Kate Hansen's Idea #2

How did you all go at HIDE AND SEEK?

I hope you are ready for the next idea?

It's called BUBBLING.

You need an old style cake cooling tray they are made of wire and have a mesh like surface.

Using a soft fabric like chiffon and a wooden skewer, place the fabric over the tray with the wrong side facing you. Poke the fabric through the wires of the cake tray (not right through) Do this heaps until you have a area about 3 1/2 inch square. (Do a larger ares so you can cut it up later)

Place some iron on interfacing over the bubbled fabric area. Iron the interfacing firmly. Gently separate the bubbled fabric from the wire cake rack.

Thread up your sewing machine with a decorative thread and an embroidery needle Foot #29 is a great foot to use it's the Quilting foot. Or foot #24 or even foot #9 will do. You drop the feed dog and do free hand stitches all over the bubbles and the results look fantastic.

Do about 8 X 3 1/2 squares and put them with the other 8 squares of hide and seek.

This will be one of the best multi textured vest you have ever made.

I will give you the next idea in a couple of days so don't fall behind because at the end of all the techniques that I show you we will be constructing the vest. The way we put this together is very easy and quick.

Catch ya later, Kate.

p.s If you can't find one of these cake trays try anything that might have little squares on it so you can poke fabric through, becareful not to use plastic because of the ironing.

Idea 2b

Ok who had problems with the cake cooling tray?

Try this instead with chiffon do rows of gathering going across the fabric about 1/2 inch apart then turn your fabric around and go across the sewn lines and do gathering stitches again.

     I     I    I    I    I    I
     I     I    I    I    I    I
     I     I    I    I    I    I
Pull up your threads giving you the bubbling effect place some iron on interfacing on the back then do some lovely gold free hand sewing in the top. Foot #16 Gathering. This is the wider gathering foot simply a must to have.

Give this idea a try then read on to the next IDEA.

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