Stork Scissors

I think I may have an answer for a question that someone asked quite a while ago--why are stork scissors made to look like storks? I saw a video last night on antique needlework tools, and the woman had a pair of unusual stork scissors--instead of the blades sticking straight up as is usual, the blades stuck out to the side. They were also very dull blades, not sharp enough to cut fabric.

She said that when she bought them, they were in a box with a lot of other sewing implements, but her research had found that they were actually a tool used by midwives in the 1800s. (Presumably to clamp the umbilical cord.) Since midwives were women who also did needlework in their spare time, they kept their medical tools handy--in their sewing basket. Maybe they even worked on their needlework while waiting for a baby to be born!

Anyway, just in case anyone besides me was still wondering where stork scissors came from, now you know :-)

Newsgroups: rec.crafts.textiles
Date: 14 Jul 1994 17:14:36 GMT