The WWQP How-To's


Basic Pressing

  When pressing sewn strips of fabric or quilt blocks, do not slide the iron, but instead lift the iron up and move to the next area to be pressed and put the iron back down on the fabric. Sliding the iron can cause the fabric to become distorted especially when pressing seams cut on the bias.

When pressing a seam, first press the seam together. This will help to elimate any slight puckering that may have occurred while sewing the seam. Then place the seam so that the side to which the seam allowance will be pressed is on the top. Then, carefully press seam allowance to the side from the right side of the fabric. By pressing seam allowances from the front, the quilter elimates the possibility of pressing a fold or pleat in the seam.

To Steam or Not to Steam

Many quilters feel that using steam while pressing quilt blocks can lead to more distortion. Other quilters like the nice sharp finish that steam gives. The beginning quilter should try pressing both with and without steam to decide which method she/he prefers. Note: when pressing blocks which are being pieced on paper, the quilter should use a dry iron so as to not distort the paper.

Finger Pressing

Pressing Seams Open

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