Kate Hansen's Idea #4

Hi everyone Are you ready for the next idea?

If these ideas seem complicated then soon you will be able to view the finished item on our Web page as soon as they are on I will let you know.



Collect and cut up tiny pieces of fabric place them onto your iron-on-interfacing sticky side up use your iron to press heat through to hold as much of they pieces as possible. Then take the interfacing and turn it upside down letting all the loose pieces fall off. Don't be surprised if most of it comes off. Repeat the process so the you evenly spread out the tiny bits.

Take it over to the machine and very carefully do scribbling stitches in gold matallic thread all over it making sure to catch all the little bits. This is flimsy so be careful.

This does look great my vest is nearly finished I carn't wait to show you. I'II get back next week to give you another idea.

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