.  Had it done!!
Then reversed, would not reccommend it!!!!!  Up to you.  Can learn to deal
with it, I did and it isn't that bad.  Good Luck 

Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 06:02:05 -0500
Subject: Happy Christmas


Just a note to wish you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas time. I'm
sorry this is a day late but things got so hectic that I just didn't have
time to get on to the computer. I hope that you all had a lovely day
yesterday and that the rest of the holidays are happy and peaceful too.

We had a lovely day at home with the family. They all seemed delighted with
their pressies and their day - so they should be after all the effort that
went in to organising it all. I have to admit that I enjoy today
(Boxing Day) much more - it is not as stressful as Christmas Day and much
more easy going and relaxing. Christmas Day is very special to me and I
always seem to worry so much about things being perfect  that I get very
tense whereas on Boxing day things just seem to happen all by
themselves.  I'm off now to make muffins for brunch.

Happy Christmas
TTYS  Maureen xx
Subject: RE:  Do-Sew
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 1997 23:12:08 -0800

Hi Betty.

I use this product to make applique easy.  Stitched to the right side of
the applique, and then slit in the middle so it can be turned  'inside out'
 gives me a nice turned under edge, and an easy to apply applique without
heavy stabilizer or something I have to remove on the back side.

DeAnn and her 1130 
(anyone notice I moved up from an 830?  
Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 10:38:20 EST
Subject: Re: Just Crowing/Bedskirts

The bedskirts sound WONDERFUL!!!

I think that will be a project for 1998 for me!  Thanks for sharing!!!
"Grip Deck".

Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 11:39:06 EST
Subject: New Table for Christmas

Guess what Santa brought me?  A new table for my Bernina.  DH2B actually went
to my Bernina dealer and bought one with the insert.  He had my daughter check
to see which model I had and then off he went.  It's really sturdy and should
be so much better than my card table (which is getting bowed from the weight
of the 'Nina.  I haven't sewed with my machine level with the table since high
school (many moons ago) and so I can't wait to get it all adjusted and begin
sewing.  I haven't read the directions yet on how to adjust it, but my machine
sits about 1/4" too low so, when I have a minute and can find my tools, I will
be adjusting it so it's perfect.  

Hope everyone out there had a great Christmas!  (And, no, you can't borrow
DH2B.  He's a keeper!)

Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 11:08:51 -0600
Subject: Re: 930 Question

The later (newer) models of the 930 has the needle down feature.  When
Bernina added this feature they also added the thread cutter to the free
arm of the machine.  So, if you have the little round silver thread
cutter on the far left side of the free arm -- behind the presser foot
and to the left, you also have the needle down feature -- just rock back
on the speed control with your heel.
Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 11:17:17 -0600
Subject: Re: Just Crowing/Bedskirts

Any idea where one might order this product??  What is the price?  
Subject: Photo quilts
Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 10:48:40 -0600

These photo quilts are getting to be quite popular and easier to make now 
that the supplies are more readily available.  You can make transfers in 
two ways:  with a color copy machine or with an ink jet printer.  Transfer 
papers can be found in many quilt stores, craft suppliers, or office supply 
stores.  Be sure you buy the right paper for the process you want to use.

Canon and Epson make transfer papers for their ink jet printers.  I think 
they can be used interchangeably.  You can scan a photo into your computer 
and set it up for printing through a photo program if you want to crop and 
mask.  Photo Shop or Photo Magic work very well.  It is recommended that 
you make a collage of as many of your photos as possible on one page for 
printing to save paper usage (it's pricey).  You cut the pictures apart 
before you iron them onto your fabric anyway, so that's where you pick up 
your seam allowance.  You will probably want to mirror image your pictures 
before printing.

Quiltmakers from Dallas makes the papers for photo or ink jet transfers 
that you will find in quilt stores.  I have used both successfully.  They 
have been to Market and are very quilter friendly, so your quilt store 
owner has access to them.   Write to me privately if you need more contact 
info here.

Some copy stores will make photo transfers from their _color_ copy 
machines.  Has to be a color machine.  You can go in with your photos ready 
to collage and they'll copy them for you.  They may even have a computer so 
they can set up a mirror image for you.  This is necessary if you want your 
pictures to print out right side up.  This may not be important unless you 
have text that you want to transfer.  Then it is _essential_.  Not all copy 
stores will have the transfer paper, but I think they are getting wise to 
the popularity of this process and starting to carry what you need.  Non 
quilters are using this process to make T-shirts.

To transfer your pictures to fabric, use a non steam iron preferably or a 
steam iron with no steam.  I found my non steam iron in an antique shop for 
$2.00!!  It doesn't have the steam vents on the sole plate.  You want a 
hard non-porous surface.  I used my large wooden bread board covered with a 
layer or two of muslin.  You need to press hard for about 30 seconds to do 
the transfer.  Peel off the backing, which should come off easily if it's 
still warm.  If the backing paper resists, heat up some more and try to 
peel again.

Your picture will look best on tightly woven white or muslin fabric that is 
not prewashed.  The unbleached muslin will give a light cream tint to the 
pictures that the white fabric will not.

I just recently found at WalMart some panels put out by Daisy Kingdom for 
making wall hangings with these fabric photos set into a Victorian panel. 
 Nifty.  I made one for my mother for Christmas.  I secretly had pictures 
of her parents from their courting days.  Made cameos out of each of them 
then set their birth and death dates in boxes set up for text that were 
part of the panel.  Then also made a transfer that gave their wedding date 
and set that into another box.  An easy project.  Probably took half a day 
only. Machine quilted that baby and it was most impressive.

Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 10:53:00 -0600
Subject: Re: Plastic Bobbins

I work for a Bernina dealer and the only plastic bobbins for Berninas
that we have ever had are  the ones originally included with the Bernina
1000 and 1001.Now, there are metal bobbins available for these machines. 
However, you can use either.

I have never seen a plastic bobbin for machines with the CB hook system
(oscillating hook).
Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 09:48:32 -0500
Subject: Re: Invisible Thread

Sue, I have used both YLI and Sulky invisible right down to the end of
the spool, although it might be easier to discard the end that is
getting too curly. However I always put the spool on the table behind
the sewing machine, using a cone holder (or you can put the spool in a
coffee mug if you don't have the cone-holder). That way it has more
space to straighten out before going through the tension disks and I
have never had a problem (I have a 1260).
Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 17:44:28 EST
Subject: 180 vs. 180e


Could someone please tell me what the difference is between a 180 and 180E.
Or does it just mean that the embroidery unit is included?


Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 18:13:52 EST
Subject: Re: Invisible Thread

You know I had never thought of using those covered coffee mugs.  What a
wonderful idea, thank you for sharing.

Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 19:12:46 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Santa brought me Jammers!

Santa brought me some Jammers!  Those wonderful matchbox car holders from
Wallmart for $6.96!!  I got 2 of them, and they hold every kind of
thread--you can see through them for the colors--and keep everything SO
nicely organized!  Now I know why everyone was talking about them!  My
sewing table is actually a piece of 6' long countertop bolted to the wall.
I have my serger on a large computer/typing stand in an L shape.  I have a
wonderful 4' long butcher block on legs that is set at about 42" high (I'm
5'9") for my cutting table.  

Isn't it wonderful to have supportive family members?
Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 19:15:58 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Invisible Thread

I have used invisible thread and run it like they mention below with the net
over it usually.  I run it through the little hole on the back of the handle
of the machine.  I have never had a problem..and I don't think I am using
any fancy brand or anything.
Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 16:26:51 -0800
Subject: Re: 930 Question


My beloved 930 does NOT have the needle down feature.  It was made 
in 1982, according to Bernina -- I am the second owner.  I've been 
told it's possible for a technician to adjust the mchine so it aways 
stops in the needle down position ... but decided to leave it as 


Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 22:25:15 EST
Subject: Looking for Cards

Hi, Everyone

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and that we all got our holiday
sewing done.  I finished all 9 (yes 9) of the polar fleece blankets that I
made for neices and nephews on Christmas Eve in time to wrap and still get to
Church for 7p service.  My hubby got me a Brother PE-100 as part of my
presents (includes birthday, anniversary, and Christmas) but now I am looking
for more embroidery cards for it.  The only one I have is the Snoopy card so
if anyone out there is upgrading or has any cards that you wuold like to sell
please E-mail me privately   TIA

Merry Christmas
Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 22:57:35 -0600
Subject: Searching for Yarn Source

I rember someome asking about a source for buying yarn.  I'm not sure wich
of the to list I subscribe to so I'll post to both.

I got a cataloge from "Mary Maxim"  the other day and it has several types
of yarn and supplies.  They have a website  

I hope this helps the person looking for the yarn source

Best Wishes,

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