Romeo & Juliet


What the BFC List Mom does with her Bernina

In April 2002, I somehow volunteered to make costumes for the North Haven, CT, High School drama club's production of Romeo & Juliet. I always make my son's costumes for the various productions, so when he asked me if I could make "a few more", I agreed. When it was all over, I found that I had completed a total of 42 costumes in about 6 weeks time. And while I gave up alot of sleep, in the end, it was worth it. The kids are all very talented and a joy to work with. The performances on May 16, 17, & 18 were all spectacular!

For those who care, a more detailed list of the items follows.

Well, enough of that, on to the pictures. Capulets in Red - Montagues in Blue.


Juliet, below her balcony - on opening night

Lord Montague - who is also List Mom's son ;-)

Lady Montague - since she was also the narrator and the first person the audience saw, she got one really fancy costume

Lord Capulet - the tallest member of the cast

Lady Capulet - this is the only costume I didn't make, Lady Capulet made it herself, she could, she has a Bernina!

Friar Laurence

The Nurse

Tybalt & the Prince

Tybalt & Anthony - Tybalt liked to give a "thumbs up" when ever he saw a camera



Sampson and a Townsperson



Abraham, yes, it is the same person playing two parts -
not identical twins.

Juliet (right) and her cousin - a good example of the ball gowns for the Capulet's party

One of the musicians with one of the townspersons

Opening night jitters cause a slight spat between the Capulets and Montagues in the auditorium lobby

I know that this picture was taken too far away, but here's the entire cast on stage taking their bows

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