Kate Hansen's Idea #1


With two pieces of fabric about 8 inch in square one to be of a plain fabric and the other to be a contrast. Place both the fabrics right sides up on top of one another. It dosen't matter in which order.

Draw either a slightly curved line across the fabric or a lightning bolt line and another line identical about 1/2 inch away from the first line then do the same a little further up the fabric and a little further down the fabric.

After you have all the lines sewn across the fabric cut the top layer of fabric between the inch. Making sure you cut close to both the sides of the stitching.

Put some decorative thread into the top stiching, don't forget to change your needle to a larger eye needle so that your thread won't break while using the matalic threads.

You can either do some couching on the top of the first row of stitches or use any of your fancy stitches with rayon thread. Do this twice and then cut them into four equal squares and put aside.

If you are interested in the other ways to manipulate fabrics let me know and I will continue to give you the other ideas.

Catch ya later,

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