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Warming Families

Families across America and Canada reach out to warm up homeless families.

"Warming Families" is a new crafting project designed to get all members of the family involved in helping provide needed blankets for homeless families.

This project can strengthen families as they work together, as well as church groups, senior citizens centers and individuals in this ongoing project by making afghans and quilts for homeless shelters across the USA and Canada. All are welcome to participate in this great and enormous challenge to provide homeless shelters with warm blankets for the families and individuals staying there. Information is also provided for non-crafters who would like to help. TheFamily.com has set up a web page with free patterns, information on teaching your children to help make blankets, and shelter addresses with families in need.

Families who make these blankets may deliver the completed blankets to a shelter in their area, or they can mail items to one of the shelters listed on our web page.


Contact Person:
Kaye Rogers

Binky Patrol

The Binky Patrol is a loosely-knit (if you'll pardon the pun) association of people who make blankets to provide to children and teens who have been physically or sexually abused.

We need your help. In order to help more kids, we need more volunteers. And the nature of your site makes it likely that your visitors are the kind of folks on whom we've come to depend, so that more kids and teens can be helped by the Binky Patrol.

Quilts from Caring Hands

Making quilts for children-at-risk: the homeless, those in foster care, drug addicted, AIDS infected, visually impaired, abused, as well as infants of teen mothers.

Wrap Them in Love Foundation Quilts for needy children around the world.

Project Warm Fuzzies

Quilts and Quilting Supplies for children being treated at St. Jude's and Shriner's hospitals

Hugs for Homeless Animals

Afghans and quilts for animals in animal shelters.

My Brother's Keeper - Ugly Quilts

The history and directions for making quilts from scrap fabrics & old clothes for use by the homeless.

ABC Quilt Project

The ABC Quilt Project is a nation-wide project whose members make quilts for babies with HIV and other serious illnesses (e.g. born addicted to cocaine). The quilts are sent to hospitals where the babies and you children live (most have parents who are too ill to take care of them and many are not eligible for adoption so they live in hospitals). There a guidelines about how the quilts must be constructed so that they will withstand the industrial washers and driers.

There is a list of guidelines published by the national organization.:


Donated quilts or fabric that will be used to make quilts to be given to needy children of the world. Please visit our website at http://www.wraptheminlove.org for details. Donations should be sent to Wrap Them in Love c/o Arlington Fabric 317 N Olympic Avenue Arlington, Washington 98223 USA Thank you ellen@accessone.com
Tiny Miracles - Quilts for Neo-Natal intensive care units. Quilts sized 14" to 36". http://members.aol.com/bukulu/index.html

I work at a national nonprofit organization -
The Pregnancy and Infant Loss Center. We provide
comfort and support to families who are grieving
the loss of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth
or infant death. We are in need of volunteer
quilters to make small quilts (approximately
14" x 14") to be given to families who contact us.
If you would be interested in volunteering, please
contact me at Donnarail@aol.com or Pregnancy and
Infant Loss Center, 1421 E. Wayzata Blvd. #30,
Wayzata, MN 55391. Also, if you, or anyone you know
is grieving the loss of a baby, please contact us
support and information. We publish a newsletter
quarterly and have many informative booklets and
beautiful keepsake items. I look forward to
hearing from some of you. Donna :) Donnarail@aol.com

"Quilt For A Cure"

Hi My name is Sandy Guilbeaux and I am the founder of the project to raise funds for research for my illness CFIDS (chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome). We make quilt blocks and assemble a quilt then on May 12,1997 (CDIDS Awareness Day) we will raffle all of the quilts and the funds will go to research for our disease research. We also accept odd blocks, blocks that quilters do no longer want and quilts (we repair them) that are donated. We are all volunteers .

We would appreciate any donations. Please email me if you have any questions. VJXL61A@prodigy.com I look forward in hearing from you. Thank You So Much For Your Time Sandy Guilbeaux

Level 3 Neonatal intensive care unit in Milwaukee Wisconsin in need of QUILTS! 40x40 and 12x12 squares. Bright colored with thin layer of batting. Tied or sewn. We use the 40x40 quilts as isolette covers. Isolette covers provide a quiet and dark environment like the mothers womb for the baby to grow in. They limit stressors such as light and noise. The 12x 12 squares are used by parents to tuck in their little bundles before they leave for the night. Need more info E-mail me and I will get it off to you immediately. Help us help others and help to make their frightening experience easier. NeedaRN@Aol.com

Hi fellow quilters! It's me AGAIN...Kristine! Is anyone interested in donating a simple patchwork quilt to the shelter I work in? Let me know...We are in need of 8 quilts for a teen-aged boys shelter! You can use any color, style, type of fabric! Thanks! KBETTS8358@AOL.COM

Hello Fellow Quilters.

I have recently started a quilting class at a home for abused women and children. Since the centre does not receive government funding, luxuries like crafts are often difficult. I have been contacting organizations around here to get fabric donations but it hasn't been going too well so far.

I was wondering if any of you would be interested in donating fabric to the home. It can be anything and everything. Size and colour is not importanr because many of them just really love to sew and take their minds off of the abuse.

If you're interested please, please, please e-mail me and I will tell you where you can send the fabric to.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message!!! cwalker@spectranet.ca

The 4-H Girls' Empowerment Program in San Luis Obispo, CA focuses on building and maintaining self-esteem in "at risk" adolescent girls ages 9 - 15. Quilting is an important part of the program. Sewing machines in good working condition are desperately needed. If you would like to donate a sewing machine or quilting materials (tax deductible!), the program will pay for postage. Quilts will support school scholarhips and the future of the program. Please support the future of young women! Contact Tess Harback at tmharback@ucdavis.edu or 805-781-5950. Thank you.

Last year when I posted a message asking quilters to help me supply quilts to children infected/afffected by AIDS, the response was wonderful and we were able to present all the children served by our Visiting Nurse Association with quilts.

This year I have become aware of an even more pressing need: Native American children (and adults) living on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota are facing another cold winter. Many of these families live under conditions of severe poverty (Pine Ridge has one of the lowest per capita incomes in all the United States) and many have no central heat.

Circle of Children is an organization whose aim is to support the children of Pine Ridge by pairing them up with sponsors who will foster in them the sense of self-esteem that is every child's right. This fall Circle of Children is asking for help in providing warm bedding for the families it serves. Knowing how generous quilters are - and how you helped my AIDS children last Christmas - I am once again turning to you for help. If you are interested in helping us provide quilts and comforters for these beautiful children of Pine Ridge, please e-mail me (ChanaMass@aol.com) or the director of Circle of Children, Shivani Baker (SHIVAB@aol.com) and we will send you more information. You couldn't be spending your time better than in helping us keep these children warm this winter.

In peace and love, Chana Rivka Shemaya, LICSW

Please help out some children with cancer. I am with a new national group making quilts &blankets for children being treated with cancer.

I would like to have as many people as possible send a 6" charm, just one pc of fabric any color or pattern. ALL of the charms will be made into a charms quilt and area meida sorces paper, tv will get info on the quilting on the www and how people from all over helped to make the quilt possible.

Yes, I am doing lots of others from sewing scraps and fabric people donate. I live near Buffalo N Y and we need 400 finished itmes a year' if all toddlers and youth under 15 are to have this gitf THANKS I KNOW YOU WILL HELP. Barb Johnston
177 WIllow Street
Lockport, N Y 14094 USA

I'm doing a lot of basic, basic, quilts and or "blankees" for local and non local childresn homes, hospitals etc. I'm disabled and have had no employed for nearly 4 years and have time and can do the basic sewing yet I am in need of donations for fabric does not, NOT, have to be 100 % cotton, it can be a blend for use. I can send you a dated receipt for your donation from the 501 charity. ThanksSend any old fabric or sewing remants to: Barb Johnston,177 Willow St, Lockport, N Y 14094,USA IF you are a membr of a charity needing quilts let me know

My church group is making quilts for children who are in shelters with their battered moms. We need all the 8" kid theme fabric squares that we can get. If you are interested, please e-mail me ASAP. Thanks! SandyC0419@aol.com (that's a zero after the C)

Hi, everyone.
I'm new to this area, but have been thinking since I came online a few weeks ago that this might be a good way to combine my love of quilting, computers and my work. I'm a social worker for a visiting nurse association who works with AIDS patients in a small city in southeastern Massachusetts. Most of my patients are very poor and have trouble providing birthday and Christmas presents for their children. Some of the children have AIDS themselves and some have parents who are seriously ill with the disease. None of my children at this time are in the terminal stages of the illness, but a lot of the parents are.

If you love to quilt but have more projects than recipients, maybe we can get together and provide the parents with a gift that will live on long after they will and that will give comfort for years to come,. I guarantee you that all quilts will get to families affected by AIDS.

If you are interested in this project, please e-mail me at ChanaMass@AOL.com and I will give you more specific information. I foresee this as being an ongoing project.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Chana Shemaya, LICSW Brockton Visiting Nurse Association

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