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How to Piece Quilt Blocks

 Hand Piecing

Hand piecing doesn't require many additional accessories; thread, thimble, needles, scissors, and fabric are about all that is necessary to begin hand piecing. Hand piecing is also very portable, all of the supplies can be carried in a small sewing bag. New quilters may feel more confident when piecing a complicated patterns with many points that need matching.

Supplies for Hand Piecing


Beginning to Hand Piece

Making the Templates

Cutting & Marking Pieces

 Machine Piecing

Supplies for Machine Piecing

Sewing Machine
Any sewing machine that is capable of producing a straight stitch can be used for quilt piecing.



1/4" Presser Foot - optional

The "Scant" Quarter Inch Seam Allowance

When machine piecing a quilt block it is important to use a seam allowance slightly less than 1/4. This is because a slight amount of fabric is take up in the fold when the seam is pressed to one side. One sixteenth of an inch won't cause to much distortion when there's only one seam in a block, but if there are four seams, the completed block will be off by 1/4"!!

It is especially important to use the scant 1/4" seam allowance when using rotary cut strips and pieces. The rotary cutter is very accurate and doesn't leave a bit more fabric as cutting fabric with scissors does.

Chain Piecing

Y Seams


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