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Date: Tue, Jul 26, 1994 10:10 AM EST
From: Marcy Subj: Freezer Paper/Web templates

I was just passing along a tip to a friend, and thought some of you might be interested in this technique.

I do all of my designing on computer, using SuperPaint for the Macintosh. Usually I do strip piecing, so I don't need templates or anything like that.

HOWEVER, when I do need templates, or if I'm using fusible web, I've found that a dot matrix printer (such as an imagewriter) prints quite well on the dull side of freezer paper, or on the paper side of fusible web. This is a lot more accurate than printing and then tracing over and over again--you can just print as many "templates" as you need.

Hints: On the macintosh, in the page setup, under options, you may have an option that says "Precision Bitmap Alignment (4% reduction)". Make sure this option is NOT checked, or your templates will be slightly smaller than desired. Other systems may have similar options--make sure that your templates print out the correct size, and adjust accordingly.

Select a fusible web that doesn't separate from the paper immediately upon handling.

DO NOT USE A PRINTER THAT USES ANY TYPE OF HEAT--I.E. AN INKJET, LASER, ETC. Use only an impact printer, such as a dot matrix

Anyway, for those of us who are so bad at drawing that we cannot even trace competently, this is a great timesaver! I have just gotten a scanner, so I'm thinking I could scan in applique patterns from books, and then reprint them onto freezer paper--this would even give me the option of resizing and stuff --hmmmmmm. My fear of applique may be diminishing. Think it's time for Sunbonnet Sue!