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Date: Thu, 14 Jul 1994 10:28:08
From: Marina

Yes, I have gotten quilts published. My best luck was with the smaller magazines, like "Quilt World". For those, I wrote an article and took photos of my quilt, drew up the pattern, and sent the whole thing in "unsolicited". They pay about $25 per page for articles and more if they use your photos. You must send really excellent slides, not prints. Quilters Newsletter is deluged with unsolicited articles so it is much harder to get published in that magazine.

For most magazines, it is best to send a letter describing what you want to write about and ask if they are interested. Most magazines will send you their editorial guidelines which you should follow if you wish to get published. Many quilt magazine publish requests for certain types of quilts, watch their issues for that info.

If you have made a quilt from one of the magazines' patterns, they are often interested in publishing it but you will usually not be paid. Look in the specific magazine for their guidelines. I had a quilt published in Quiltmaker magazine, they didn't like my photo so they asked me to mail the actual quilt to them, I was not paid but they reimbursed me for the postage. I've also had quilts published in a couple of books, I was not paid but I got a free copy of the book. You do these things for the glory, not the profit :-) Even the ones that pay, may take several months to send you a check--often they plan their articles months on advance and you are generally not paid until the article actually appears.

The Oxmoor House series of books is always looking for quilts and quilters to feature, write to them for their guidelines. They also like to find groups and guilds that make quilts together.