Quilt Block Names

The interesting names given to quilt block patterns are rooted deep in the history of the United States. It is easy to see the influences upon quilters of the past by studying the names that they have given to their quilt patterns. The strong biblical influence is apparent from the large number of blocks with religious names such as Jacob's Ladder or Job's Trouble. The hardship of the pioneer can be seen from blocks with names such as the Rocky Road to California. The aspects of everyday life led to blocks with names like Churn Dash and Log Cabin.

Many quilt patterns have several different names. A pattern known by one name in New England may have had a different, more significant name to the quilter in the Midwest. Sometimes old names were changed for commercial purposes. Each generation of quilters adds its own varitaions to an old art form.

From Trades and Occupations

Anvil, Saw-Tooth, The Ship's Wheel, Carpenter's Wheel, Monkey Wrench, Water Mill, Chips and Whetstones, The Dusty Miller

Outdoor Life and Nature

Garden Maze, Autumn Leaf, Spider Web, Rolling Stones, Ocean Wave, Flying Geese

Square Dancing

Eight Hands Around, Swing in the Center

Politcal Influence

Clay's Choice, Whig Rose, Fifty-Four-Forty or Fight

Biblical Names

Job's Trouble, Job's Tears, Joseph's Coat, Jacob's Ladder, Wonder of the World, World Without End

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