Gift Wrapping Quilts

Summary of Quiltnet postings by Monica:

A big thanks to everyone for all the suggestions on how to gift wrap quilts! This group always amazes me with how helpful and friendly everyone is. Now choosing a wrapping method is almost as much fun as making the quilt! Since other folks were interested, here's a (long) summary:

From: Wendy

I realize the kids these quilts are for may actually be babies, but toddlers love having matching pillows and blankets. Therefore, what if you made matching pillowcases. They wouldn't have to be pieced, you could use one fabric....

Anyway, to wrap the baby quilts you could just fold up them up and stuff them in the pillowcase and tie it with a ribbon. Very transportable and useful!!!


Buy some inexpensive receiving blankets, preferably in solid colors and roll the quilt inside...tie the ends with ribbon so that it resembles one of those "pieces of salt water taffy" and you're giving another functional gift...and they aren't any more than wrapping paper and ribbon.. Also, if you want to spend a little additional, you can tie a baby toy to each end with the ribbon.. like a pacifier or bath toy.

From: Clare

For a baby quilt, how about wrapping it in a fitted crib sheet or 2 receiving blankets? Use diaper pins where you would normally use tape.

Also, I buy pillowcases at the clearance tables also. Just pop it in there and put a bow on it!

From: Kitty
I use the gift sacks. They can be recycled. I did just give a pillow as a wedding gift and I wrapped it in tissue. I layed the pillow on three layers of tissue, layed three more layers on top and then twisted the four corners together. Then I tied ribbon on the corners. The couple certainly knew it was a pillow, but so what. I think the same technique would work for a quilt.

From: Sharon

If your friends sew, wrapping a gift in fabric and using something from the ribbon, cording, or embroidered ribbon to tie it with works great. For fabric you could choose something for the baby, or something for the mother if you think she could use the lift. While you are wrapping it, you can use pins to secure it. Then once you get the ribbon on it, remove the pins.

From: Susan

How about a fabric gift bag? Fold a rectangle of fabric in half right sides together and stitch 2 sides, leaving one side open. If you have a serger, it works great, stitching and finishing the seams.

Fold down the edge of the open side and stitch with your sewing machine (not serger) to form a casing for ribbon or cord. Turn right side out insert quilt, pull ribbon/cord and tie.

I made a bunch of gift bags to use last Christmas. Quick, simple and (with $2/yard fabric from a sale) relatively cheap. None were thrown out, unlike wrapping paper and boxes. I suspect some of them will be reused to wrap gifts next Christmas, though my nieces may be more inventive.

From: Joanne

I can remember helping my mom wrap baby shower gifts when I was little. She usually bought a crib sheet or a receiving blanket and a package of diaper pins. Then she used the sheet/blanket as wrapping paper, and the pins as scotch tape. All parts of the gift were used. You can find some really cute crib sheets these days too.

On a side note - I realize many new moms don't use diaper pins anymore, but my mom wrapped my gift this way, and I use the pins for a variety of things. The best use I've found for them is to pair little baby socks before putting them into the washer. The booties, in particular, become very static-ky (?) in the dryer, and they get lost inside all the other clothes. I can usually find them all when they're pinned together, and sometimes I even pin all the socks/booties to a cloth diaper.

I'm sure your friends will be thrilled with their gifts!

From: Kathryn
Hem a one yard peice of flannel. Great baby blanket.

From: Rita

I like the gift bags, tied with some ribbon or bows. They're reusable, and fit gifts of any size. New moms often use them to take goodies to the babysitter's or grandma's.

From: Pat

Bright tissue paper and ordinary paper shopping bags. Pat in Charlottesville

From: Linda

Well, seeing as how they are gifts for expectant parents, I would put the quilts in a colorful laundry bag, small laundry hamper or rubbermaid laudry basket. With babies, there is so much laundry to do and trying to keep those teeny-tiny baby clothes separate from the rest of the family's clothes can be difficult.

From: Diana

How about making a drawstring bag for each quilt? It could be used as a laundry bag for baby's clothes, too. This could be done by purchasing a pair of pillowcases in a juvenile print, run a row of stitching about 1/2 to 3/4 inch from the hem to make a casing for a drawstring. (you'd need to open up the hem a little and put buttonholes for the drawstring to go through.) These could serve double duty as laundry bags for baby's clothes.

From: Mary Beth

Monica asked about ideas for wrapping quilts - when it comes to ones that must travel, well that's a toughie - I've heard of people presenting them in laundry baskets which would "fit" . My favorite was the way I gave my sister her wedding present quilt - I had to fly cross country with it (of course it was a carry-on, all rolled into a suit bag which wouldn't fold - but heck I wasn't going to risk loosing it). Anyway, I had a little satin box all embellished with laces and pearls - it looked just lovely so I didn't even wrap it, just had it sitting on the card - inside in very artsy font I'd typed up a little note saying that not all good things could fit in little packages and she should go check the guest bedroom (where the quilt was artfully drapped over the bed). Obviously it was a big hit.

From: Gale

Since you're hand delivering the quilt, I would NOT put pretty paper on it, but I'd tie it up with some pretty coordinating ribbon, add a few baby items on a string or close up to the bow. Since the quilt is so special the recepient is usually thrilled to be able to "see" the wonderful gift. I also stopped using envelopes with cards, I just punch a hole, using the pretty punches, (hearts, bunnies, etc) then I tie the card to the bow. It looks really nice!

I especially love to give baby quilts at baby showers, I love to hear the oohs and aahs of all!!!

I just made a cute quilt top and cut and completed the top last night. It's from ABC quilt book! So easy...

From: Jean

I use pizza boxes for mailing baby quilts, wall hangings etc. We have a local pizza company here in town that has plain white boxes and I buy the 18in. for $1. They are also very sturdy for shipping. I also use these to keep projects together when dragging them around with me, but use a smaller size usually 12in. These boxes also make a great lap board or good to lay out blocks if they have to be moved from work space to sewing machine etc.

From Ruth

Monica - try tying them up in a pretty cloth ribbon - the ribbon can then be used for hairbows for the baby if its a girl. Or wrap in fabric as it is useable/recyclable, if the recipient is a sewer or quilter.

From: Birgit

When I give a quilt away, which I have done only three times up to now, I fold them first in half, then again so You get a quater and the I make a roll. This roll I wrap into paper like a sweet, i.e., I just cut a rectangular of the paper and roll the roll in it and use lots of ribbons to tie the two ends together. If You use coloured ribbons and great paper this can be striking, and nobody guesses what is in it.

I hope You understand the description as my English isn't too good.

From: Catherine

To wrap quilts I make simple draw string bags using the leftover scraps from the quilt or another material and use shoe strings for the draw strings. The quilts can be stored in the bags and the bags can be used for other things. No boxes and no waste involved. Soft enough to fit in a suitcase. Now mailing is another thing!

From: Betty

In response to your inquiry about quilts as gifts-- I make a bag from unbleached muslin (any kind of fabric will do). I cut the fabric large enough so that when it is folded in half allowing for seams and a sleeve for ribbon or cord (as a closure) the folded quilt will fit inside. I simply sew a sleeve along one side (which will be the top of the bag) I then fold the fabric in half and sew along what will be the side and bottom. The ribbon or cord in then fed through the sleeve and secured by tying a knot. When the bag is turned right side out simply put in the quilt, pull up the "string" and tie in a sort of bow. This can be as fancy or as plain and you like depending on the material used and the way you choose to decoratethe bag. I like to write something on the plain muslin bags sometimes just the type of information you might put on a quilt label - sometimes just the name or the quilt or the name of the recipient or the occasion. You can also make the bag to coordinate with the quilt. I have been using this bag idea for a number of years - I started bags long before I started quilting. The thing with the bag is that is makes a nice storage cover if the quilt is put away or stored at all. If it is made "fancy" it can also be reused for otherthings if the recipient so chooses. I never use wrapping paper anymore. My one contribution to recycling. Good luck - I would be interested in what you finally do for wrapping your quilts.

From: Judy

Monica asked about gift wrapping baby quilts... I've made drawstring bags of matching fabric with french seams for a nice finish. Use some narrow strips cut with pinking shears to tie a bow on the drawstring.

The moms use them for toy or laundry bags or just toting extra stuff.

From: Mona

I always wrap my baby gifts in a receiving blanket pinned shut with large diaper pins. A new baby can always use more receiving blankets.

From: Dorothy

I ran into a similar problem earlier this year. I had two baby quilts, but both for the same family (twin girls were born the following month). I hadn't realized you can no longer get those good solid gift boxes at variety stores (I may be a few decades older than you, so you may not know what I mean). I started looking at plastic storage boxes and even considered a diaper pail as container, but that would have stretched the cost of the gift somewhat. I finally settled on the breakdown cardboard storage boxes from closet section of store. If I were giving just one, I would look again at the plastic storage boxes that Rubbermaid, Sterlite, and other companies sell. In all cases, the recipient ends up with a useful storage item. One other possibility: one Christmas a daughter sent a lot lof her christmas gifts in simple drawstring bags she made up. very inexpensive, and pretty with heavy yarn or cord at the top. Reusable, and they pack very well. good luck. I'm sure you will get flooded with suggestions!

From: Janet

For the baby quilts that I give, I fold them in half lengthwise and roll them, very tightly, and tie them with yarn or ribbon. Then I can wrap them in baby shower paper. I roll them so tightly sometimes (must have been all that practice rolling sleeping bags) that it is hard to tell what it is when it is wrapped up.