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Date: 6/5/5 Time: 3:34 PM
Subject: Basket Quilts
E-mail Address: edwaquilt

Marti Mischelle wrote a book on basket quilts. I believe there was some history in it.

Date: 6/1/5 Time: 6:18 PM
Subject: y2k quilt of the WORLD :0)
E-mail Address:

Please help me!! :0)

I thought that I had bookmarked a site that had some beautiful y2k pictures on it --- one quilt in particular struck my eye.

Someone had used their 2000 charms to make a world map --- does anyone know the web address of this quilt, as I did not save it? I am finally making it my summer project to actually sew one of my many y2k quilts together, and of course, I want to sew it up into a world map.

thank you in advance,

Date: 5/31/5 Time: 8:01 PM
Subject: Quilt Shows
E-mail Address: no

The website for American Quilters Society has info on the Paducah and Nashville shows.

Date: 5/27/5 Time: 6:52 AM
Subject: Quilted Tea Pot Cosy
E-mail Address:

Does anyone know of a pattern for a quilted tea pot cosy. Would appreciate input from whoever has made one or knows of a site with a pattern. Thanks

Date: 5/26/5 Time: 3:51 PM
Subject: orange slice -dasiy quilt pattern
E-mail Address:

can enyone help me find this pattern it was on kay1s quilting show and i missed it

Date: 5/26/5 Time: 2:37 PM
Subject: Baskets
E-mail Address:

Sorry ! As I started to say, I am doing a class on a basket block. I would like to include a little history and several different kinds of basket blocks. Any help would be appreciated.
Books, references, etc.
Thank you.
Neina Counts

Date: 5/26/5 Time: 2:35 PM
Subject: Baskets again
E-mail Address:

Obviously I can't type very well.

Date: 5/26/5 Time: 2:35 PM
Subject: Baskets again
E-mail Address:

Obviously I can't type very well.

Date: 5/17/5 Time: 2:20 AM
Subject: Chains of Love
E-mail Address: nononon

This quilt store used to have a pattern called Chains of Love. Contact them to see if it is available.

Date: 5/16/5 Time: 9:53 PM
Subject: Memory Chain Block & Quilt
E-mail Address: Barbara


Date: 5/14/5 Time: 11:02 AM
Subject: quilt pattern
E-mail Address: jbandbf@scrtc,com

I am looking for a quilt pattern that looks like a chain looped together when it is finished. I has several names some call it the friendship chain or memory chain. It is made into blocks and then set together. I would appreciate any help anyone could give me.

Date: 5/10/5 Time: 9:48 PM
Subject: looking for this pattern
E-mail Address:

hi all!
i am looking for "christmas stars", a 6 sided wall quilt designed by eileen sukkivan. it is a string quilt where wedges are made into 6 pointed stars. thanks so much for any help you can provide! -dina, boston, ma

Date: 5/4/5 Time: 1:23 PM
Subject: Star Quilt
E-mail Address:

I'm looking for a December/January 2003-04 Quilt magazine issue which featured a lady (with her picture and the picture of the quilt) who made a beautiful star quilt that looked complicated to make but was not. There was an insert in the mazagine with the pattern. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Date: 4/29/5 Time: 8:42 AM
E-mail Address:

I am looking for the envelope pattern that was in one of the quilting magazines several years ago. I can't remember if it was made for Valentines Day or Christmas.

Date: 4/22/5 Time: 8:57 AM
Subject: Prarie Points
E-mail Address:

I'm designing a quilt based on the styles of the 1880's - were prarie points used in that period? How early in time were prarie points first used?

Date: 4/13/5 Time: 11:32 AM
Subject: Don't Wait for Pinkerton
E-mail Address: anna in spain

Does anyone know why this quilt pattern is called this?

Date: 4/12/5 Time: 4:22 AM
Subject: School Girl's Puzzle
E-mail Address: askmeifyouneedit

This information is in Barbara Brackmans Enclyclopedia of Pieced Blocks, also in her Block Base CD.
Hour Glass by Grandma Dexter
Old Maids Puzzle in Ladies Arts Companion #25
Old Maids Puzzle in book by Hall
Needlecraft Supply 1936 named it School Girls Puzzle
Old Maids Puzzle in KC Star in 1956
Laura in IA

Date: 4/11/5 Time: 3:52 PM
Subject: other names for the School Girls Puzzle block
E-mail Address:

I am looking for alternate names for several blocks I am researching for a block of the month quilt. The one I am working on this month is the School Girls Puzzle block. If anyone has any information on this block...I'd love to have dates for the origination of this block also...I'd really appreciate it. If anyone can give me the name of a book which would give me information on histories of block names, originations, etc., that would really be great also. Otherwise...until next time!

Date: 3/29/5 Time: 8:12 PM
Subject: revolutionary war quilts
E-mail Address:

During the revolutionary war were there quilts made.Is there a quilt made called Washington's Puzzle or Washington's Plumes during the revolutionary war?

Date: 3/23/5 Time: 2:11 PM
Subject: please help date & identify
E-mail Address:

hello. i was hoping someone could help me date & identify this quilt. i believe it is made of mainly silks & satins. here is the url to some pictures.
thanks in advance & have a good day! andy kuntz

Date: 3/19/5 Time: 7:01 AM
Subject: LoneStar date
E-mail Address: ificould

Lone Star pattern by that name and as the center medallion of the quilt seems to have originate in the late 20s- early 30s I think.

Date: 3/18/5 Time: 10:49 PM
Subject: lonestar
E-mail Address:

when did the lonestar pattern originate?

Date: 3/17/5 Time: 4:37 PM
Subject: Applique Quilts
E-mail Address:

I'm a new quilter and my next project is an applique quilt. I understand that I attach the appliques first, and the last thing would be finshing the top, in this case, with grid stitching. I can't tell by looking at photos if the diamond grid pattern is stitched over the applique or is the stitching stopped and then restarted? Thanks for your help.

Date: 3/9/5 Time: 2:48 AM
Subject: Quilt History
E-mail Address: whome

Date: 3/9/5 Time: 2:36 AM
Subject: Log Cabin
E-mail Address: why wouldI

jabob if you use 2and one half inch strips you would end up with a 14" block with a center square also 2 and one half inches. To get a 12 inch block cut 2" stips and use a 3and one half " center square. that makes three one and one half in ch strips(4 and one half) on each side of the center square so a total of 12 inches finished. The blocks should measure 12 and one half before you sew them together. You do use quarter inch seams everywhere. Make sure these seams are accurate to achieve the size you want.

Date: 3/8/5 Time: 3:52 PM
Subject: how to measure
E-mail Address:

I am just learning to make a log cabin quilt I have the book but it just tell
s me cut 2 1/2 inches I want to make a 12 by 12 square I'm so lost I have tried to find a class in my area and can't so can someone help me or tell me what to do

Date: 3/8/5 Time: 12:30 PM
Subject: Women and quilting
E-mail Address:

I am writing a paper about quilting as a female art form. Can anyone lead me to some web sites about the history of female quilting, mainly in America? Thanks!

Date: 3/3/5 Time: 9:12 PM
Subject: Chinese Coin Quilt
E-mail Address:

I am completing a Chinese Coin Quilt, the type with vertical bars alternating solid sashing and pieced bars. Can anyone tell me the origin of this design? Is it Amish? Is there a good reference book that encompasses this sort of information?

Date: 3/1/5 Time: 8:29 PM
Subject: Cathedral Window Quilt History
E-mail Address:

I'll be teaching the 9-patch Cathedral Window quilt block to a 4H group next month. Can anyone tell me something of the history of this pattern? Surprisingly, these girls are very interested in preserving American handwork and want to know about the history, too.

Date: 3/1/5 Time: 11:05 AM
Subject: Quilting + Christian Women
E-mail Address: not today

YOu might want to check out these readings

Date: 2/28/5 Time: 4:21 PM
Subject: Quillow
E-mail Address:

I would like to know the history behind the quillow.

Date: 2/24/5 Time: 10:44 PM
Subject: Need quilting themes/lessons for Christian women's retreat
E-mail Address:

Looking for quilting themes/lessons for Christian women's retreat. Things like: Life is Like a Crazy Quilt. Anybody out there that can help me?

Date: 2/24/5 Time: 10:33 PM
Subject: Great quilt/sewing history ref website
E-mail Address: emill317AThotmailDOTcom

Go to Library of Congress archives. (Newspaper articles and photos).

Use the Search engine for:quilt, sewing, women's history, and it's amazing how quilting will appear under civil rights, suffrage, war...and more!Enjoy Liz in W W TX

Date: 2/9/5 Time: 11:14 AM
Subject: Quilt math
E-mail Address: not today

Hi, work out your quilt math on 1/4" graph paper. 1 square = 1" etc. You say that you need the math for a 10.5" square = is that the FINISHED size or a 10" square with 1/4" seam allowances? In the case of a 10" finished square each of the graph paper squares could = 2", therefore you would be cutting 2.5" squares that finish at 2".

Visit this site for loads of information and free quilt patterns.

Date: 2/8/5 Time: 9:27 AM
Subject: quilt math??
E-mail Address:

ok i guess first i should appologize...i first posted a question in the wrong place. Ok now heres where you veteran quilters get a really good laugh..I am a newbie (my fingertips aren't even purple with pin pricks yet)but I have made two quilts(yahhh me) and I have these really cute sunbonnet sue's done in redwork that are
10 1/2 inches square that I want to put into an Irish chain quilt. My problem is this...(again please control your histerical laughter it can really hurt a girls pride) how on earth do i figure out the size of the rest of the pieces?? ok I am sure this is probably a duh question but I must explain..I am pretty much doing this quilting thing on the advice of books since my grandmother (the old school quilter of the family died before i was grown or interested) so please if anyone is available to be my "stand in granny" to provide the advice I missed out on I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance.

Date: 2/8/5 Time: 5:50 AM
Subject: Bargello
E-mail Address: imnotsaying

I thought Bargello was a traditional needlepoint design that we quilters were imitating. I don't recall pictures of this style in the old quilt books - that doesn't mean its not possible, though. That's all I know right now. Did you do a google search?

Date: 2/8/5 Time: 3:26 AM
Subject: bargello design quilt
E-mail Address:

I am a new quilter & just finished a lap quilt with the design "bargello". In the instructions it meantioned something about it being a traditional pattern. I am curious as to what country or era. This will be given as a gift and i'm wondering if anyone knows any background to what the name bargello means or where it orginated. I would like to give some history to the background of it when giving my quilt gift.

Date: 2/7/5 Time: 8:24 AM
Subject: Graveyard Quilt
E-mail Address: no spam, please

Sounds like you might be looking for Elizabeth Roseberry Mitchell's Graveyard Quilt by Linda Otto Lipsett, Halstead & Meadows Publishing. Ms. Lipsett's books are fascinating and you can find more information here (No affiliation, just a big fan):
As far as I know, there has never been a pattern available of Elizabeth Mitchell's quilt, but you may want to read her story. You can go directly to the book with this link: this helps,

Date: 2/7/5 Time: 4:57 AM
Subject: raggedy rose quilt
E-mail Address:

I'm looking for a pattern that has frayed edge circles cut and stitched to look like roses. I think the name is raggedy roses but I'm not sure. I just need the flower pattern.

Date: 2/6/5 Time: 5:58 PM
Subject: Coffin Quilt
E-mail Address:

Just read a book which involves the making of a "Coffin Quilt". Supposedly a Southern pattern where names of family members are put on the outside edge when they are born and moved to the inside when they die. Can anyone confirm this and/or give me more info on this type of quilt?

Date: 1/27/5 Time: 4:52 PM
Subject: Fabric widths
E-mail Address:

Greetings....does anyone know when the width of fabric went from 22 inches to 36 inches? I have been trying to research fabric widths for a presentation that will be given in spring. Thanks....Pat

Date: 1/26/5 Time: 7:44 PM
Subject: quilting superstitions
E-mail Address:

i'm hunting any & all the quilting superstitions i can find. thanks

Date: 1/25/5 Time: 5:38 PM
Subject: history of cathedral window quilts
E-mail Address:

The history of the cathedral window
quilt if available

Date: 1/5/5 Time: 8:42 PM
Subject: my grandmother's quilts - Edgerton KS
E-mail Address:

I have 2 quilts that my grandmother made sometime between 1940-1970. These are the only 2 she ever made, so I think she did it as part of an Extension group or Grange. One quilt has names embroidered on it, so I think several people made blocks with their name, then traded with others in the group. Would like to know if anyone knows anything about this.

Date: 1/4/5 Time: 9:19 AM
Subject: Irish wedding quilt
E-mail Address:

I am looking for an Irish wedding quilt pattern, if there is one.

Date: 12/28/4 Time: 6:38 PM
Subject: monkeys
E-mail Address:

My five year old son wants a monkey quilt. Any thoughts about patterns. I have a few fabric leads but finding a pattern is driving me crazy.
Happy New Year!

Date: 12/25/4 Time: 5:16 PM
Subject: Old Quilt
E-mail Address:

Before my Mother's death at the age of 91 she gave me a quilt that she had most of her life. She was given his quilt sometime in her youth. She told me that it was a wedding quilt made by one of her grandmothers. The quilt has never been used. It has always been kept in a chest. It is made of cloth of three colors, orange and two slightly diffrent blues. These colors are not very pretty. Most of the hand work looks as my mother said done by a 13 year old. Some is very good. I believe the quilt to be about 150 years old. I have this quilt and do not know what to do with it. Could it have any worth? Who can tell me or were can I take it to find out? I live in Mobile,AL

Date: 12/16/4 Time: 7:57 PM
Subject: Anyone know the WWII Bomb Quilt?
E-mail Address:

I have a library patron who quilts. She is looking for information about a quilt from the World War II era made of blocks that looks like bombs. She says that the bombs all fit together and she thinks that orange and yellow color has some significance.

Does anyone know where I can find more information for her?

Date: 12/10/4 Time: 11:53 AM
Subject: Kiddie Komfies or Critter Coverlettes
E-mail Address:

I am looking for any Down on the Farm Critter Coverlette patterns or Kiddie Komfie Patterns. Please email me at
Thanks, Ann

Date: 12/9/4 Time: 11:06 AM
Subject: Rag Quilt
E-mail Address: edwaquilt(at)aol

Sandy at Quilt Country in Lewisville Tx was the first to produce a pattern using flannel. However, the type was done before that using denim


Date: 12/5/4 Time: 10:11 PM
Subject: Rag quilts
E-mail Address:

Does anyone know the history of rag quilts? How they began, when, why, etc.? I've made a rag quilt for a Christmas gift and I want to attach information about rag quilts for my sister, who does not know anything about quilting.

Thank you for your assistance.

Sara Hartin

Date: 12/1/4 Time: 5:39 AM
Subject: Info on WPA Quilts
E-mail Address: contact here

I believe i saw a bit about this in a book by Mary Kay Waldvogel. Perhaps Soft covers for Hard Times.
Laura in IA

Date: 11/30/4 Time: 10:43 AM
Subject: WPA projects inolving quilts
E-mail Address:

I'm interested in any information on WPA projects involving quilts. I assume any quilt-related projects would have been done under the Women's and Professional branch of the WPA. I've checked for books and articles at my local libraries with no success so far, so I suspect I need to zero in on state, county, or perhaps quilt guild archives. Does anyone have any tips for me on where to look or whome to contact? I sure would appreciate the help!


Date: 11/15/4 Time: 2:41 PM
Subject: double-knit quilting squares
E-mail Address:

My grandmother left me a large collection of what appear to be blocks for a quilt, except that they are completely finished. That is, two thicknesses of fabric, quilted, turned and stitched closed. There are no raw edges where you'd sew the blocks together. Can anybody tell me what kind of quilt block this is and how it's intended to be attached together. I have a large number of these blocks and have no clue what to do with them.

Date: 11/10/4 Time: 8:26 PM
Subject: coins in quilt


Date: 11/10/4 Time: 6:03 PM
Subject: Jacob's Ladder
E-mail Address:

Does anyone know the history of the quilt pattern of Jacob's ladder? The design, date of design, and colors, as well as what each piece represents and the state and/or country it was first made in. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Date: 11/8/4 Time: 9:20 PM
Subject: cups and saucers historic patch pattern?
E-mail Address:

My son needs info fast (left this 'til the last minute, of course). The pattern he has chosen, he says is called Cups and Saucers. I have tried to find out about its history, but no luck. Can someone help us? This is for a geometry project, but he does have to piece a square together. He also needs to be able to tell its "story."

Date: 10/19/4 Time: 3:13 AM
Subject: Smocked Quilt
E-mail Address: id rather not unless asked

That's a new one to me. I have never seen one. Must be a one of a kind creation. I have seen other types of needlework(like counted cross stitch and embroidery) shown of in quilts.
Laura in IA

Date: 10/18/4 Time: 9:09 AM
Subject: smocked quilt
E-mail Address:

I hope someone can help me on this. Recently I purchased a "smocked" quilt at an estate sale. It has one large panel in the center and has a 4 inch border of a differednt material. The only piecing is the border to the center. The center section is tightly smocked using different colors of embroidery floss. The border is also smocked, but not as closely. Does anyone have any information on this type of quilt?
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Bonnie Streyle

Date: 10/15/4 Time: 8:46 PM
Subject: quilt pattern
E-mail Address: nu577@wal-mart connect

I have a quilt pattern called flying square's. It is a 10 inch square but when I put 2 square's togather it does not look right. I only have the single quilt square. I need to see a whole quilt put togather so I can try to finish this. Have you ever heard of this quilt? Thanks sue

Date: 10/13/4 Time: 11:48 AM
Subject: use of quilts
E-mail Address:

Has any a reference for using quilts as room partitions? I have heard that they were used to retain heat by the fireplace by hanging them down the centre of the room, thus reducing the size of the room. I am interested in the 17th/18th century quilts of colonial America and would be most grateful if anyone has a reference on this. Many thanks - Jill

Date: 10/13/4 Time: 11:44 AM
Subject: quilting magazines
E-mail Address: bee1145

Does anyone have a favorite quilting magazine that they would recommend for a beginner? I'd like something really practical. Thanks.


Date: 10/4/4 Time: 12:13 PM
Subject: Down on the farm originals by Jean Wilkenson
E-mail Address:

I am looking for a bunny quilt from a down on the farms pattern by Jean Wilkenson. They were popular in the 70's or early 80's. Does anyone know where I can purchase these patterns? Thanks for your help.

Date: 9/30/4 Time: 12:08 AM
Subject: Butterfly
E-mail Address:

I'm doing a project on quilt blocks for my Math for the Elementary Teacher class at CMU. I chose the Butterfly patch design to focus on and I need to know some background information about it. The origin of the name and any historical information about it would be most appreciated.
Thanks so much!

Date: 9/29/4 Time: 6:41 PM
Subject: Quillows
E-mail Address:

Does anyone know any history about the quillow?


Date: 9/28/4 Time: 10:49 AM
Subject: Quilt History in Canada
E-mail Address:

Is there any information available about quilt history in Western Canada? I have read (with interest) info on quilts in Nova Scotia and Ontario but have never seen anything about other parts of Canada.
Marilyn in B.C.

Date: 9/28/4 Time: 1:26 AM
E-mail Address:


Date: 9/26/4 Time: 7:12 PM
Subject: quilt history in U.S.
E-mail Address:

Please help me with my home work question. Research the history of quilts in the U.S., write a list of favorite facts about quilts.

Date: 9/23/4 Time: 9:58 AM
Subject: mariners compas paper pieced pattern
E-mail Address:

please if anyone has a pattern for mariners compas that is paper pieced I would appreciate it
thanks lois

Date: 9/22/4 Time: 7:38 PM
Subject: Baby Quilt
E-mail Address: judyp

I have just found out that my daughter is having a
little boy the end of February. This is really a
big deal in our family as we always have little
girls. Does anyone know of a really cute little
boy quilt that I can make for Christmas and put it
under the tree for our new arrival. I would appreciate any help that you can give me. Thanks,

Date: 9/20/4 Time: 9:10 PM
Subject: Jewish Quilting
E-mail Address:

I want to make a lap quilt or wall hanging to celebrate my granddaughter's batmitzvah. Can you direct me to any history of Jewish quilting or patterns.

Thank You, Carroll

Date: 9/7/4 Time: 2:41 PM
Subject: Tumbling Blocks & album cross patterns
E-mail Address:

Could anyone help with the origin and /or some history on the tumbling blocks pattern and the album cross pattern.
Thank you,
Jo D

Date: 9/6/4 Time: 2:55 PM
Subject: Quilting History
E-mail Address: not today

Elisa, check out this website,

Go to her "Quilting in Fiction" lists. She has a wealth of information on fictional books, both for children and adults, that include quilting as a theme.

There are also several books on Quilts in Canada specifically, mainly in the Maritime and Eastern provinces of Canada.

Good luck on your thesis.

Meredith in Western Canada

Date: 9/4/4 Time: 7:53 AM
Subject: novels dealing with quilt
E-mail Address:

Having learned how to quilt in Canada, I'd like to write my degree thesis in English Language and Literature about quilt's value in society and quilting in novels. Have you ever read a novel (but also poetry) that talks about patchwork? I only found "twelve Golden Threads" (1992) by Aliske Webb. Thanks for any help! Elisa (Italy)

Date: 8/26/4 Time: 12:52 PM
Subject: Quilt History
E-mail Address:

I'm interested in learning the history of the block "54-40 or Fight", and how it got that name.

Date: 8/26/4 Time: 11:38 AM
Subject: Sewing Room Angel & pattern
E-mail Address:

I'm looking for the story of the "sewing room angel" ... also an angel quilt pattern for an ornament.

Date: 8/17/4 Time: 7:46 PM
Subject: Quilts
E-mail Address:

I am 12 and at school we are making Quilts we have been asked to do a homework task on Quilts I have to find out the answer to the following question and I was wondering if you could help me out!
Where did the first quilts come from and why were they designed?
PLEASE help. Email me as soon as possible please.
Thanks heaps.

Date: 8/1/4 Time: 4:51 PM
Subject: writing names on quilts
E-mail Address: edwaquilt(at)

In the mid 1800's the names were usually written in ink - referred to copperplate writing. In 1920's and up, they usually were written in pencil and then embroidered.


Date: 8/1/4 Time: 4:49 PM
Subject: yellow brick road
E-mail Address: edwaquilt(at)

Suggest you contact the designer of this. I feel sure it is an original pattern and she would know the basis for the name.


Date: 7/28/4 Time: 3:18 PM
Subject: Quilt History
E-mail Address:

I need to find the histoy of the Yellow Brick Road. If there are any Ideas of where I can Find this Plese tell me.

Date: 7/23/4 Time: 6:47 AM
Subject: Toile
E-mail Address: no

Perhaps your grandmother means toile. It is often made from cotton - more typical for quilts.

Date: 7/22/4 Time: 9:54 PM
Subject: tulle, tule
E-mail Address:

Please help! My grandmother has asked me to send her some quilt patterns that use tule (or tulle or some other spelling). I have no idea what she means. I have been looking for a definition and examples of such quilts all over the internet and in bookstores, but have had no luck.

CAn anyone offer information.

Thank you

Date: 7/13/4 Time: 7:06 PM
Subject: Finishing an old quilt top
E-mail Address:

I recently acquired a quilt top that was made by my grandmother, 40+ years ago. I believe the blocks are from patterns printed in the newspaper. They have urns, which are all the same with different flowers appliqued on. Due to the fact that she didn't have much money, she made the quilt top with useable fabric from old sheets, and clothing. In 1964 her house burned down and this quilt top was spared the fire, however, I believe that my mother washed it, probably to remove the smoke smell. Many of the appliqued flowers were frayed around the edges, and I have carefully removed the stitches, and folded under more fabric to reattach them. However, some of the blocks have small areas where there are holes. They look like when she undid hems and seams in the original item, perhaps she pulled them and tore the fabric. Would it be best to try to as unobtrusively repair the spots, or try to replace the blocks, which are damaged. I would like to eventually quilt the top to display in my home. Please give me your advice.
Thank you.

Date: 7/6/4 Time: 9:09 AM
Subject: Restoring an old quilt
E-mail Address:

I have a quilt that my grandmother made in the 30's and am debating about repairing it. It would involve replacing a lot of pink fabric in the flowers (applique) and the light green binding. Even if I found something close to the green color of the binding, it would not match the green in the swags of fabric in the quilt. Any suggestions about where to find 30's type fabric or input on the advisability of even undertaking such a project. I am an experienced quilter and would like to do this to add to the life of the quilt, but wonder if it is better just left alone. I know this is hard to judge without seeing the quilt, but do any of you have experience doing this sort of repair? Thanks! Martha Latimore

Date: 6/9/4 Time: 8:53 AM
Subject: Catherderal windows
E-mail Address:

I would like to know who design the first cathederal windows block because a friend has made a king size quilt by hand and when I remarked how clever she was, her reply was now the designer of the block was cleaver and would I be able to find out who it was Thankyou. Mary

Date: 5/16/4 Time: 11:19 AM
Subject: Name Quilts
E-mail Address: JDRF4@COX.NET


Date: 4/26/4 Time: 11:42 PM
Subject: Number of Quilters in USA and Australia
E-mail Address:


I am trying to find out the number of quilters in the USA and Australia.

Any help would be much appreciated.



Date: 4/17/4 Time: 6:25 PM
Subject: carpenters wheel
E-mail Address:

Thanks for the information as to where I could find a pattern for the carpenters wheel. I will be making a King sized quilt with a 48 inch carpenters wheel in the center of the quilt. There was a picture of one on the net and it was so cool I couldn't pass up the opportunity to copy the idea. Our daughter-in-law is one who likes things simple and this will suit her to a T. Smily

Date: 4/6/4 Time: 7:46 PM
Subject: History of basket quilt patterns
E-mail Address:

Anyone out there know of a source for the history of basket quilt patterns?

Date: 3/26/4 Time: 11:38 PM
Subject: HELP!!!
E-mail Address:

I desparatly need the history on quilting how it started , where and why for a school assignment i need it asap please help me anyone

Date: 3/22/4 Time: 4:21 PM
Subject: Checkers and Rails
E-mail Address:

I am using this pattern as a group signature quilt and want to know its history. Am giving a talk about quilting and having group sign blocks in April. Anyone know about this quilt?? Please send any info to above e-mail address. Thanks

Date: 3/18/4 Time: 2:20 PM
Subject: quilt history
E-mail Address:

I'm looking for information on quilt history; how it all started, where and why!!!

Please enlighten me because it's something I love and I'm beginning lessons in a few days. I want to know its history too.


Date: 3/17/4 Time: 12:30 AM
Subject: down on the farm originals
E-mail Address:

I am looking for down on the farm originals quilt patterns made in the late 70's early 80's does anyone have any suggestions to where I may start looking to find them?

Date: 3/17/4 Time: 12:30 AM
Subject: down on the farm originals
E-mail Address:

I am looking for down on the farm originals quilt patterns made in the late 70's early 80's does anyone have any suggestions to where I may start looking to find them?

Date: 3/16/4 Time: 8:18 PM
Subject: Egyptian math symbols
E-mail Address:

Where did the Egyptians get the math symbols from???

Date: 3/15/4 Time: 4:24 AM
Subject: Pathe MDI-4000 / IBM 5150 / TG 1011 digitizer... - HELP!!!
E-mail Address:

Last time I bought an old quilting machine ( textile machine: Pathe MDI-4000, Pathe Multi-Needle Equip. Co. ), would like to reassemble and run it, but have no kind of doccumentation, manuals...
As I managed to establish Pathe Multi-Needle Equip. Co. is no longer exist, this is because I would like to ask you for assistance, if you have any knowledge concerning the sewing machine or any part of the device, e.g:

manulas ( Pathe MDI-400 or similar, TG 1011 digitizer, programming ),
other doccumentation ( data sheet, programming books, tables, net links... - anything ),
program diskettes, like: patterns ( designs ), program to TG 1011 digitizer to create patterns etc...

or any other informations cocnerning:

Pathe MDI-4000 ( Pathe Multi-Needle Equip. Co., USA, 198x )
TG 1011 digitizer ( Houston Instrument, USA, 198x, TRUE GRID modrl 1011 )
IBM 5150 computer - programming, sewing instructions, pattern diskettes, work with TG 1011 digitizer and programming diskette...

( Pathe MDI-4000 is a multineedle quilting machine, with computer stearing ( IBM 5150 ) and with TG 1011 digitizer to create the sewing patterns.
TG 1011 works in such system as a digital source of sewing patterns ( the kind of lines sewed by Pathe ). Each entered pattern should be stored on separate pattern diskette and is used in wanted quliting ( sewing ) process. )

As I can see in world www - there's nothing one can find as far as Pathe quilting machinery or TG 1011 is concerned. This is because I put my best hopes in contakt with you...

Many thanks in advance for any ansewer.

Best regards from Poland

Stan Toczewski
Tech-Museum Wroclaw, Poland

Date: 3/12/4 Time: 1:46 PM
Subject: carpenters wheel pattern and directions
E-mail Address:

need pattern and direction for rotoary cutting of a king sized quilt. new to this media looking forward to joining all of you. smily

Date: 3/8/4 Time: 8:40 AM
Subject: Army Star Quilt Block
E-mail Address:

Does anyone know when the Army Star was first used? Also, is it known by any other names? I would love as much information as possible! Thank you!!

Date: 3/4/4 Time: 10:33 AM
Subject: tumbling HELP
E-mail Address:

can you please tell me how tumbling got itsstart? id deeeeeeeeply appreciate it! hoohhoo!

Date: 3/3/4 Time: 5:31 AM
Subject: Jacobs Ladder
E-mail Address:

Would anyone be able to help me with the story behind the biblical Jacobs Ladder quilt block. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks - Brigitte

Date: 2/29/4 Time: 12:31 PM
Subject: Cathedral Windows
E-mail Address:

I would like to know where I can find out the origin and history of the Cathedral Windows. I do know that it is a coverlet and not considered a quilt. Please e-mail me. Thank you for you time and help. Joy

Date: 2/28/4 Time: 8:40 PM
Subject: Info on the meaning of the "Walk around the Mountain"
E-mail Address:

My name is Kateri, and I need some info on the "Walk around the mountain" quilt pattern. I need to know what the meaning of it is. If anyone knows, feel free to e-mail me or post the answer.
Thank you!

Date: 2/26/4 Time: 2:13 PM
Subject: Quilt Group In Shelton Washington
E-mail Address:

I am a disabeled 50 year woman looking for some one in the Shelton WA area that could come and teach me to quilt.

I have no friends and I have been reading the Elm Creek Quilt books and have decided that I would love more than anything to learn to quilt and to have friends like that. If you can help please respond to this email thanks.

Date: 2/23/4 Time: 10:08 AM
Subject: Signature on an old quilt
E-mail Address:

I have an old quilt I believe is from the 1880s. It is excellently made and hand quilted. There is a signature on the back _ (O,A,or J ?) P. Smith .. and then there is a strange double looking letter with a large circle at the base and the number 4 or 9. Does this sound familar to anyone. The strange double letter might be a N or F, has anyone seen this before?

Date: 2/15/4 Time: 7:59 PM
Subject: 25th Anniversary wall Hanging
E-mail Address:

Hi, My name is Joan,
I am looking for patterns and ideas on a wall hanging for my sister-in-law. She has four children. I would like to put a wedding picture of them and a picture of each of her kids. I'm pressed for time their celebration will be on April 10/04. I would like it to be not real big but also not too small. Someting that will have about 4 to 6 hanging loops. I would really appreciate your ideas and thoughts. Thank you ever so much.

Date: 2/15/4 Time: 7:58 PM
Subject: 25th Anniversary wall Hanging
E-mail Address:

I am looking for patterns and ideas on a wall hanging for my sister-in-law. She has four children. I would like to put a wedding picture of them and a picture of each of her kids. I'm pressed for time their celebration will be on April 10/04. I would like it to be not real big but also not too small. Someting that will have about 4 to 6 hanging loops. I would really appreciate your ideas and thoughts. Thank you ever so much.

Date: 2/12/4 Time: 1:45 PM
Subject: Turkey Tracks
E-mail Address:

I would like to know where I could get the turkey tracks pattern,. I have a page but cant find the pattern its self.

Date: 2/11/4 Time: 9:20 PM
Subject: Jean Wilkinson Quilts
E-mail Address:

Maybe you could enlarge the quilts from the small quilts that are listed on the envelope. Take your present patterns and transfer them to a clear plastic bag by using a permanent marker. Helen Quinn

Date: 2/7/4 Time: 2:45 PM
Subject: History of Quilting
E-mail Address: edwaquilt(at)

From time to time there are questions concerning the origin of quilting and most recently the question about "when was the first quilt made and who made it". There is no easy answer to these questions. However, the best book I have found on the subject is. "The History of the Patchwork Quilt" by Schnuppe von Gwinner. The book is still available and perhaps can be found in Public Libraries. There is also a site that gives some information. Not sure what it is but I have just typed "quilt history" of History of Quilting" on a search area and stuff popped up.

Holice Turnbow

Date: 2/6/4 Time: 3:45 AM
Subject: Jeannie
E-mail Address: surely not

Check the Original Bulletin Board Page as listed above for some answers.

Date: 2/4/4 Time: 10:32 PM
Subject: Help!
E-mail Address:

Hi. I am a needle and thread nightmare who is in charge of making a quilt. My cousin is getting married and wants a quilt to be made by her large family. I want to have each of us make a square and then bring it somewhere to get sewn together. I have been searching online and in bookstores, but can't seem to find what I want. I do not know where to start. Are there squares with picture designs that we can all stitch colors onto? What are they called? Where can I get them? Can I use a material paint? Or sew on 3-D type picture deigns? Help! What material is best and easiest to work with and wash? Any direction at all will be more than I have right now. Thanks. Jeannie

Date: 2/4/4 Time: 12:32 AM
Subject: Laser Cutting quilting templates
E-mail Address:

Anyone need any templates or patterns made for quilting? Plastic acylic or plexiglass makes great easy to use cut out patterns for your quilting needs.

Date: 1/15/4 Time: 8:39 AM
Subject: quilting
E-mail Address:

When was the first quilt made, and who made it?

Date: 1/15/4 Time: 8:37 AM
Subject: quilting
E-mail Address:

When was the first quilt made, and who made it?

Date: 1/9/4 Time: 10:27 PM
Subject: Kansas City Star Patterns
E-mail Address:

I am very interested in the patterns plubished in the Kansas City Star Newspaper from 1928 - 1961. Does anyone have information on where I can obtain these patterns from the paper. I have the different series of books, but would like the copies of the orignal patterns. Any help would be GREAT!!!
Thank you,

Date: 1/9/4 Time: 3:11 PM
Subject: Grandmothers Flower Garden
E-mail Address:

I would like to know the history of the grandmothers flower garden quilt. Such as were it came from and when it was first made. And any other history you have on this quilt.

Thank you very much,
Wayne, WV

Date: 12/27/3 Time: 11:36 PM
Subject: quilting
E-mail Address:

This is a neat link.I would love to talk about quilting.I do hand quilting for customer.So if you know of anybody that want their quilt hand quilted sent them my way.I make a lot of crib size quilt and donate them to children hospital or abuse children home.
Viola yoder

Date: 12/15/3 Time: 2:48 PM
Subject: How to restore quilt with water damage
E-mail Address:

Recently we have received a quilt made in 1853 by a great great grandmother. He has water damage mostly on edges and spots here and there.

We would like to remove the bigger spots, and then if we can find someone to frame in a shadow box.

Other than this the quilt is in good condition.

Any suggestions?

Date: 12/14/3 Time: 6:20 PM
Subject: Looking for Old 1976 Quilt World Magazine
E-mail Address:

I'm looking for the issue of Quilt World Magazine from Nov./Dec.1976 issue. Can anybody help me? I'd be willing to trade something or pay for this magazine.
Thanks Crissie

Date: 11/23/3 Time: 8:42 AM
Subject: History of Quilting
E-mail Address: edwaquilt(at)

Just type "quilt history" in your search and lots of information is there of sites giving this information

Date: 11/11/3 Time: 3:17 AM
Subject: Quillow
E-mail Address:

Does anyone know any history about the quillow?

Thank you. :-)

Date: 10/22/3 Time: 5:39 AM
Subject: A technique called blooming
E-mail Address:

I'm looking for a technique called blooming. It's was popular around 20 years ago. I think you sew around blocks and then cut an X, using a couple of layers of fabric. I'm looking for instructions on this.

Date: 10/10/3 Time: 12:55 PM
Subject: windblown square
E-mail Address:

I need help finding information on the winblown square. Can anyone help?

Date: 10/8/3 Time: 9:07 PM
Subject: quilting history
E-mail Address:

I was wondering if anyone has information about where a person could take a course on quilt history. This is something I am very interested in and would like to further my knowledge. Thanks

Date: 9/19/3 Time: 2:24 PM
Subject: History of tumbling blocks
E-mail Address:

Hello, Can anyone give me any info on the history of tumbling blocks quilt?? I am working on a math project for college and I have to find info on the history as well as make a small version of the quilt. If anyone can direct me on where to find the history on it or they know it off hand, it would make my week!! Thank you

Date: 9/18/3 Time: 8:15 AM
Subject: Quilting
E-mail Address:

who invented quilting and how long has it been around

Date: 9/16/3 Time: 9:46 PM
Subject: meaning or origins os quilting squares...
E-mail Address:

I am looking for a good website with the meanings or orgins of quilting squares. Please emai if you have any suggestions.

Date: 9/14/3 Time: 6:16 PM
Subject: History of Treasure Box quilt
E-mail Address:

I would like to any information on the Treasure Box quilt square. It was Block of the Month March 1999 for the WWQP. Does it also go by other names? I'm giving it as wedding gift and would like to know its history first.
Thanks-Katie, Indianapolis, IN

Date: 9/1/3 Time: 7:51 PM
Subject: Antique Quilt top
E-mail Address:

In cleaning out my great aunt's house we found 12 quilt tops that were handmade by my great grandmother. The 2 that were given to me were made in the 1930s. I am planning to hand quilt the Dresden plate quilt top this fall. I need help in deciding what quilting patterns to use that would have been popular in quilts from that era. Can anyone help? The quilt top is hand appliqued--we suspect that the fabric is feedsacks and recycled clothes.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

Date: 8/23/3 Time: 10:36 PM
Subject: Antique Crazy Patchwork Quilt
E-mail Address:

I am researching an old crazy patchwork quilt and the story that came along with the quilt. It was purchased some 10 years ago from an English family who claimed that there was part of Queen Victoria's dress in the quilt. The story was that she cut up her dresses and gave them to the local sewers. The quilt is made up of velvets and silk fabrics. Some appear to be like wide ribbond with a selvedge down either side. There is one pice in particular that shows stitching marks, perhaps boning. This piece is Mauve with purple flowers.
Has anyone heard this story before or could help me to shed some light on the quilt. I can send photos if they could be of assistance. Thanks Jennifer Sydney Australia

Date: 8/20/3 Time: 6:34 PM
Subject: 1950's fabric
E-mail Address:

I have received some 1950's fabric and would like to make it into a quilt that would have been typical at that time...anyone know of a book or have any ideas?

Date: 7/31/3 Time: 2:42 PM
Subject: Meanings of quilt blocks
E-mail Address:

I am new to quilting and understand that different quilt blocks have different meanings? Where can I look these up? Is there a website or a book that I could read about the meanings? Thank you.


Date: 7/28/3 Time: 12:40 PM
Subject: jean wilkinson quilting patterns
E-mail Address:

Looking specifically for fire engine and rabbit
quilting patterns 40 x 52 - created by
Jean Wilkinson.

Any info would be very much appreciated.

Date: 7/27/3 Time: 8:15 AM
Subject: Air Castle
E-mail Address:

I would like to know the history of the Air Castle block pattern.

Date: 7/26/3 Time: 11:34 AM
Subject: Friendship Star
E-mail Address:

Does anyone know the history of the friendship star? (ie. where it originated, how it came to be called the friendship star, etc) I am making a quilt for my best friend out of friendship stars and would like to include the history of it as part of the gift. I am also curious to know it's history. Thanks in advance!

Date: 7/13/3 Time: 2:54 PM
Subject: origination of quilting
E-mail Address:

where did quilting originate?

Date: 7/11/3 Time: 10:48 AM
Subject: quilt block history book
E-mail Address:

We are a bookstore that has a customer ( a library actually) looking for "a book on history of quilt blocks" anyone have any idea of what books would be good? In print or out of print is fine,
thank you
Becky Smith
Town Crier Bookstore

Date: 6/28/3 Time: 3:11 PM
Subject: photo transfer
E-mail Address:

I think she might have meant bubble jet 2000. its a solution that you soak your fabric in and then you can back it with feezer paper and feed it through your inkjet printer to capture images. In england you can get it from rio designs but I think compuquilt in america sell it. hope this helps

Date: 6/21/3 Time: 8:22 AM
Subject: History of the wedding ring quilt
E-mail Address:

I am a Swedish woman who now lives in the US. This summer I am going home to Sweden to attend two weddings and would like to bring gifts that are "typical American". I will therefore bring them wedding ring quilts. I would like to attach some kind of history or story about the wedding quit, so that they can understand the thought behind it.
I would appreciate all answers I can get.

Thank you in advance...

Date: 6/20/3 Time: 8:28 AM
Subject: Kansas Troubles
E-mail Address:

Does any one know how the block "Kansas Troubles" got its name?

Date: 6/19/3 Time: 9:23 PM
Subject: wedding quilt
E-mail Address:

I recently discovered a quilt which my grandmother had made for her wedding in 1918. I wonder if the design is her creation or a common pattern of that era?

The Quilt Pattern-The quilt is white cloth with red embroidery. In the centre are 2 life sized doves, pulling ribbons on which are the words "Sweet Be Thy Dreams". In each corner is the same pattern--2 smaller birds which flutter around intertwining stems and leaves from which grow many rose buds and heads of wheat. 10 large rose buds encircle the center.

Has anyone seen this pattern or anything like it?

Date: 6/18/3 Time: 3:29 PM
Subject: pattern date information
E-mail Address:

I have these patterns and would like to know the era they came from. Here is what the package says
Susan's-Heirloom Applique Quilt Blocks. Contents
This package contains one complete 18 inch square Quilt Block. Applique pieces are guaranteed fast colors. The George A. Doherty Com. Buffalo, New York articl 189 they sold for .20 They came in Rose, Yellow or Blue for colors.

Date: 6/10/3 Time: 11:07 AM
Subject: ~Calling all Quilters~memory quilt~NON Photo
E-mail Address:

After searching far and wide I have decided to post my question. I am searching for intructions for creating a memory quilt. I have found hundreds relating to photo transfers. I am no looking to create a photo memory quilt. I am getting married in August and instead of the usual guestbook, I would like something that we will actually use. We live in an old farm house and we always use quilts. I would like to create a quilt comprised of squares that have been signed, designed and created by members of our family using all types of mediums. I want them to unleash their creative juices & go crazy on their quilt square that will represent them. I am looking to send them a blank square or two for them to create on. I would also like to have some available for signature or designing at the reception. I know this can be do, I am sure that this is not an original idea. Someone had to come up with it before me! *grin* Has anyone created a quilt such as this before? If so, would you mind sending photos of finished quilt? Does anyone have instructions for such a quilt? I am running out of time as the date rolls near. I have no quilting experience what so ever. I do however have many aunts that do quilting. I know they would be thrilled to help, but I would like to have the idea and instructions needed before I approach them. Any thoughts, ideas, advice etc., would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
I look forward to hearing from you!

Date: 6/8/3 Time: 9:16 PM
Subject: do you know the "eight hands round"?
E-mail Address:

I have read about a quilt pattern called "eight hands round". Does anyone know of this pattern or how to make it. If possible, a picture or diagram would help. Also am looking for history of the same.

Date: 6/7/3 Time: 9:44 AM
Subject: Walk Around the Mountain
E-mail Address:

I am looking for a picture or pattern of what a "Walking around the mountain" quilt looks like. It is for my College English Class Homework assignment. I have to have a paper written by monday night and I have no Idea what it looks like and been looking for it online since I got the Assignment Friday.

Please can anyone help!!!!!!


Date: 5/26/3 Time: 1:42 PM
Subject: Copyright on Blocks
E-mail Address:

I don't know of any book or list showing copyright on blocks. It would be contained in each book or pattern the design is shown in.

Again, those standard and familiar block designs that have been around for years and years, probably never carried a copyright so no permission is required. This is a very gray area and most copyrights I have read indicate more of the arrangement of these blocks into a complete unit rather than a copyright on each one. I am always curious about those books that show "100 New original quilt blocks" I doubt the author obtained a copyright on each of the 100 blocks. On the other hand how can you have 100 "original" blocks with the many variations of old standard blocks????


Date: 5/24/3 Time: 8:45 PM
Subject: Copyright on blocks
E-mail Address:

I am wondering where a person could get some information on whether certain blocks are still protected by copyright laws. Is there a list of blocks that are no longer protected by copyright laws?

When someone publishes a book with some very well known and common blocks...(ie: Ohio Star, Log Cabin, 9-Patch,etc.)did they have to get special permission for this?

Date: 5/23/3 Time: 10:13 AM
Subject: Flower Pot Pattern
E-mail Address:

I am trying to find out a little history about the origin of the Flower Pot Pattern. Can anyone help me? Thank you Nannie

Date: 5/21/3 Time: 12:26 PM
Subject: Bible History Quilt
E-mail Address:

In the late 70's there was a lady by the name of Ruby Duncan that had a quilt pattern featured in the Olde Time Needlework Patterns and Designs -- she was from Imboden, AR.
I have been searching the web sites and this is the only one that I have came across.
By chance do you know of this lady and her pattern? I would love to obtain the balance of the pattern that I do not have as it was featured in several months issues of this magazine. I am having a hard time locating the publisher of the magazine as well.
Any help that you could be to me would be greatly appreciated.
I thank you in advance.

Date: 5/19/3 Time: 1:20 PM
Subject: piecemaker calendar
E-mail Address:

Looking to buy a piecemaker calendar for the year 2000 with the train going along the bottom

Date: 5/14/3 Time: 3:37 PM
Subject: Amsterdam Star
E-mail Address:

I am trying to research the history of this block and would welcome any information. Also does anyoner know iuf there are specific colour schemes that relate to this block or Dutch quilts in general?
Many thanks for your help. Vicki

Date: 5/8/3 Time: 11:39 AM
Subject: traditional quilting pattern
E-mail Address:

Does anyone have a resource, or knowledge, regarding traditional quilting patterns for "Around the World" quilts? I have a top, and would like to use a traditional pattern to quilt it, but have not been overly successful in finding patterns. Any ideas?

Date: 5/5/3 Time: 12:24 PM
Subject: Barrister's block
E-mail Address:

Hi. Does anyone know the history of the barrister's block(i.e. the approx. date it was first seen and any other info about it)? Also, are Barrister's Block and Lawyer's Puzzle the same pattern? I want to make a wall hanging for my cousin who is graduating from law school and thought he'd like some of the history behind the block put onto the quilt label. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Date: 5/2/3 Time: 10:19 PM
Subject: Names of blocks
E-mail Address:

The best source for finding out different names for the same block is from a series of articles printed in Quilter's Newsleter and authored by Barbara Brackman. I don't believe these articles have ever been printed in book form.
Quilters Newsletter may print an index of subjects or you might find back issues in antique shops that sell quilts.

Holice Turnbow