Drafting Book Reviews

Drafting Plus
by Sharyn Craig
Chitra Publications, 1994.
Reviewer: Gary F

This is a very simple book presenting very simple material which every quilter needs.

Mariner's Compass An American Quilt Classic by Judy Mathieson
C &T Publishing, Lafayette, CA, 1987
Cost: about $15.95 Paperback

The book to get if the quilter is interested in creating Mariner Compass quilt blocks. Complete coverage of drafting several different versions of the Mariner's Compass.
Reviewer : Sue Traudt

 Mariner's Compass Quilts - New Directions
by Judy Mathieson
C&T Publishing, Lafayette, CA, 1995
Reviewer: Sue Traudt Date: 6-Dec-95

Judy takes another look at the Mariner's Compass pattern in this book. A very thorough coverage of a popular, but complicated quilt pattern. Takes both the beginner and the expert quilter through all the necessary steps to create a Mariner's Compass masterpiece. Includes full size patterns as well as directions for drafting your own patterns. Gives directions for off-center, oval, and double stars.


  1. Planning Your Quilt
  2. Drafting the Patterns
  3. Fabric Selection
  4. Construction
  5. Patterns

Pattern Play
by Doreen Speckman
C&T Publishing, Lafayette, California, 1993

An excellent book that presents a simple way of creating an infinite number of quilt blocks. All patterns are based on stright lines. New patterns are created by using a simple group of small block components.

Reviewer: Sue Traudt

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