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The WWQP Quilt Coloring Book

Try out your own color combinations on our quilt blocks. Just select one of the blocks below and get a 6 block x 8 block layout to print out and color in.

Find the directions for these blocks at:

Quilt Blocks by Block Type - or -
Quilt Blocks in Alphabetic Order

 A Dandy

 Antique Tile

  Arkansas Crossroads & An Alternative Layout

 Arrow Crown

  Balkan Puzzle

 Best of All

  Butterfly & An Alternative Layout

 Canadian Gardens

 Capital T

 Card Trick

 Chained Ninepatch

 Christmas Star 1

 Churn Dash

  Clay's Choice

  Columbian Puzzle


  Crossed Canoes

  Cubed Lattice & An Alternative Layout

 Double Pyramid & An Alternative Layout

 Dublin Steps

  Dutchmans Puzzle

 Empire Star

  Fair and Square

 Flying Shuttles & An Alternative Layout

 Friendship Star

 Hidden Star

 Jacobs Ladder & An Alternative Layout

 Joy Bells

 Kansas Star


 Maple Leaf & An Alternative Layout


 Ohio Star

 Pale Star

 Pinetree & An Alternative Layout

 Road to Tennessee

 Rolling Stone


 Shoo Fly

 Split Ninepatch


 Swing in the Center

 Symmetry In Motion

 Thirteen Squares


 Treasure Box

 True Blue

 Turkey in the Straw

 Wedding Bouquet

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